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Aisha seems to have been pregnant for ages. But it was of course with her second child this time.

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Still, I was beginning to think she’d never have it when she went into labour.

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She had a boy before the game crashed. On re-entering she had a girl, so I exited and played again and thankfully, she had a boy again, called Antony.

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Little Petronella was a happy girl.

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Richard and Aisha taught her to walk.

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She was good at mealtimes too.

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She’s a cutie.

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Aisha could finally get back to work. She was promoted to sous chef.

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It took a long time to play this household. The game kept crashing… why, I don’t know. It’s only a couple of richer, bigger (space-wise) households that crash.

As for Charlotte, she had a bit of a makeover after Wendy turned into a teenager (so they wouldn’t look alike, and she was getting older – in her 40s now).






Ok, well, I haven’t updated for a long time. I had pics waiting to post but then I played the medieval hood for a while and then joined the building contest at modthesims after which I basically stopped playing and just built stuff.

So, I’ll see if I can remember anything.  Although Aisha had been given a makeover, she still didn’t dress beautifully.


In any case she fell pregnant.


Richard was delighted and hoped for a boy, an heir.


He loved seeing Aisha’s growing tummy.


His mother, Sarah, wanted to feel the baby kick, but Aisha was having none of that.


Sadly, for Sarah, she never got to see the baby. She died at the age of 74.


Richard was devastated,



while Aisha didn’t much care. Her sister, Mandy, was also pregnant and came to visit.



They both look like they’re carrying twins but they were both a little chubby to begin with (all that fish at home).

Richard didn’t get his son. A girl was born, Petronella.


But Richard was happy enough. They could try again.


Petronella grew quickly. Before long it was her birthday.


(Aisha, you may notice, is in preggy clothing once again. It didn’t take Richard long.)


As for Richard’s sister, Charlotte, she had a visit from the police for trying to forge money.


She was pretty lucky to get away with just a warning.

Charlotte’s ex, meanwhile, was having the time of his life.


Daughter-in-law, Aisha, was rather plain, thought Sarah, but not unattractive.


She offered to give Aisha a makeover.


Sarah thought the little bob suited her much better and Aisha seemed pleased.

Also contemplating a more serious makeover was Richard.  He had been a handsome teen, but things didn’t stay that way.


He didn’t like his nose or cheekbones and his ears seemed too round for his liking.  He headed for the machine in the shed.


It didn’t go well.


There was no way he was letting his family see him like that so he tried again, and was more successful.


He loved the new face.


Not many pics with this update, sorry, but the ones towards the bottom might offend.

The day after Richard’s wedding in autumn, Peter died.


He had long before reached the top of the medical career as chief of staff and was 73 when death came for him. Naturally, Sarah was most upset.

Meanwhile, Charlotte had had her baby – another girl she called Daisy (and another cringe from Jeremy when he heard).  Jeremy was enjoying his bachelor life in his one-bedroomed pad with swimming pool and party room and could freely invite his girlfriends around.



No guilt or conscience about his wife or kids at all.

One of the last updates included the marriage of Petra Lillard to Ren Noir.  They lived in an apartment in Bluewater.  Petra became pregnant but would often neglect to eat, with the result that she starved to death.  Ren moved out of the apartment and visited his friend, Raymond Arends nearby who had a genie lamp.  Ren used one of the wishes to resurrect Petra.

Petra was successfully resurrected, still heavily pregnant, but she had no memory of Ren and they were no longer married, although attracted to one another.  Instead of returning to the apartment, Ren decided to check out an abandoned house overlooking the sea.  However, it was not abandoned, but inhabited by an immortal.  Immortals are not known for their morals (one of them having slept with a Champignon, given birth, and slept with that child as an adult (her own son)).

This particular immortal, Gina, was actually delighted to have some company in the form of the attractive Ren, but was not keen on his pregnant partner.  The house was small, so she offered to build an additional room for Petra, who, tired and confused, entered and lay down. Gina locked the room but left food for Petra until her time came.

Ren seemed totally oblivious to Petra’s absence and flirted with Gina who he was very attracted to.  He went off to work on the day that Petra gave birth. Petra delivered twin girls which Gina took away and idly named Seaview and Amnesia.

And now the truly horrifying part. Gina took Seaview to test out her new barbecue.





It was her first (and only) taste of roast baby.  Gina duly put the other baby, Amnesia, in a cot, ready for Ren who had no idea that Petra had given birth to twins.

Petra, meanwhile had been living in the roofless and grass-floored room (and got struck by lightning), and didn’t get to see her babies again.  Before Gina set fire to the room with Petra in it, she gave Petra one last meal.


The family are thankfully ignorant of the horrifying circumstances.

Richard returned home and found work as a lawyer.  His fiancée, Aisha, joined him after she graduated and they planned the wedding.

