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Viran hadn’t quite got used to the idea of being a vampire.

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With both grandparents and father vampires and a working mother, Veles didn’t always get the attention he needed.

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Meanwhile his twin sister was clever enough to figure out how to get out of the cot.

Vlad seemed addicted to the telescope, perhaps in the hope of seeing those fabled aliens.

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He was in luck.

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He was gone for several hours, and apparently no-one noticed his absence. It was unfortunate that he was deposited back on earth during daylight hours.

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He felt ill soon afterwards, which puzzled Miranda. How can vampires get ill if they’re dead?

There will soon be a half alien, half vampire child amongst them…


Xavier was now a teenager, as seen in the last post.  He was an accomplished musician already, like most of his family.  Would he follow his dad’s footsteps or take the acting route?  The other most common career for the Champignon family was business.


He couldn’t decide yet, even after browsing the university website.


In the meantime, he got on well with his brother, Rene…


and even had a girlfriend.


Sebastien advised Xavier to strive for someone a bit less… obvious.  They were teenagers – who cared?  He could have any girl he wanted, especially when he drove his car to school.


He joined his parents in the now traditional family jam session.



Rene teased his little sister, Elene,


but as he grew older he played with her.


Elene was a pretty happy kid.


Rene and Cherie often happened upon their parents hugging rather a lot.




Cherie asked her mother about it once.  Claire wasn’t sure what to say to Cherie’s observation that her hugs with Sebastien were different to the hugs she gave the kids.


Inevitably, all that loving…




would lead to another pregnancy.


What to do now? The child would have to go to the poorhouse unless they could plead to keep the child. There were already four kids in the house, although Elene would go to boarding school as soon as she was school age.


What would become of them all?


Rene grew to a teenager,


which meant his sister in the poorhouse was too.

They were a pretty happy family.  They could even relax and take some time out.



Elene’s birthday was next.



Claire took her to the boarding school in Bluewater village, which just left three kids.

But then Xavier left for university.


Down to two, but not for long.

Claire and Sebastien were invited to a party hosted by Robert Champignon’s wife (Robert is the icon and a distant cousin to Sebastien).


Above Sebastien talks to the hostess, Kalya.  Behind Sebastien is his uncle Kevin.


The food and punch was set up downstairs but everyone made straight for the games room.


The older son, Patric, talks to Claire, while Robert has a stiff drink in the background. He’d had a hard day, and didn’t know about the party.


The party got loud as everyone was having a good time.


Rather too loud.

Still it was a rare event.  Not many parties were held in Veronaville of late, but there was talk of the slackening of the rules regarding the maximum number of children allowed.  Just as well for Sebastien and Claire…


She gave birth to a girl she called Cezanne.



Life was good.



I found this blog post by a fellow Simmer who was having the same difficulties.  She found a way to make it work and set out instructions.  I found I didn’t need the patches at all and, in fact, using the first patch meant that it didn’t work, so I left them out.  I’ve installed up to Seasons and it all works perfectly fine!!!  Now I just have to get Freetime and Apartment life and install them plus a few extra ones and I’ll be at the stage where I can move my old backed up Sims in. Woohoo!

Even if nothing further works out, at least I can play Sims and have done.  I played the Roths in Riverblossom Hills and also moved the Ottamas family into that neighbourhood.  I could also start the Broke family all over again if need be.  I’m almost tempted to do that anyway and stop Dustin marrying the pointy-nosed Angela and dooming their descendants to ugliness.  I’m kind of bored with my current Brokes.  I’d only got to 5 generations.  Will have to think on that, presuming I can get remaining expansion packs to work and transfer my old family.

So huge relief and I could hug the woman that put that blog post up.  Thank you!

I started reinstalling the disks I have.  I installed the first 4 expansions after the first Sims 2 disks and it all went well.  I then went to install the next batch and it said that Sims 2 wasn’t installed properly.  WTF?

So, I’ve uninstalled all of them wondering what the **** to do.

Even when I did install them, the game wouldn’t work due to incompatibility issues.  I did as suggested and ticked the box for Windows XP compatibility as administrator – still didnt’ work.  I’ve looked everwhere online to find answers.  Many others have the same problems as I do but there are no satisfactory answers.  I’m pissed off and very depressed.

Anyone out there got any helpful suggestions?

I hate Sims 3 and don’t want to bother with it and Medieval Sims is just not the same. 😦

I got the new computer up and running ok but getting The Sims to run is another matter entirely.  Seems I have to reinstall (not just copy the files over) and there is the issue of compatability with Windows 7.  Great.  Just great.  I have to find all the disks and then get the patch for each one.  Then hope it runs, then copy over the family files I need to continue!  Arrrggghh!

I just started reinstalling the disks I can find and already it’s not working after downloading the ‘patch’.  It may be a while before I can solve this problem.  Dammit!  Why did my computer have to go and break down?

Alas, it may be February before I can blog again.

Computer still out of action but I hope to have it up and running and playing Sims by Xmas.  May not be able to update the blog til January.  Sorry for the extended period of absence.

I have more photos to upload – just haven’t done it yet.

I have another Sims 2 challenge coming up after the Big Brother Challenge – Sims Survivor and I mean survivor – the last one alive.

More later.

I took a break from Veronaville recently to catch up with Alexandra Philips in Belladonna and also created a new mini challenge along the lines of Big Brother.  Of 8 Sims living in a large house on free will, one will be eliminated each week.  See here to follow the story in Desiderata.

Check back here later for more on Veronaville.

There will be another delay in updating this blog as I’ve been distracted by Sims Medieval :).  Sorry.  I will return to my number 2 Sims, worry not! I’m currently building my kingdom of Karlsberg and have a few quests to undertake before resuming the quieter life of Veronaville.

After a two year silence, the blog about the Landgraabs is back up and running.  Check out the new post.

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