Yes, Vrancea found herself quite attracted to her father-in-law, especially after she saw his naked body…


However, at dawn, he and his wife always retreated before the sun got too much.

Perhaps it was just as well that Vrancea didn’t get a lot of time alone with him.

Viran’s brother, Kiran, was at university and noticed an interesting dark-haired student in his dorm.


Her name was Kaia and it didn’t take Kiran long to get to know her better.


He worked fast and quickly proposed before someone else did (she attracted a lot of attention).


They graduated about the same time and Kiran decided to move to Bluewater, away from his vampire family.  At first they moved into an abandoned castle on the hill above the poorhouse, but the castle had some serious routing issues and was demolished. Instead, they chose a newly-built modern house overlooking the sea.



Kiran found he had to fence off the driveway entrance to the side door to prevent visitors going there instead of the front door.  The interior also had to be redecorated, especially the floor which they hated.

They decided to marry privately. Kiran didn’t want an evening wedding in order to invite his parents and really didn’t want any fuss.  Thankfully, Kaia also didn’t want a big wedding. She just wanted to get on with life and find work.