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Not a great deal happening in the main household of the Champignon family, but more than the DeMarr family who miss an update for lack of anything significant to report.

Xavier sold another blockbuster.


Sebastien and Claire were still spontaneously engaging in random acts of love.


The second eldest daughter, Cherie, married Muhammed, the son of an Arab businessman, in a small ceremony at the back of their apartment in Bluewater. Claire and Sebastien attended only.  Muhammed didn’t much care for his father and his mother had died.


Cherie was now Mrs Diwan.

Claire also attended the wedding of Mayor McCullough’s daughter, Penelope, to Sam Champagne.


Sadly, the eldest daughter, René’s twin sister, Colette, (who had been sent off to the poorhouse years ago) died in the small downtown house she shared with her elderly husband.  She had married him for money when he suggested he had some, but found that he was just as poor as she.


For Sebastien it was not unexpected. René had been saved so another child had to be sacrificed in the latest round of culls.  He hoped there would be no more.

As for Elene, she was now at university and had grown into a very attractive woman. She attracted a lot of attention from the male students, including Kiran DeMarr.




She didn’t seem particularly interested in any of them. She was lusted after even by the groom of a wedding she attended (as well as by Richard Lillard at his recent wedding).



She will break a lot of hearts.


Jerry did his time at university and also met a townie called Brenda Johnson.  They got engaged before Jerry left to return home.  He settled in and found a job in business.  A little while later, Brenda arrived.


Jerry was there to welcome her to her new home.


One of the first things she did was have a makeover which brought out the beauty that Jerry saw in her.


Jerry introduced her to the family.  First his mother, Emily…


and then his father, Bjorn, who was quite impressed.


The wedding was set.  It was autumn and the weather was changeable.  Mickie, the housebot, had been struck by lightning just recently.  His ghost still roamed the house.


Brenda didn’t think much of the formal gowns in the family wardrobe but there was no time to go shopping.

It rained on the morning of the wedding, but cleared for the ceremony.

The vows

The vows


The rings

The kiss

The kiss

Among the guests was Hereward.  He just stared at Bjorn…


and at Emily.  It was all quite uncomfortable (who invited him?)


Then the cake cutting …


and more kissing.


Behind the couple are Carla DeMarr Perez and her fiance Ben Monty.

Then there were toasts.



Still some discomfort between Bjorn and Hereward.

Then Bjorn thought he’d offer a toast…


but everyone had gone inside.

Brenda did wonder who this strange man in glasses was.  He seemed kind of creepy.


“We HAVE to redecorate.. ” (who IS that guy?) “this… room.”

The wedding party had been a great success, despite the strange presence of Hereward.  The couple set off on their honeymoon.



Brenda wanted to get a job in catering but there were no job offers in that line.  She was feeling frustrated.  Jerry suggested that they try for children to get that “out of the way” since she was at home anyway.  Brenda reluctantly agreed.  She was bored as she watched Jerry going to work and on the phone with colleagues.


However, she soon found she was pregnant.


Emily was so impressed with Brenda’s makeover that she wanted one.  Bjorn offered to give her one after the purchase of a makeover chair in the workshop.  (All the equipment that had been there had been given over to the Landgraab Institute.)



I think Bjorn had tried to make her look younger.  Emily loved the result.

However, it was clear that Emily was a lot older than Bjorn and he found he was still attracted to his daughter-in-law, even pregnant.  Brenda disliked his attempts to come onto her.


Jerry was, thankfully, oblivous.


So, Bjorn went looking for some company.  He headed over to P.U.R.E. and got chatting with the barmaid.


But then he spotted the immortal siren, Roxie (nee Sharpe) and introduced himself.


They got chatting, he gossiping rather cruelly about his partner,


and about his willingness to cheat.


He flirted with her,


danced with her,


and kissed.


But then she was tired, apologised to Bjorn, and left.  Bjorn had thoroughly enjoyed his time and headed home feeling much happier.

Meanwhile, Bjorn’s other son, Lars, who still lived with his mother and Hereward, is now a teenager and soon to head off to university.



Things were ticking along nicely.  Akanami loved his baby son.

The boy quickly grew to a toddler.

But Jean-Pierre kept hanging around the family home.  He even, bravely, brought his new wife.

Akanami found her attractive as well.

He tried chatting her up.

He used his charm…

but the new daughter-in-law, Cheryl, found him old and boring.

She refused his attempt to hug.

However, he slyly tricked her into an earthy hug…

I think Sorrow’s safe though.  Cheryl is playing hard to get and is not attracted to Akanami.

Meanwhile, Jean-Pierre continues to hang around as if he still lives in the place.

Sorrow didn’t like it so Akanami told him off.

I doubt whether it will work.  He says he’s only there for his daughter, but he pays little attention to her.