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Following on from the tragic death of a Downtown teenager after contracting the flu, Académie le Tour reports that a second year student, Lizzie Bear, died suddenly at the Romara dormitory just days later. Concern is mounting that this flu is a virulent new strain.

Just a month ago, a Bluewater Village resident contracted a flu but, after three days of coughing, fully recovered. Then shock as 15-year-old Nate Pederson died suddenly upon waking up, indicating to a different strain of the flu. Normally, bed rest would be enough to aid recovery, but Nate collapsed immediately, leaving his parents and siblings distressed, as he had been sick just one day. Lizzie Bear’s death was so sudden that no-one noticed until a few hours later. She, too, had been coughing the day before and collapsed seemingly after getting up from her bed when she woke. Students and staff at the university are extremely upset, as she was a popular student. Lizzie’s parents are understandably devastated and did not wish to comment. Lizzie’s twin sister, Paula, is also at Académie le Tour but was residing in a different dormitory.

“She was in my dormitory but wanted to move to a bigger one so she could meet more students.” Paula sobbed. “Students there said she was coughing really badly. I’ve heard there were a lot of cockroaches around. I can’t believe she’s gone!”

“She was a really good student” said mathematics professor Richard Carter. “She was near the top of her class, getting As, and made it to the Dean’s list. We’re still in shock here.”

Senior staff at the university refused to comment on the allegation there was an infestation of cockroaches at the dormitory. “Be assured we will be looking into it, but I have nothing to say at this point in time.” said Vice-Chancellor David Burrows.

Chief of Staff, René Champignon, urges citizens not to panic, but to take great care with waste disposal and avoid anyone who is coughing. He recommends that anyone showing symptoms should visit the hospital immediately.


Chantal’s daughter, Chantilly, also got married – to Dan Coleman, who she’d met at university.



They had moved into one of the more affordable houses, that, while basic and ugly, had potential.

Chantilly had invited her illegitimate half brother, Daniel, who was in private school.


Chantal wearing some hideous clothing there – time to go shopping.  In the background is uni mate, Charlotte.

Chantilly’s kid brother, Tom, was there, but got a bit bored.


He sat and waited, trying hard not to stare at the cake.


One more wedding to come: Xavier’s.

I’ve touched on the Arends family before – they are becoming a large one of different branches, thanks to several kids in each.

Raylene was the daughter of Ray Arends and Penny Lillard, Penny having died shortly after giving birth.  Ray always resisted the urge to call his daughter Penny, so much did she look like his deceased first wife.

Well, Raylene went to university, then headed back to Veronaville where she advertised for a flatmate.  The flatmate turned out to be one fairly handsome townie by the name of Alvin Bear.  Raylene and he got on very well, so, as you can guess, they fell in love and Alvin proposed.  They held the wedding party in the back yard of the apartment.


A pretty informal affair as you can tell by Raylene’s dress.

Guests included some of the family.


Raylene’s half-siblings, Raymond and Lisa, and father, Ray


Ray’s nephew, Ronnie, had recently married

Raylene introduced Alvin to her parents after the ceremony!



They seemed to approve.


Ray’s wife, Lucy, talks to Ronnie’s new wife, Lora

A good time was had by all.


Alvin did wonder where his new wife had disappeared to.


She was urgently called to the toilet.


She ended up having twin girls, Lizzie and Paula (Bear).


Residents of Veronaville are in shock as news reached them of a tragedy which wiped out a family.

Mark Champignon was a distant cousin of Sebastien and a cousin of icon James Champignon.  His father was quite old when he remarried and had another son – Mark.  His first son by his first wife is a plant Sim in Bluewater village.

Mark became a werewolf when he was a teenager.



His mother was quite used to it.


He never married but he did have an affair with a married woman who gave birth to twin daughters.  She left them for Mark to raise.  Mark’s father had died and his mother moved to the retirement home in Bluewater.  The twins were quite cute as toddlers but each had their own facial quirks: Isobel had a low-set prominent nose; Harriet had a high-set nose and large chin.


Nevertheless, they were a happy family.  The girls were also used to their father becoming a werewolf.  And so life went on, the girls becoming teens.

There was a stormy night full of lightning.  A tree caught fire and they all ran outside and panicked.  The rain stopped but the fire continued and daylight dawned on tragedy.  Mark and his daughter, Isobel, had succumbed to the flames.


