I haven’t mentioned Charlotte for a while, except to say her husband, Jeremy, was flirting with Chantilly Coleman.

Jeremy finally found a job in retail after Charlotte gave birth to a daughter she called Wendy.  Jeremy cringed at the name.  It seemed to add to his disappointment in the choices he’d made.  Marrying a Lillard hadn’t turned out the way he’d hoped.  They were living in a small house and Charlotte had started having babies.  Jeremy wasn’t ready for a mundane life of fatherhood and routine.

Wendy grew to a toddler and Jeremy found he was actually quite fond of her.


He still wasn’t great father material though.  Jeremy was now a party DJ and imagined himself single and carefree.  While he was dancing downstairs to the tracks he thought of playing…


Wendy was crying for attention upstairs.


Then Charlotte became pregnant again.


Jeremy was furious. Charlotte hadn’t asked him if he wanted another child. She just assumed he’d be as happy as she was.  They argued.


Jeremy thought long and hard about what to do next.


He was about to say goodbye to Wendy, but Charlotte had put her to bed.


Charlotte had no inkling of what was to happen…


He’s always on that computer” thought Charlotte

Jeremy got up and announced his decision.  He was leaving.  Charlotte was stopped in her tracks, frozen with shock.  “But you can’t! I’m pregnant!” she cried.


Your decision, not mine” was Jeremy’s only comment as he left.


The marriage was finished.  No surprises there.