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I had too many students at university.  I got rid of 8.  Two of them, the Danaher twins, were drowned.

The others in the pool were passers-by who stupidly jumped in.  One of them died as well.

That left three couples, which included the Champagne twins, Arthur and Simone.  They all graduated (with cheats) and moved home with their fiances to get married.  Serenity was present at two of those weddings (Arthur’s and Simone’s).

Simone Champagne and her fiance moved in with widow, Edwina Menon, who lived by the sea in Bluewater.  Simone and Roger married in the backyard.  Present were Serenity Champignon, Simone’s mother, Veronique, and Edwina.  If there were others, they must have been mucking around elsewhere.  The heavily pregnant Serenity lives just next door (that’s her house in the background).  Simone is now Mrs Kinsley.  Edwina died a day later.

Simone’s twin brother, Arthur, moved back home with his fiancee, Petra Maynard.  His wedding was before Simone’s.

That’s Remy with wedding guest, Nicolas Champignon, I think.  I’m not sure why I didn’t get a photo of the married couple.  All these blond guys look similar too.

Veronique wanted three of her children to graduate.  Now four have (with cheats) so she’s happy.  Olivier wants to marry off his six kids.  Four of them now have.

Finally, Nicolas Champignon and his fiancee, Amber, moved in with the parents of the deceased Danaher twins.  Genevieve is Nicolas’ aunt anyway.  It was a big wedding party held indoors.

That’s Arthur clapping.  Beatrice and Marc are gossiping and Matthew Picaso is feeling left out at the back.

There was a lot of mingling and dancing, eventually.

And a civilised sit down meal.

The Champignon brothers

Ok, it was cake.

I think the Danahers were at work or asleep.  Nicolas and wife are just waiting for them to die off and they’ll inherit the house.

I know I said I wouldn’t blog about these particular families again, but I just felt the need to tie off any loose ends – get some married off as a farewell.


Spliff’s place

I don’t think I’ll blog about this family anymore, now that Spliff is gone.  Spliff’s ex-wife, Jessica, is now dead (mother to Marc and Nicolas).  Remy visited and looked after his cousin’s baby daughter, Clarise.

Marc’s older daughter, Isabelle, is not particularly attractive, but then Marc isn’t.

A tree caught fire outside during a thunderstorm and there was no rain to put it out.  This has been happening a lot lately.

It also happened at Marc’s half-brother, Georges’ place.  Georges caught on fire but his wife, Ribena, put him out.  Here’s Ribena in her new car.


I won’t blog more about this family either.  You may remember Celestine who married Gunnar.  Celestine died after marrying Andrejz, and Gunnar is now married to Sorrow (more on them later).  Anyway, their eldest son, Sven, now lives in the house with his wife Connie.  She was pregnant.

High five!  It’s a boy – Nils.


Finally, Louis Champignon, uncle to the Larsson boys, continues helping out in Florence’s flower shop.  He will be an elder in a day or so.  Here he is talking to his half brother, the teenage Romain.


I’m planning on killing off the rest of the Danahers (currently there are twin boys at university and their parents in the old Danaher family home).  The last of the Langeraks is now dead and his wife put their ugly kid in the Landchild Home for Rejects.

Nothing much happening at the DeMarr household.  Their dog that ran away was returned.  Drako’s daughter, Lazaria, is now a teenager, and her brother, Vincent, will be heading off to uni soon.  Luka is now 77.

Framboise Danaher is now 71.  Her surviving son, Patric, and his wife Genevieve (nee Champignon) now have twin sons – Liam (named after Patric’s deceased twin brother) and James (named after Seamus).  Framboise retired from her job as police chief to spend more time with her grandsons.

Now that Ciara Danaher is dead, the Danaher family home lies empty.  Framboise suggested to Patric that they move there but he’s quite happy where they are on a hill in Bluewater for the moment.

Meanwhile, Spliff’s son, Georges, and his wife Ribena (Framboise’s daughter) now have a baby daughter called Miranda.

Seamus’ family never seems to be without its dramas.