Harriet was all on her own.  She managed for a day but for some unknown reason (perhaps subconsciously no longer wanting to live) she attempted to fix the broken computer and was electrocuted.  No real harm done, except she desperately needed rest, food and a bath.  But she was determined to prove she could do it and tried fixing the computer again.  It caught fire…



Alas, she died.  The house is empty for the first time in several generations and the town in shock at what happened.

The new mayor (more on her later), as well as the new city planner, decided to build a town hall for the residents to come together in such times.


Included in the plan was a special memorial room for Mark and his daughters.



As the member of a rich family, Xavier was entitled to live in the fancy house at the edge of the campus.  His distant cousin, Patric, was also.  The other flatmate was Velaria Black who was there because her mother was a DeMarr.  Patric and Velaria hit it off immediately.


He felt rather left out and wondered if he’d meet anyone at the student centre.  It seemed unlikely.  However, it wasn’t long before a new student moved in.

Her name was Ilse Mantell and Xavier was intrigued.  She was totally different to anyone he had imagined.


Ilse, for her part, didn’t think much of the rich kids.  Velaria looked spoilt in her fur coat.


She thought Patric was a bit of a wanker.


Xavier didn’t rate.


She thought they were all pathetic.  Someone had screwed up the accommodation application.  She didn’t belong.  So she kept to herself to begin with.


Xavier tried to introduce himself and strike up a conversation.


But she just didn’t seem interested in talking to him even after several attempts on his part.


Finally, though, she thought he was better than the other two.


At least he didn’t stare at her like Patric did.


She knew they talked about her.


“What do you think of the new kid?  She’s a bit of a weirdo.”  Xavier didn’t agree.

The next time he talked to Ilse, she let him and even responded.  Success!


It was a conversation about food that broke the ice.  Velaria wanted to be a chef, but all she ever made was toasted sandwiches and, later, pancakes.  Xavier had noticed Ilse making spaghetti and commented.  They laughed about Velaria’s attempts.


Finally, Xavier, plucked up the courage to kiss Ilse – on the hand,


and the arm.


She didn’t reject him and even hugged him.  Xavier felt some strange feelings.  This woman did something to him.


Ilse made an attempt to join the others at dinner times when Xavier was at lectures.  At first it was awkward.

But then everyone relaxed and got talking.


By now, Velaria and Patric realised that Xavier had a thing for Ilse.

Ilse even joined Xavier when he was sleeping, although nothing further happened.


One day, Xavier’s ‘aunt’ (Xavier’s grandfather’s illegitimate child and also a student) dropped by.  She wondered about the dark Ilse who never spoke much, and seemed to ignore Cara.


Ilse making her spaghetti instead of eating the abundant supply of toasted sandwiches.

Cara stayed for “dinner”.


Ilse had already eaten her spaghetti.  Xavier joined the rest.


He thought his aunt seemed immature,


then reminded himself that she was the daughter of a prostitute.  What was she doing at university?

Finally alone, Xavier and Ilse spent some time in the spa pool.



Ilse was becoming fond of him.  She even forgave his faux pas greeting…


(Is this woman ever dressed, you’re thinking?)

They were falling in love.


And then the big moment for Xavier.  He couldn’t imagine any life without her.


To his delight, she accepted.


No-one had ever shown her this much love.

Claire was getting into a fitness regime.  She went jogging, but it happened to be a hot summer’s day and didn’t end well.


It was several hours later that she finally came to and walked the rest of the way home.


She had a dip in the pool to cool off.


She and Sebastien were still very much in love, much to Rene’s embarrassment.


Perhaps they were too much into each other, that baby Cezanne got forgotten.


Rene was there for her birthday at least.


Rene is now driving the car to school.


Cherie is now a teenager but no pics!

Meanwhile, over at Sebastien’s sister, Chantal’s place:

Andy was busy looking after toddler son, Tom and was totally unaware of what was happening downstairs.


Roberta has been playing with the train set and it randomly caught fire.


Alas, Andy heard the screams too late.


It was a shock for everyone.  The poor girl had only been 8 years old.

Chantal came home to the news.


She thought of it as the Sim god’s punishment for having more than three children, and one of them illegitimate.  But it was purely accidental.

While her husband and father-in-law were at work, Claire wandered round the house and found a brass lamp lying in a corner.  It looked a little dull so she rubbed it, and to her astonishment a genie appeared.  He told her she had three wishes.  She was just thinking what she might want when she went into labour.


The genie was getting a bit tired of waiting.


Sebastien arrived home and saw baby and impatient genie.  “She just had a baby, dude!”


