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Nothing much happening at the Lillard household.  Peter learned to play chess with his dad.


Everything was ticking along nicely, with Brenda getting a promotion.

It was then the twins’ birthday.  First Penny.


Then Peter.


That’s the best-looking Lillard heir for many generations (apart from Jerry, his dad), probably since Alex, Peter’s four times great-grandfather.  Emily’s plan to improve the genes worked.

Alexandra will soon be going to university.


Meanwhile, the wife of Bjorn’s son, Lars, has had a baby boy, but it’s not Lars’.  She was seen on a date with Daeron DeMarr but he’s not the father either.  The father, surprisingly, is Bobby Arends (one of six children of the late Sally Arends (nee Champignon and Bjorn’s former ‘girlfriend’).

And here I should note the death of Lars’ former stepfather, Hereward Langerak.  He died at the retirement home, age 72.  He had a few brief years with his young wife, Eve.


Eve is now an elder herself.  Her daughter, Helen, has gone to university, leaving only Eve and Matt at the retirement home.

Eve was never happy with her looks.  She always thought she was ugly compared to her prettier sister, Siouxsie.   She decided, on turning 54, that she would use the cosmetic surgery machine, which a former resident had left there.

Eve before surgery

Eve before surgery


Eve after surgery


She was very happy with the result.  She went for a fuller face, which made her look younger.  She wondered if Matt would notice.



Alexandra still enjoyed teasing her siblings.


Peter learned to walk (and was potty-trained), while Emily taught her granddaughter, Penny, to talk.



Then came a birthday for the twins…






Unfortunately, that day was also Emily’s death day.  She was 74.


The family were upset.

Alexandra cries

Alexandra cries


Penny cries


Jerry cries

Bjorn.. well...

Bjorn.. well…

Jerry got electrocuted by one of the robots on the same day.


It wasn’t the best of birthdays.

It didn’t take long for Bjorn to ease his grief.

Bjorn greets Sally Arends.

Bjorn greets Sally Arends.


Unfortunately, Alexandra witnessed them kissing and was quite upset (even though Emily was dead).


Penny came out, wondering why her sister was crying and cried too.


Then Peter came out to see what all the crying was about and witnessed it for himself.


They were… doing things… in the tub!



Bjorn felt like he’d found true love at last.  (Sadly, it wasn’t to last – Sally died not long after.)

Meanwhile, over in Bluewater village, Hereward got promoted to Mayor at the age of about 60.


He proposed to the much younger Eve Larsson who happened to live in the retirement home with her daughter.


It was the first proposal Eve had ever received and she accepted.

They married in the backyard of the home one mild evening.


“What? Can’t an old man find love?”

They ate wedding cake inside.


Clockwise from left: Eve’s teenage daughter, Helen, Hereward, Eve, Lazaria DeMarr Perez (lawyer), Matt Picaso (scientist).

It was Hereward’s second marriage after living with Emily for a long time (Emily never married).  He figured his wife wouldn’t die before him this time.

As you know from the previous post, Romain and Felice Champignon grew to elders and Brigitte graduated, and married Daeron DeMarr.

Romain and Felice before ageing

Romain and Felice before ageing

This couple is always in platinum, so they can be a little boring.  They’re both at the top of their career – Romain is an icon, and Felice is “the law”.

So, we’ll talk about their daughter Elise, who was also at Academie le Tour.  While Brigitte was attracted to Sam, Elise didn’t really have anyone she was attracted to.  Unlike Brigitte, she inherited the blonde genes and was attracted to blond.  Fortunately for her, Brigitte moved her attention to Daeron, so Sam was free.

Sam wonders what went wrong

Sam wonders what went wrong

Elise moved in on him.



They hit it  off straight away.  Sam was used to blondes as well.

Sam was older by two years and graduated before Elise.  As his mother was still having babies, there was no room at home, so he bought a small house opposite the Lillard mansion.

Sally, already aged, waiting for her youngest to grow to a toddler.

Sally, already aged, waiting for her youngest to grow to a toddler.

Elise finally graduated and threw a party.  She invited Sam as well as her parents and brother.  She introduced Sam to Romain.


Sam took the opportunity to ask an important question.  Romain assented and Sam proposed.


(That’s Elise’s brother Cheverny hoeing into the snacks.)