His wife, Framboise, wanted to adopt their two baby daughters that she gave up long ago when Seamus was trying to get a boy (after 8 girls).  Seamus reluctantly agreed, even though he was now 69.  Unfortunately for them both, a dark-skinned boy was delivered.  Seamus tried again but yet another dark-skinned boy was delivered.  Their daughters had long since disappeared.  Oh dear.  Seamus then promptly died, age 71, leaving Framboise to deal with two boys she didn’t want.  Their own twin boys were still school age.

Their elder sister, Ribena, callously left her mother to it and skipped off to university.

The boys grew to teenagers not long after but while Framboise was at work, the twins were starving and overtired as a result of hanging around waiting for the damned babies to turn into toddlers.

Framboise had had enough.  She stuck the toddlers into a room with no doors and waited for the social worker to come pick them up.  She did, so then they could all breathe a sigh of relief and get back to the lives they had before the turmoil.  [Incidentally, the boys were adopted by Gallagher and Gabrielle Newson, but sadly they drowned in a pool.]

Over at Seamus’ other daughters’ place where his remaining daughters, Ciara, Begorrah and Hellia lived, Ciara was still single and unloved, Begorrah would soon be going to university and Hellia would finally become a teenager.  Then tragedy struck.  Lightning struck a tree just as the rain stopped and Hellia, instead of going to school, ran out to look at the fire and panic.

Naturally she got too close.

Begorrah, who I’d already sent off to school, did not get on the bus at all, but ran back to look at the fire as well.

Sadly, Hellia died.

Out of originally ten kids, eight of them girls, Seamus’ surviving kids numbered five.  I tried to get Begorrah to ignore the fire and head to school but she kept running back to the spreading fire.  Eventually, slowly, I got her far enough away so she could walk to school (having by now missed the bus).

Then Ciara woke up and joined the frenzy.

Finally the fire went out and Ciara went about her boring life.  I wouldn’t have minded if she’d died as well.  As it is, she’s starving herself, always drinking instead of visiting the fridge.  Another drunk in Veronaville.  Anyway, Begorrah headed off to university that evening complete with some money from an orphan’s fund.

Seamus’ second daughter, Fiona, headed off to uni.  He was there to wave goodbye to her.

Ciara, his adult daughter, visited him in the apartment, and helped feed one of the twins – her baby brother.

While she was there Ribena grew to school age.

The twin boys also grew up.

Liam (above) and Patric (below).

Seamus was promoted to Police Chief and wanted a house on a hill.  So they moved out and moved to Bluewater – to a house on a hill.

The swimming pool isn’t very big, but there are swings for three!

Spliff and Mary Jane’s mother, Calista, died age 64.

Mary Jane went to uni soon after so now Reefer is alone.  He reached the top of the Law career beforehand.

Mac Reiner and Fiona Danaher were getting to know each other before heading off to uni.

Also heading off to uni was John Lillard.  His father, Mikhail, was getting into making robots.

Unfortunately it’s only succeeded in creating new weeds for the large property.  The gardener will be busier than ever.  It’s a pity you can’t hire more than one gardener.

Framboise seemed quite happy looking after her baby daughter, Ribena.  It’s just as well babies can’t catch colds after Framboise’ police colleague coughed all over her.

Meanwhile, over at Seamus Danaher’s, Mala was in the red zone after school and tried to replenish energy with alcohol.

That didn’t work, of course, but she refused to eat even though there was food already cooked.  She was tired so went to bed but of course didn’t sleep because she was hungry.  The inevitable happened.

She was fated never to live long.

Naturally Ebony was upset.

Seamus was at work but mourned as soon as he got home.

With one of his six daughters dead, perhaps he figured he could risk having another.  He called up Framboise and invited her round – his intention to try again for a boy.  (He was determined.)

Framboise came round and they attempted to woohoo but Ebony was in the house.

Naturally she wasn’t too pleased and gave Seamus a slapping.  She stormed off and Framboise made herself scarce and Seamus then grew to an elder.

Fiona, the second daughter, grew to a teenager at the same time.

Seamus headed downstairs to apologise to Ebony.  He didn’t get a chance.  Ebony gave him his marching orders.

Framboise seemed oblivous.

Seamus left and Ebony had to ask Framboise to leave.

The household of six had now shrunk to four in one day.

The following day Ebony, Begorrah and baby Hellia all had a birthday.


 Ebony and Hellia

At least the kids would be easier to look after now two of them were able to take care of themselves, with a teen to help out.  Ebony had been unemployed but just before she aged she got a job (doing what, I can’t remember).