Claire handed the little boy to Sebastien and asked the genie for peace of mind before dismissing him.  Sebastien waited patiently.  “Come on, is it a girl or boy?”

“A boy” Claire smiled.  “I wondered whether to call him Rene or Xavier.”  “I like Xavier” said Sebastien.

So Xavier it was.


A pretty contented baby.


Cheverny was very happy to have a grandson.


That wasn’t to be Cheverny’s only grandchild.

Chantal continued to see Amir Diwan when Arturo wasn’t around.


But by then she’d already gotten pregnant.


She was alone when she went into labour.


She had a little girl she called Chantilly.  Unfortunately for Arturo, it wasn’t his.


She called Andy Arends and gave him the news.  Andy came round to see his new daughter.  (Andy is a cousin to the other Arends previously mentioned.)


He doesn’t seem sure what to do with it.  Change the nappy perhaps?

Andy was still there when Arturo got home.  He wasn’t best pleased and slapped his wife.


Chantal slapped him back, calling him a loser.


Andy left discreetly, leaving them to it.  Chantal stormed upstairs, leaving Arturo alone outside.


His life was a mess.  He’d lost his dream job and his new wife had been sleeping around.  The baby he’d looked forward to wasn’t even his.

The next evening it was Chantal who told Arturo she wanted a divorce.


She was sick of living in a small, barely-furnished house with an unemployed husband.  Arturo, dismayed, left in shock.  However, Chantal moved out anyway.  She hated the house.

Arturo wanted to remain there but had to buy the house back.  He had so little money left after he moved that he couldn’t afford to eat, and died of starvation.

Andy lived in Bluewater village with his old uni friend, Max Champagne.  Max had just invited his girlfriend to move in.  He knew that Andy had always loved Chantal and had been heartbroken when she married Arturo.  He had advised Andy to find someone else but Andy lived in hope and had continued to see Chantal (as we now know).   Nevertheless, Max waited until Andy was out before proposing to his townie girlfriend, Genesis.


Andy came home with the news that Chantal and Arturo had split up.  Chantal had told him that she wanted to live with him.  Andy was worried about the house being big enough.  “No worries, Genesis and I are going to move in with my parents and get married.”  They congratulated each other.


Max and Genesis left and Chantal arrived with their daughter soon after.  However, she didn’t want to stay in that house.  “Come with me”.  She took Andy by the hand and out the back door and pointed.  “See that house down there?”  “The one with the helicopter?”  “Yes.  Let’s move there.  It’s fully furnished.”  Andy laughed nervously.  “We can’t afford that.”  Chantal smiled.  “My dad will give me the balance we need.”  So, to Andy’s astonishment they ended up in a cool house overlooking the sea.  How his life had turned around!


He was so thrilled he proposed to Chantal after they returned from a celebratory meal at the Restaurant d’Amour.


Neither of them particularly wanted a formal wedding.  Chantal had done that and the marriage hadn’t lasted.  Andy didn’t think his parents would mind as long as he was happy.

So they married at the back of the house overlooking the sea.  It was perfect.




News of Arturo’s death didn’t bother Chantal at all.



Last we saw Penny Lillard, she was at university making out with Ray Arends.

They returned from university and found a small house and got married.  Penny got pregnant almost immediately.  She had intended to have children later, after establishing herself in a career.

She was very unhappy.


The house was very basic and she had been used to living in the Lillard mansion.


She gave birth to a daughter that her husband, Ray, called Raylene.  She knew her parents would shudder.


Sadly Penny went into decline and died, leaving Ray alone with his baby daughter.

A bit about the Arends family:  The Arends were a large and well-off family.  Elise’s father had been an icon and Elise herself was a blockbuster director.  She started her career late in life as she gave birth to six children with Sam Arends, who became the mayor of Veronaville.  They had four sons and two daughters.  The six children were married off (as was Elise’s lifetime wish).  The girls (twins) live together in a large house with their husbands and a baby daughter each.  The eldest son, Kevin, married Alexandra Lillard.  His twin, Kim, had married Veronica Monty.  Before tragedy struck, Elise and Sam invited them all for a family get-together in the new house they’d just bought.


From left: Ray, Rick, Sam and Kim


Above: Rick, Ray, Serena, and Cecilia’s husband, Phil.


Above: Rick, Ceclia, Serena, and Phil.

Rick had just married a Sim he’d met at university, Lucy Holloway.


From left: Sam, Kevin, Rick, Ray, Serena and Phil.

