Residents of Veronaville are in shock as news reached them of a tragedy which wiped out a family.

Mark Champignon was a distant cousin of Sebastien and a cousin of icon James Champignon.  His father was quite old when he remarried and had another son – Mark.  His first son by his first wife is a plant Sim in Bluewater village.

Mark became a werewolf when he was a teenager.



His mother was quite used to it.


He never married but he did have an affair with a married woman who gave birth to twin daughters.  She left them for Mark to raise.  Mark’s father had died and his mother moved to the retirement home in Bluewater.  The twins were quite cute as toddlers but each had their own facial quirks: Isobel had a low-set prominent nose; Harriet had a high-set nose and large chin.


Nevertheless, they were a happy family.  The girls were also used to their father becoming a werewolf.  And so life went on, the girls becoming teens.

There was a stormy night full of lightning.  A tree caught fire and they all ran outside and panicked.  The rain stopped but the fire continued and daylight dawned on tragedy.  Mark and his daughter, Isobel, had succumbed to the flames.


Harriet was all on her own.  She managed for a day but for some unknown reason (perhaps subconsciously no longer wanting to live) she attempted to fix the broken computer and was electrocuted.  No real harm done, except she desperately needed rest, food and a bath.  But she was determined to prove she could do it and tried fixing the computer again.  It caught fire…



Alas, she died.  The house is empty for the first time in several generations and the town in shock at what happened.

The new mayor (more on her later), as well as the new city planner, decided to build a town hall for the residents to come together in such times.


Included in the plan was a special memorial room for Mark and his daughters.