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As you may have gathered, I haven’t had a lot of time lately to spend hours on playing Sims. Veronaville in particular takes a long time to play due to all the families (most of whom I don’t write about).  I’m only about a third of the way through playing Veronaville at the moment and then there’s Bluewater and Downtown to get through. It feels like more of a slog than fun.

So, after the current rotation, I plan on abandoning Veronaville for an indefinite time (if not forever) and starting afresh in another neighbourhood. If and when that happens, I will create another blog and leave the link here.

It’s a big decision that I’ve come to, considering I’ve been playing this neighbourhood for over 10 years. I think I’m rather tired of the same old families and they’ve all interbred with each other so they’re basically all related. Hence the desire to start all over again with just one Sim and build up again.


Nearly a year since I updated! I did warn I wouldn’t for a while but then I didn’t play Sims at all for seven months. This post is not so much a story update as an explanation of what happened.

So I started again at Veronaville and reached the Lillard household where I hit frustrations, as before. Whenever I played it, the game crashed. Even saving every six Sim hours didn’t help much. It might save then crash on exiting. I had to load the game at least five times to get through two Sim days.

As a result, I have moved them out of the house. It was becoming ridiculous and I was starting to avoid playing them. I moved them into another house just down the road at Holly Ridge. It wasn’t nearly as grand but it would have to do.


After so many game crashes, baby Antony’s birthday finally came around.



Richard is thinking about his son’s future. They had moved from the grand mansion that had been home to his family for 10 generations, into a more humble abode. (The house is fine but had some routing issues. I had to delete the door to the garage for them all to actually walk from a hallway into the kitchen right next to the hallway instead of going out the garage and all the way through the front entrance. Annoying.)

It also happened to be Petronella’s birthday.


And Aisha finally got promoted to Executive chef.  Finally! It has taken an age to get this far with the family.

I ran a full day in the new house without problems so I don’t know why the old one kept crashing.  Too big?

Now I have to come up with a back story to the Lillard’s change of circumstances. Richard lost thousands through investments perhaps. Will they ever return to the family home?

(I plan on testing the house with another family but I suspect its size is the main problem.)

Wow, it’s been two months already since I updated. I have not been playing lately and will probably not get back to Veronaville for a while. I’m hoping to get back into my medieval hood for a bit (see link to medieval queendom), but real life, etc, is providing obstacles.

Thanks for visiting.


Following on from the tragic death of a Downtown teenager after contracting the flu, Académie le Tour reports that a second year student, Lizzie Bear, died suddenly at the Romara dormitory just days later. Concern is mounting that this flu is a virulent new strain.

Just a month ago, a Bluewater Village resident contracted a flu but, after three days of coughing, fully recovered. Then shock as 15-year-old Nate Pederson died suddenly upon waking up, indicating to a different strain of the flu. Normally, bed rest would be enough to aid recovery, but Nate collapsed immediately, leaving his parents and siblings distressed, as he had been sick just one day. Lizzie Bear’s death was so sudden that no-one noticed until a few hours later. She, too, had been coughing the day before and collapsed seemingly after getting up from her bed when she woke. Students and staff at the university are extremely upset, as she was a popular student. Lizzie’s parents are understandably devastated and did not wish to comment. Lizzie’s twin sister, Paula, is also at Académie le Tour but was residing in a different dormitory.

“She was in my dormitory but wanted to move to a bigger one so she could meet more students.” Paula sobbed. “Students there said she was coughing really badly. I’ve heard there were a lot of cockroaches around. I can’t believe she’s gone!”

“She was a really good student” said mathematics professor Richard Carter. “She was near the top of her class, getting As, and made it to the Dean’s list. We’re still in shock here.”

Senior staff at the university refused to comment on the allegation there was an infestation of cockroaches at the dormitory. “Be assured we will be looking into it, but I have nothing to say at this point in time.” said Vice-Chancellor David Burrows.

