Much has happened and I had forgotten to take photos, so a catch-up is in order.  Peter, now an elder, was promoted to Chief of Staff, taking over from Jodie Champignon (nee Larson – she had married William Champignon, long since deceased) who had died at the retirement  home.  Richard, as you see, is now a teenager.


Eldest, Charlotte, went to university but recently graduated.

Charlotte’s parents came to the graduation party, wondering why the famous Sebastien was there.  They danced away while Sebastien was boring his niece, Chantilly.  “Life isn’t all sun and roses” he was saying, criticising her apathy and laziness on his sister’s behalf.


He gave up and left shortly afterwards, I think.  Maybe he was there because Charlotte was a huge fan.


Chantilly is probably the prettiest Sim I have at present.


A fellow student, that Charlotte was in love with, left it until the graduation party to propose.  (His name is Jeremy, which seemed appropriate to Charlotte as the names Jeremy and Jerry have been used in the family.)




Yes, she accepted.  She left uni happy.  Jeremy has one more year before he graduates.

Charlotte moved into a house that had recently been emptied of expensive items to make it affordable to graduates.  She moved in to discover books all over the place, dirty toilet, and pictures of former occupants.



Unbeknownst to her, she had stumbled across the home of her matriarch, the Sim that married Victor Lillard, the founder.  The house had been unoccupied for about 10 generations (and in real terms since 2007).  Two sisters had lived in the house: Genieve and Mariane Maniere.  At the top is a picture of Genieve who married a Sim called Tuborg.  Below that is Mariane before she met and married Victor Lillard. You can read a blog post about Genieve living in the house as an elder here.  Even the Champignon founder, Raoul, is featured.

Charlotte was astounded and honoured.  There were even, when she went out the back of the house, two gravestones of Genieve and her husband.


She had them moved to Seaview cemetery in Bluewater.


The last vestiges of her several times great aunt disappeared.

Charlotte, happy to be living in the home of an ancestor, tidied up, ready for Jeremy’s arrival.