Seamus (SWAT team leader), with nowhere else to go, headed downtown to move in with Framboise.

He could look after the baby without even holding it, it seems.

Seamus managed to get Framboise pregnant again and this time expected more daughters – hell, why not go for 10?

Ribena grew to a toddler.

Before Framboise gave birth, Seamus proposed to Framboise.

Framboise became the second Mrs Danaher almost immediately.  Now any subsequent children would have his name.

And just as well, because Framboise had twins.

And wouldn’t you know it, they were both boys!  Seamus called one Liam and Framboise called one Patric.

A son at last!

Poor Seamus.  He had four girls, one of which was a vampire.

(I then cheated to age Mala to a teenager so she wouldn’t have to do homework or risk the others being taken away if her vitals went down too much).

Begorrah quickly grew to a toddler.

His pregnant wife, Ebony, gave birth – to another girl.  Her name is Hellia.  Five daughters.

Never mind, he had another chance for a son with lover, Framboise.

Framboise had moved out of her sister’s house where the boys, Bob and Jack, had grown to school age.

She moved into a rather expensive but roomy apartment downtown.

The anticipated day arrived… and she gave birth to

another girl.  The sixth daughter of Seamus was named Seis.  Framboise put the baby into a locked room until the social worker came.

Seamus got Framboise pregnant again and waited with bated breath.

But, oh no, another girl was born.  Girl number seven was named Siete.

The vampire nanny came to collect her but got stuck in the fence rail.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) she got free and the baby had magically appeared on the road.

Seamus tried one more time (and Framboise took some elixir to get back some of that lost time).

The third child of Framboise became the eighth daughter of Seamus.  Arrgghhh!

By this time I’d had enough, exited without saving and went back to when Framboise was first pregnant.

Unfortunately she had a daughter YET AGAIN.  She kept this one and named it Ribena.

Framboise’ sister, Cochonette, gave birth to her baby – also a girl, called Lucy.

Seamus is resigned to never having a son.  He will be an elder in a couple of days.

Perhaps I should try for a record of ten daughters.

Amphyra had gotten herself pregnant to Garrett before he moved out and married Arianne.  She had a girl called Phoenix.  She didn’t seem too bothered about it.

But Phoenix made it to toddlerhood ok.

Phoenix is now school age.

Romania’s son, Vasyl, and Demonica’s younger daughter, Babik, grew to teenagers.

Gypsy is at university.

Not good news at Ebony and Seamus’ place.  Their third daughter, Mala, appeared to be a vampire.

(Yes alright, the Sim god made her a vampire when she was born cos I was annoyed at getting a third girl.)


Amazingly she made it to school age.

Unfortunately this means she’s close to death after every school day.  She may not survive long.

Ebony went on to have a fourth daughter.   I think I named her Begorrah, surprised at yet another girl.  Ebony is pregnant again (probably with a fifth girl), so the loss of one daughter, if Mala dies, won’t mean much.

Finally, over at Damien’s, Ginger gave birth to her third child.

Luckily for all it was a boy.  His name is Drako.

spread through Veronaville as numerous Sims died mysteriously.

Yes, the Sim god got rid of some boring Sims in one foul swoop creating terror amongst the families.  The list of dead include the following:

Mairead Wolosenko (nee Danaher) and her husband Gordon starved to death, and by some freak mischance, their daughter Oksana became a vampire and died in the sun.

Jasmine Cameron and her lesbian partner.  Their adopted daughter, Brook, was taken away by the social worker.

Jean, Caitlyn and Marc Langerak.  The parents were attacked by flies and the boy drowned in the family pool.

Angel Heineken, ex-wife of Artois, died a little earlier than she would have, aged 72.

Sativa Champignon and her mother, Gwen, died suddenly at home.

The headstones of the deaths in apartments were sent to a restaurant, for some bizarre reason.

The Sim god nearly did away with Jacques and Brianna Langerak but their daughter, Annette, was cute, so they were permitted to survive for her sake.

The nose is evident though.  Here she is with Alexis’ neglected son, Lex.

A future romance, perhaps?

So,  now some of the superfluous Sims are done away with, the Sims god will continue with the rest of them (until the next cull…)

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