Chief of Staff, René Champignon, urges citizens not to panic, but to take great care with waste disposal and avoid anyone who is coughing. He recommends that anyone showing symptoms should visit the hospital immediately.

I mentioned James Champignon in the last post.  He, and his twin brother, William, are descendants of François from generations back.  If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning (which is unlikely), you’ll know that the family started with Raoul Champignon, the mad scientist.  He had three sons, Jean-Philippe, François and twin, Pierre.  The Pierre line has died out.  I’ve been following Jean-Philippe’s line on this blog but still, of course, play the François line.  [Check out the family tree from the link on the left for details.]

James’ less handsome brother, William, married a woman much older than himself as she seemed to be the only woman interested in him (he wasn’t a great success with women).  He had taken pity on the older woman, Cate, as she had been ditched by her then husband after she had an affair with a married man and produced a child (making her leave their legitimate daughter with him).  So William’s wife was already mother to two girls, one of which William raised as his own.  William and Cate had a son, Oliver. Cate grew old, and William still had years before he turned into an elder.  He began having affairs with younger women


and got caught out.  However, those women were married, so there was no future in the relationships.  Cate was prepared to put up with infidelity provided she didn’t know about it.  She was old, he was young.  But then William met the young and single Jodie Larson

. snapshot_0173970b_21c6c419

William didn’t want to live with the old Cate any more.  Besides, they had begun fighting.

snapshot_0173970b_21c6c0dd snapshot_0173970b_21c6c164

He broke up with her.

snapshot_0173970b_41c6c346 snapshot_0173970b_a1c6c33e snapshot_0173970b_61c6c34c

The kids were not happy.

snapshot_0173970b_c1c6c6e5 snapshot_0173970b_e1c6bc5f snapshot_0173970b_01c6bb96 snapshot_0173970b_41c6c66c snapshot_0173970b_81c6bb70

Cate went to live with her twin sister for a while.  Mary-Sue chose to stay on with her stepfather even though she wasn’t pleased.  She would soon head to university anyway. William talked to his son about Jodie – that he intended marrying her and that she would, of course, move in

. snapshot_0173970b_21c6ca1b

Just to be extra sure (William was insecure when it came to women), he purchased a love potion before proposing to Jodie.



They had a private wedding ceremony

. snapshot_0173970b_61c6c55b


William was very happy.  Life settled down

. snapshot_0173970b_01c6cae0

William made sure to spend some time with his son.  Mary-Sue, meanwhile, headed off to uni.


The inevitable happened .


Oliver grew to a teen.


He looks just like his father.

[Image quality on WordPress has deteriorated significantly.  These pictures looked fine on my computer but are dreadful after uploading.  I will have to link to photos elsewhere in future.]

[Postscript:  I’m seriously pissed off with WordPress right now.  The first image comes out smaller than the others, so I changed it and WordPress changed the whole layout of what was previously fine.  I had to go through and alter spacing, etc.  After I had done that the first picture turned out smaller again.  Just fuming quietly…]

As I said earlier, I felt I needed to cull some Sims in order to lure me back to playing Veronaville.  When I returned after some time playing smaller neighbourhoods, I was overwhelmed at the number of households, most  of them with at least two or three children.

I started by visiting the university, where I found three students.  One was an heir for the Arends household.  Two were others surplus to requirements.  So, Harry Lillard (ugly half brother to the heir) and Fiona Champagne (youngest daughter of Arthur’s three daughters) were disposed of.

Teenagers from larger families were shipped off to university, to the “house of death”, where I send unwanted Sims to drown in the pool.  Drownings included: Andy Arends (younger brother of the heir and one of a family of five); Anthony Monty (uglier twin brother), Françoise Champignon (oldest of three); and Cecile Champignon (one of Romain’s younger twin girls).  I had thought about drowning Cecile’s twin sister, Sabine, but Max, the flat’s long-term resident, had been there so long he graduated (in Physics without any help from me).  I therefore made Sabine the falt’s resident, to oversee future culls and send the graves to their respective graveyards in Bluewater village.  A horrible job, but someone’s got to do it.