For some reason the guests congregated in the garage when they arrived.


One of the guests starting fighting with the bride’s father.

Finally they settled down to watch the ceremony. As well as Aisha’s parents, her sister, Mandy attended.  She is sitting next to Peter on the left.


The vows and exchanging of rings proceeded.



A couple of the guests are missing – perhaps they never made it from the garage.


Dusk fell before the reception but Peter led the toasts.


Sarah was getting a bit sozzled.


The drink made her garrulous and she talked a lot to her new daughter-in-law about so many things while Aisha missed the presence of her new husband.


It had been a very successful wedding party.

Richard and his new wife arrived back from the honeymoon very happy.




Back to the Lillards.

Richard graduated (I forgot what his degree was but probably law-related).  He had a party at the flat he rented with his fiancée.



He introduced Aisha to his parents.



Sarah was happy for her son, even though she was a bit plain and on the chubby side.


Everyone had a good time.  I think the pregnant woman is Charlotte with a different hairdo.


Meanwhile, Petra, who had been at boarding school and then uni, got married to Ren Noir in a small ceremony.


Sarah and Peter still enjoy each other’s company (a spontaneous show of affection here).


Not much happening while Peter and Sarah wait for the return of Richard.

Peter started drinking.  Was he unhappy or just bored?


I think he was bored.  He decided to clean out the shed at the back and found a makeover station. He thought he’d surprise Sarah and try his hand.


Sarah readily agreed.  I mean he was a doctor so he couldn’t do much wrong with a simple makeover could he?


“Well, how do I look?”  “Errr…”

After much hesitation, he showed her.



“You fool! Look what you’ve done!”


Peter apologised profusely. Sarah could smell alcohol on his breath.  No wonder.

At the first available opportunity Sarah had her face redone.  There was no way she was setting foot out the door looking like she did.  She even hid when the cleaner walked past.


She was much relieved when she looked normal again. What if Richard had returned with a fiancée to see her looking like a clown?

I haven’t mentioned Charlotte for a while, except to say her husband, Jeremy, was flirting with Chantilly Coleman.

Jeremy finally found a job in retail after Charlotte gave birth to a daughter she called Wendy.  Jeremy cringed at the name.  It seemed to add to his disappointment in the choices he’d made.  Marrying a Lillard hadn’t turned out the way he’d hoped.  They were living in a small house and Charlotte had started having babies.  Jeremy wasn’t ready for a mundane life of fatherhood and routine.

Wendy grew to a toddler and Jeremy found he was actually quite fond of her.


He still wasn’t great father material though.  Jeremy was now a party DJ and imagined himself single and carefree.  While he was dancing downstairs to the tracks he thought of playing…


Wendy was crying for attention upstairs.


Then Charlotte became pregnant again.


Jeremy was furious. Charlotte hadn’t asked him if he wanted another child. She just assumed he’d be as happy as she was.  They argued.


Jeremy thought long and hard about what to do next.


He was about to say goodbye to Wendy, but Charlotte had put her to bed.


Charlotte had no inkling of what was to happen…


He’s always on that computer” thought Charlotte

Jeremy got up and announced his decision.  He was leaving.  Charlotte was stopped in her tracks, frozen with shock.  “But you can’t! I’m pregnant!” she cried.


Your decision, not mine” was Jeremy’s only comment as he left.


The marriage was finished.  No surprises there.

Nothing much appears to be happening with the Lillards, at least nothing I’ve thought worthy of taking pictures of.

The heir, Richard, is at university and has one more year to go.  The rather chubby Aisha Hunter was fond of him and tried, too soon, to jump into Richard’s arms before he was ready for her advances.


She told him off for letting her fall.


A fellow student has taken Aisha aside and suggested a bit of a makeover – perhaps a bit of makeup and different hairdo and clothes, to get Richard more interested.  Richard is studying to be a lawyer.

Emma, meanwhile, is living at the crappy block of apartments in the poorest part of downtown.


Poverty is her lot, sadly for her.  Her poorhouse “class” mate, Rashid, moved to the apartments and proposed to her but under new laws, anyone of that class has to change their surname so there is no obvious link to their birth family (particularly if that family is wealthy).  Emma is quite friendly with small-time townie crook, Alvin Go.

Petra has just finished university and moved to Bluewater village with fiancé Ren Noir.

Nothing much is happening at the Lillard mansion.

Peter’s sister, Alexandra, died at the age of 65.  She had reached the top of her law career and was about to retire.

Her husband, Kevin Arends, came home after work to find her gone.


Alexandra’s son, Samuel, was also, naturally, upset.


Meanwhile, Peter’s son-in-law, Jeremy Frankston, was seeing Chantilly Coleman on the sly.


That doesn’t bode well.



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