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Aisha seems to have been pregnant for ages. But it was of course with her second child this time.

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Still, I was beginning to think she’d never have it when she went into labour.

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She had a boy before the game crashed. On re-entering she had a girl, so I exited and played again and thankfully, she had a boy again, called Antony.

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Little Petronella was a happy girl.

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Richard and Aisha taught her to walk.

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She was good at mealtimes too.

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She’s a cutie.

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Aisha could finally get back to work. She was promoted to sous chef.

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It took a long time to play this household. The game kept crashing… why, I don’t know. It’s only a couple of richer, bigger (space-wise) households that crash.

As for Charlotte, she had a bit of a makeover after Wendy turned into a teenager (so they wouldn’t look alike, and she was getting older – in her 40s now).






Vrancea soon got pregnant.


Viran is in the science career but Vrancea hasn’t found work yet.  She wanted a baby. She didn’t expect twins however.  It makes sense. Her father-in-law was a twin.

Viran was at work when Vrancea went into labour.


Luckily it was at night so Miranda could help out.


The first baby – a boy, Vacul.


The second – a girl, Savika.

Miranda introduced her granddaughter to the great outdoors.


Miranda and Vlad complained about the twins smelling, even lecturing them (but did nothing about it).


Not many pics with this update, sorry, but the ones towards the bottom might offend.

The day after Richard’s wedding in autumn, Peter died.


He had long before reached the top of the medical career as chief of staff and was 73 when death came for him. Naturally, Sarah was most upset.

Meanwhile, Charlotte had had her baby – another girl she called Daisy (and another cringe from Jeremy when he heard).  Jeremy was enjoying his bachelor life in his one-bedroomed pad with swimming pool and party room and could freely invite his girlfriends around.



No guilt or conscience about his wife or kids at all.

One of the last updates included the marriage of Petra Lillard to Ren Noir.  They lived in an apartment in Bluewater.  Petra became pregnant but would often neglect to eat, with the result that she starved to death.  Ren moved out of the apartment and visited his friend, Raymond Arends nearby who had a genie lamp.  Ren used one of the wishes to resurrect Petra.

Petra was successfully resurrected, still heavily pregnant, but she had no memory of Ren and they were no longer married, although attracted to one another.  Instead of returning to the apartment, Ren decided to check out an abandoned house overlooking the sea.  However, it was not abandoned, but inhabited by an immortal.  Immortals are not known for their morals (one of them having slept with a Champignon, given birth, and slept with that child as an adult (her own son)).

This particular immortal, Gina, was actually delighted to have some company in the form of the attractive Ren, but was not keen on his pregnant partner.  The house was small, so she offered to build an additional room for Petra, who, tired and confused, entered and lay down. Gina locked the room but left food for Petra until her time came.

Ren seemed totally oblivious to Petra’s absence and flirted with Gina who he was very attracted to.  He went off to work on the day that Petra gave birth. Petra delivered twin girls which Gina took away and idly named Seaview and Amnesia.

And now the truly horrifying part. Gina took Seaview to test out her new barbecue.





It was her first (and only) taste of roast baby.  Gina duly put the other baby, Amnesia, in a cot, ready for Ren who had no idea that Petra had given birth to twins.

Petra, meanwhile had been living in the roofless and grass-floored room (and got struck by lightning), and didn’t get to see her babies again.  Before Gina set fire to the room with Petra in it, she gave Petra one last meal.


The family are thankfully ignorant of the horrifying circumstances.

I hadn’t mentioned that Ilse got pregnant. It seemed a good time to try for a baby as Ilse hadn’t yet found a job.

Ilse gave birth and everyone was delighted that it was a boy. That suited Ilse too, as she’s not really into babies and would be glad if she didn’t have to have another one.


The boy, named Renaud, was passed around.  First grandma,


then grandad,


and finally Xavier got to hold his son.



The boy has his mother’s dark features.

The couple were pleased.


Sebastien decided to have a party – to celebrate the arrival of his new grandson and the successful resurrection of René.

Everyone was extremely glad to see René alive and well.

Mostly the family were invited over including Cherie and Elene (still at boarding school).