To cut down on the number of households, I shipped the Larssen elders off to a retirement home overlooking the sea in Bluewater village.  The late Fiona Champagne’s parents joined them.  Helene, wife of one of the Larssen brothers, is Arthur Champagne’s last surviving sibling.  Also with them was Eva Larssen, who is currently unemployed and without a love interest.  I don’t know what to do with her.  Perhaps she can just cook and clean for the oldies.

I will have to play some of the other families before deciding on any further culls.


I’m back with a new graphics card, and Sims works! (thanks to downloading a new driver). I was beginning to despair when Sims just wouldn’t load.  The quality of the pictures should now be better than they were.

During that whole month away from the Sims, the god decided on making some changes. Some Sims have to go – they’re surplus to requirements. Fresh Sim blood is needed. There’s too much intermarriage with just about everyone marrying a member of the Champignon family. Some of the houses will be demolished or renovated. Some new ones may be built. And after 10 generations have been reached, they’ll all be killed off. The Sims in Veronaville aren’t going to like it.

I started off with Yves Champignon and his family. Yves, you may remember, is the second son of Artois. His wife, Chrystal, was a drunkard with a failed beauty salon business. One of their twin daughters, Dominique, was killed off at university.

Yves was 63 when he locked himself in the bathroom. His wife was similarly locked in a bedroom. I expected her to die first because she was hungrier. But no – Yves died first.

Chrystal went crazy when she learned of his death.

But she died shortly after anyway.  She had just turned 64.

Their remaining daughter, Christine, was left alone in the house.  She didn’t want to marry, have kids or start a career (having just returned from university where her sister died).  She killed herself in the pool.

A new person to the neighbourhood, Vince Moody,  had moved in to the family home just before Christine took that fatal swim so that he could send her headstone on its way to the cemetery, reap the rewards of the 300,000 simoleans and choose from a houseful of furniture.  But he then had to move out because the house was to be demolished.

And it was.  So ends one branch of the Champignon family.

My graphics card finally carked it so I won’t be able to update for a couple of weeks while I get the computer sorted.  I’d only just started playing Veronaville again too.  Dammit.

I’ve been playing Veronaville for a while now.  Do I head back to Pleasantview?  I don’t feel quite ready.  Another four-day update in Veronaville might be in order.  I’ve completely neglected playing Briony Langerak, the evil witch.  Her brother, Brett, is now an elder, married to Antoinette Champignon.  However, the Langeraks will no longer feature in this blog. 

Out of boredom? I created a list of average ages and sexes of babies born in Veronaville – to the Champignon family only so far.  The youngest Sim to die in old age is 63, the oldest 81.  The average age is 73.  There have been 33 boys born to the Champignon family and 30 girls (contradicting my impression that more girls than boys have been born lately).  I might do similar stats for other families but I can’t be bothered right now.

So, Veronaville? Or head back to Pleasantview?

I’ll be back updating this blog soon as I’m back to playing Veronaville but I wanted to put up a poll first.  I was hoping I could do this on the sidebar but it appears not so here it is.

What families should I concentrate on?  As it is now taking several days to play each family in Veronaville and the attached Bluewater Village (not to mention a family in Downtown and the attached university campus), I’m wanting to blog only about a select few.  Should I blog about:

Champignon?  The families concerned are Artois and his brood of six adult children, the older ones ageing already; Antoine and his son Christophe; Peyote and his family; Spliff and his family.  There are a lot of female babies being born so the name will die off for some branches.

De Marr? The family of vampire, Damien de Marr, whose son, Luka has 3 kids, one of them a boy.

Lillard? Mikhail and his son, John. 

The Langeraks are of no interest to me, nor are the remainder of the Danaher family.  Whichever family I choose, some of the extended family may be mentioned.  The Collie surname has died out and are intermarried with the above anyway.

Post your vote in the comments.


Back soon.

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