Back at Veronaville, Elise moved in with Sam.  Even though it was winter, Elise couldn’t wait for the wedding.  She heard about the new fashions and chose herself a beautiful wedding dress (a white version of Brigitte’s black).



Everyone waited, but Sam didn’t do anything.  He started wandering off, but went back, but had his back to the guests, strangely.



The guests:


From left: Cheverny, Hereward Langerak, Felice, Tim Arends, and Romain.  Sam hadn’t invited his mother.  He felt she should be with the three young children.  She had neglected Sam and his younger brother, Andy (Andy drowned while at uni), so had no real affection for her.

It snowed, but the bride and groom stayed outside to eat.


They settled into a happily married life, without any immediate plans for children.


As for Cheverny, he already has two girlfriends: one of them Vasilia DeMarr, daughter of Lucia; the other Lafitte Champagne, a distant cousin (granddaughter of the late Remy, who was grandson to Artois).


Cheverny approaches Vasilia for a smooch.

It all started when Bjorn Larssen’s wife Clarise caught him hugging Emily Lillard who was visiting.  They fought several times.  It seemed that Clarise, surprisingly, had a mild attraction to Emily’s partner, Hereward Langerak, father to the recently deceased student Harry Lillard.  She invited him over while Emily was still there and purposely flirted with him in front of Emily.  This, of course, caused Emily to fight with Hereward.


Clarise asked Emily to leave but she was back the next morning.  Clarise then broke up with Bjorn who moved in with Emily.


More fights at the Lillard house.



Hereward felt obliged to move out and is now living with Clarise and her son.  Emily claims that she wanted Bjorn to get to know their son, Jerry, who is nearly old enough to attend university.


It all happened very quickly.  Half-brother and former neighbour of Bjorn, the icon, Romain Champignon, says he is still in shock.  He thought the couple were still in love.

John Lillard loved his grandson, even though he was green.

But John was feeling his age.  He missed his late wife and he’d got to the top of this career long ago.  (He was a Captain Hero.)

Life just didn’t hold much interest for him anymore.

His time came at the age of 79.

Anna was upset,

but cheered up when she got some money.

Michael didn’t seem too affected by the death.

John never discovered that Michael was his arch nemesis, a criminal mastermind.

Spork’s birthday came around soon after and the bad news: ugly.

So that’s Spork out of the running for heir.

Meanwhile, Emily, the abandoned eldest child of Michael and Anna, dropped out of university and headed back to an apartment in Veronaville.  She wasted no time in trying for a male heir to inherit on her behalf.  She was friends with two young students (her friend, Hereward Langerak, and Bjorn Larsson).  She made use of Hereward…

She gave birth to twins!  A boy and a girl: Harry and Charlotte.

The apartment was too small so she moved to a two-bedroomed unfurnished house.  Hereward was not the handsomest of men.  So Emily invited Bjorn over…

just to be sure.  She was determined to have a good-looking heir.

Her plans don’t stop there.  Stay tuned.

The Landchild Home’s last remaining occupant (apart from Mrs Landchild herself) was lonely and pissed off.  He took his anger out on one of the few toys provided.

His name is Hereward Langerak (the last of the Langeraks) and he was a friend of ex-inmate, Emily Lillard, who is now at university.  Hereward will join her there soon.  More on Emily to come at a later stage (remember the issue of the Lillard heir?).

Remy, who fathered a girl on Beatrice Champignon, is now a rock god.

Sadly, the old family cat, Anu, died.

Remy’s son, Chenet, was distraught.  He’d grown up with that cat.  Chenet was another who then headed to university.

And finally, I found a photo of Milton Landgraab, who I haven’t blogged about for some time.  Here he is watching TV in his study.

Spliff’s place

I don’t think I’ll blog about this family anymore, now that Spliff is gone.  Spliff’s ex-wife, Jessica, is now dead (mother to Marc and Nicolas).  Remy visited and looked after his cousin’s baby daughter, Clarise.

Marc’s older daughter, Isabelle, is not particularly attractive, but then Marc isn’t.

A tree caught fire outside during a thunderstorm and there was no rain to put it out.  This has been happening a lot lately.

It also happened at Marc’s half-brother, Georges’ place.  Georges caught on fire but his wife, Ribena, put him out.  Here’s Ribena in her new car.