Finally below, the two brothers who would die:


Rick and Kim.

Sam died at age 70.  Elise was now alone, but had her men friends, one of whom was her twin sister’s ex-husband, Daeron DeMarr.


So back to the tragedy.  After Penny’s death, Ray moved, with his baby daughter, into Rick and Lucy’s house.  Kim and Veronica had just had a little boy, called Ronnie (not very imaginative names, I warn you).  Tragically, Kim and Veronica died in a house fire.  Elise was there visiting so rescued the boy and brought him to Ray and Rick.  Ray offered to bring up the boy as he was the same age as Raylene.  Then Rick died of a mysterious illness leaving Lucy pregnant.  Lucy gave birth to a girl she called Rikki.  So Ray and Lucy ended up together with three young children.


It was full on and Ray, who had a basic entry-level job, didn’t have time to work towards a promotion.


Rikki quickly grew to a toddler a couple of years before the older two would start school.


A cutie.


The older two sometimes fought (especially over milk).


Raylene’s fair hair had turned to her mother’s red by the time she started school (and she’s not looking too happy either).


With money from life insurance and the older two now at school, Ray and Lucy were able to improve the very basic kitchen and look forward to a more settled life.  They had shared a lot between them and grown close.  Ray figured that Lucy and he should remain together.


Not the most romantic of proposals but there was little time to prepare.


Lucy had wanted to remarry, and was very glad it was Rick’s brother, Ray.


(Just as well, because she’s now pregnant with Ray’s child!)




Nothing much happening at the Lillard household.  Peter learned to play chess with his dad.


Everything was ticking along nicely, with Brenda getting a promotion.

It was then the twins’ birthday.  First Penny.


Then Peter.


That’s the best-looking Lillard heir for many generations (apart from Jerry, his dad), probably since Alex, Peter’s four times great-grandfather.  Emily’s plan to improve the genes worked.

Alexandra will soon be going to university.


Meanwhile, the wife of Bjorn’s son, Lars, has had a baby boy, but it’s not Lars’.  She was seen on a date with Daeron DeMarr but he’s not the father either.  The father, surprisingly, is Bobby Arends (one of six children of the late Sally Arends (nee Champignon and Bjorn’s former ‘girlfriend’).

And here I should note the death of Lars’ former stepfather, Hereward Langerak.  He died at the retirement home, age 72.  He had a few brief years with his young wife, Eve.


Eve is now an elder herself.  Her daughter, Helen, has gone to university, leaving only Eve and Matt at the retirement home.

Eve was never happy with her looks.  She always thought she was ugly compared to her prettier sister, Siouxsie.   She decided, on turning 54, that she would use the cosmetic surgery machine, which a former resident had left there.

Eve before surgery

Eve before surgery


Eve after surgery


She was very happy with the result.  She went for a fuller face, which made her look younger.  She wondered if Matt would notice.


Arthur and Petra Champagne lived in the retirement home in Bluewater Village along with the elder Larssen brothers, Anders and Stieg, and Amber Champignon (widow of Nicolas Champignon).  The elders lived  happily in the multi-bedroomed home.  Anders’ daughter, Eve, joined them as she had nowhere else to go and no boyfriends.

Death came for Arthur at age 70.  He had been an ecological guru.



He fought at first, but accepted his time had come.  Petra was devastated.


Since we’re on the subject of the retirement home, the Larssen brothers also died.  First Stieg…


also age 70 (retired medical chief of staff), then Anders…


age 71.  He’d finally made it to Rock God.

With three elders gone from the retirement home, fellow icon, Fynn Hunter moved in after his wife, Serenity, died in their beach-front home.

Eve, meanwhile, had had an affair with Cate Idler’s twin sister’s husband, Adam Mountebank.  She gave birth to a girl, Helen (named after her aunt, Helene who brought her up).



Icons, Fynn and Amber, were delighted to have a baby in the house.

Anyway, over to the main Champignon family…

Cheverny, now at uni, proposed to his cousin, Lafitte Champagne (grand niece of Arthur in case you’re wondering).


She accepted.

Romain’s twin daughters, Brigitte and Elise, met and chatted.


Elise had, by this time, also gotten pregnant


and given birth to twins.


She wants six kids, but she’s not the most attentive of mothers.

Romain, now a grandfather, looks after his grandson, while a stranger looks after the other.

Romain, now a grandfather, looks after his grandson, while a stranger looks after the other.


The stranger even bathes the baby.

Elise seems unconcerned.


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