Nothing much appears to be happening with the Lillards, at least nothing I’ve thought worthy of taking pictures of.

The heir, Richard, is at university and has one more year to go.  The rather chubby Aisha Hunter was fond of him and tried, too soon, to jump into Richard’s arms before he was ready for her advances.


She told him off for letting her fall.


A fellow student has taken Aisha aside and suggested a bit of a makeover – perhaps a bit of makeup and different hairdo and clothes, to get Richard more interested.  Richard is studying to be a lawyer.

Emma, meanwhile, is living at the crappy block of apartments in the poorest part of downtown.


Poverty is her lot, sadly for her.  Her poorhouse “class” mate, Rashid, moved to the apartments and proposed to her but under new laws, anyone of that class has to change their surname so there is no obvious link to their birth family (particularly if that family is wealthy).  Emma is quite friendly with small-time townie crook, Alvin Go.

Petra has just finished university and moved to Bluewater village with fiancé Ren Noir.