Not much happening while Peter and Sarah wait for the return of Richard.

Peter started drinking.  Was he unhappy or just bored?


I think he was bored.  He decided to clean out the shed at the back and found a makeover station. He thought he’d surprise Sarah and try his hand.


Sarah readily agreed.  I mean he was a doctor so he couldn’t do much wrong with a simple makeover could he?


“Well, how do I look?”  “Errr…”

After much hesitation, he showed her.



“You fool! Look what you’ve done!”


Peter apologised profusely. Sarah could smell alcohol on his breath.  No wonder.

At the first available opportunity Sarah had her face redone.  There was no way she was setting foot out the door looking like she did.  She even hid when the cleaner walked past.


She was much relieved when she looked normal again. What if Richard had returned with a fiancée to see her looking like a clown?