And oops, I’ve forgotten to take note of what’s  happening with the DeMarrs – not much, from memory.

Miranda got promoted to mayor.


With her and Siobhan Mountebank as city planner, they plan on making a few changes.  Already a town hall has been built and some houses made cheaper for graduates.  There are plans to add a restaurant and park to Bluewater village and monitor the size of the cemeteries with plans to build another one soon.

On a more personal note, Miranda still prays that Vlad will want to cure himself of vampirism.


Little did she know that Vlad was watching.  He pretended to be washing windows when she finished.


But no, Vlad wants to be around to watch grandchildren grow up.

Viran will soon be going to university, but there’s some time to go yet before grandchildren are on the scene.