Cezanne was feeling a little lonely.  It was winter and there was no-one to play with inside.


She overheard her mother say that Cherie had just got engaged. How boring. Cherie wouldn’t play with her anymore.


Cherie accepts a proposal

But the house didn’t feel so big and empty for long.  Xavier and Ilse finally moved in.  Ilse had an idea about a conservatory being built on the side of the house that wasn’t being used much.  Sebastien thought it a good idea and had it done.  It wasn’t quite as Ilse had imagined it, being a little small, but it was a start.


Sebastien suggested some careers for the seemingly lazy Xavier, who still hadn’t bothered to get a job.


Xavier wasn’t interested. He argued that he did enough to earn money.  He had sold two bestsellers and was an accomplished artist.  He didn’t have to “get a job”.


Ilse was now a good enough musician to join in the family jam sessions.  She felt a little overawed playing with a rock god, but Sebastien made her feel relaxed.  (There’s still a tendency to wear undies a lot.)


Marielle visited.  Her new sister-in-law, thought Ilse. She felt a little self-conscious. Marielle was of the right ‘breeding’ and was just so beautiful.


Ilse was relieved when Xavier walked in and smiled at her, but she still worried that she wasn’t good enough for him.


Sebastien spent less time worrying about things.  Claire was happy, Cezanne was growing fast and Xavier and Ilse had fitted in fine.  Life seemed good.