Aisha seems to have been pregnant for ages. But it was of course with her second child this time.

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Still, I was beginning to think she’d never have it when she went into labour.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-33-35-60

She had a boy before the game crashed. On re-entering she had a girl, so I exited and played again and thankfully, she had a boy again, called Antony.

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Little Petronella was a happy girl.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 14-14-07-83

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Richard and Aisha taught her to walk.

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She was good at mealtimes too.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-22-51-78

She’s a cutie.

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Aisha could finally get back to work. She was promoted to sous chef.

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It took a long time to play this household. The game kept crashing… why, I don’t know. It’s only a couple of richer, bigger (space-wise) households that crash.

As for Charlotte, she had a bit of a makeover after Wendy turned into a teenager (so they wouldn’t look alike, and she was getting older – in her 40s now).