I won’t blog more about this family either.  You may remember Celestine who married Gunnar.  Celestine died after marrying Andrejz, and Gunnar is now married to Sorrow (more on them later).  Anyway, their eldest son, Sven, now lives in the house with his wife Connie.  She was pregnant.

High five!  It’s a boy – Nils.


Finally, Louis Champignon, uncle to the Larsson boys, continues helping out in Florence’s flower shop.  He will be an elder in a day or so.  Here he is talking to his half brother, the teenage Romain.


I’m planning on killing off the rest of the Danahers (currently there are twin boys at university and their parents in the old Danaher family home).  The last of the Langeraks is now dead and his wife put their ugly kid in the Landchild Home for Rejects.

Nothing much happening at the DeMarr household.  Their dog that ran away was returned.  Drako’s daughter, Lazaria, is now a teenager, and her brother, Vincent, will be heading off to uni soon.  Luka is now 77.

I had completely forgotten to blog about some university students.  Remy and his (now) fiancee flatted with Benedick Monty and Sherry Reiner (who loved each other).  Benedick and Sherry starved to death.  I had pictures but can’t be bothered uploading them.

I then got rid of an entire family of a couple and a teenage son.  Their daughter was taken away by the social worker but was subsequently adopted by the woman’s half-sister.

Next on the hit list was the older (uglier) daughter of Georges Champignon as his wife was pregnant again and they didn’t have room for a third child.

Another case of a disappearing ladder.

Her mother didn’t seem to notice her passing at all.  She was busy enjoying her pregnancy.

The new baby was a boy, Francis, named after his great great great grandfather, Francois.

The next day when Ribena was off to work, the nanny started cooking then went off to have a swim.

The fireman couldn’t get to the fire because the idiot nanny was standing in the way.

I thought Georges might be the next to die, but he fought the fire bravely.

Finally the idiot nanny moved so the fireman could join the fight.

Georges wasn’t best pleased with the idiot nanny, as you can imagine.  She got fired (haha).

Finally, on this round of deaths, the deceased witch vampire’s ex-lover (and father of her child), Jack Landry, died of starvation after their son headed off to university.

I might now head over to Pleasantview to kill off most of them (and let the blog die, I think).

[Apologies for the small pics but Photobucket was down and I uploaded these in haste without editing them.  What the photo shows is never what I actually see when the photo is taken – they always include heaps around the edges, the bastards. Will have to remember to have the ceiling showing.]

Briony Langerak, the evil witch, had moved in with the DeMarr family.  Luka’s idea was for her to become a vampire so he could take a vampricillin.  Luckily they were both attracted to each other so it didn’t take long before Luka was able to bite Briony.

Briony was now both vampire and witch.

Luka then went into his secret room to retrieve the vampricillin.  He drank it.

A couple of days later, Luka grew into an elder.  Now his wife could hold that wedding anniversary party she’d wanted for so long.  Her LTW was achieved.  (Thanks to the new graphics card she could invite up to 8 people but she just invited immediate family and their partners.)

Warning – some pictures of the dying may offend.

Further to the deaths of Yves, Chrystal and Christine Champignon the following Sims died:

Gypsy Miguel (gamer) and her husband, Tucker (hall of famer).  Gypsy was related to Damien DeMarr through his first marriage.  They leave a daughter currently at university. Both died in fires;

Ciara Danaher, the eldest of three surviving children of Seamus Danaher’s ten kids.  She died in a fire.  The Danaher family home has now been emptied of contents;

Cochonette Landry (69, mad scientist and twin daughter of Artois), her husband George (66, celebrity chef) and daughter Lucy.  All starved to death.

Lucy was the first to die, followed by Cochonette.

Such an accusatory look from Cochonette.  Lastly, George…

Their son, Jack, remains;

Next for the chop was Elizabeth Langerak, 66, widow of the recently deceased Gerard and mother of the recently deceased student, Robert.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Alex Lillard.  A daughter, Brew (currently at university), remains.  Elizabeth drowned in the pool…

Some idiot, flat-nosed townie had jumped in after her.

The steps magically reappeared allowing the townie to get out;

Lastly, Waylon Menon, who was incarcerated in the Sim prison years ago, finally died naturally at age 75.  He hung on to the bitter end despite not having anything to entertain himself.

Eleven deaths in total for this round.  The cemetery is filling up.

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