Elene being cheeky to her aunt Chantal


Her mother gives her a bit of a talking to


Cherie enjoys a laugh. She will soon be married.

Chantal notices that the stairs have been moved to the corner.


Sebastien and Claire still very much in love.


Cezanne gets ignored as usual.


Her brother’s old enough to be her dad, she thought.

Xavier and Ilse watched a movie after the guests left.


Vlad was very much in love with his new wife, Miranda.




Of course, the inevitable happened, and Miranda became pregnant.  She gave birth to a son, Viran.


He was the 10th generation of males in the DeMarr family (if not with the same surname. The Lillards have also just reached 10 generations but not through the male line).

Daeron seemed content.  A male to carry on the line.


Some sad news,  however.  He was just returning from a stint as cult leader, when he was met by death,



and sent on his way…


Miranda was there to mourn him.


Daeron had died at the age of 70 (real age about 76 – he’d drunk of the cow plant).

Vlad mourned later in private.



Viran quickly grew to a toddler, cheering up his parents after the death.



The first 10th generation child (male line) in the neighbourhood.  (I’ll review the family when he’s older.)

Then the news that Vlad’s mother had died at the retirement home.  She was 78.


Over at Radu’s house, Radu’s son, Ivan, became a witch as well.




Toddler, Charlotte would get quite grumpy as the adults were a bit slow to either feed her or get her out of the high chair.



Sarah was pregnant again so was often tired and hungry.  Finally the day came.


It was another girl, called Emma.  Emma was put down on the floor unceremoniously as Sarah went to the toilet urgently and others were busy elsewhere.


So much for the welcome of a second daughter.

Jerry had only just put his new granddaughter in the cot, and emptied the potty, when Death came calling.



He was just 70, recently retired prestidigitator.  (Peter mourning in the background.)

Jerry never got to meet his illegitimate daughter, who he only recently discovered existed.  Jerry, along with Cheverny Champignon, had visited the house of ill repute.  Both now had illegitimate daughters thanks to a bad batch of condoms (so the women said).  Helen Larsson, the mother of Jerry’s daughter, named the girl Alexa.

Alexa was now of an age to go to school.  As the house she lived in was a ‘business’, Helen thought it best that Alexa go to a boarding school.  She broke the news to the precocious child.


Alexa was a bit uncertain about the news, and even more so when they arrived at the school.


While Helen was filling out details on the computer, Alexa asked if she really had to stay there.


The headmaster of the school was Oliver Champignon (son of William), now a plantsim.  He was there to console Alexa if necessary when Helen departed.


As soon as Helen left, Oliver ensured that Alexa was rid of the makeup on her face and any fancy clothing.  Standards were to be upheld.  He liked the transformation.


Now she looked more like a normal kid.

Over breakfast the next morning, Alexa asked if he were an alien because he was green.


“No, I’m a nature sim” he said, and showed her the trees and vegetables at the back of the property, which he talked to.  They were all in very good condition.

Oliver made sure that Alexa learned all she may previously have missed out on.


Alexa subsequently did very well at school and was proud of her efforts.


A friend of hers came over – none other than Raylene Arends, Alexa’s niece!


Little did they know.

Meanwhile, back at the house of ill repute, Helen was glad to be free of a demanding child so she could concentrate on getting more patrons in.



Oliver popped by to report on Alexa’s progress.  Here was an opportunity.  Helen used her charms.



More money earned…

Last we saw Penny Lillard, she was at university making out with Ray Arends.

They returned from university and found a small house and got married.  Penny got pregnant almost immediately.  She had intended to have children later, after establishing herself in a career.

She was very unhappy.


The house was very basic and she had been used to living in the Lillard mansion.


She gave birth to a daughter that her husband, Ray, called Raylene.  She knew her parents would shudder.


Sadly Penny went into decline and died, leaving Ray alone with his baby daughter.

A bit about the Arends family:  The Arends were a large and well-off family.  Elise’s father had been an icon and Elise herself was a blockbuster director.  She started her career late in life as she gave birth to six children with Sam Arends, who became the mayor of Veronaville.  They had four sons and two daughters.  The six children were married off (as was Elise’s lifetime wish).  The girls (twins) live together in a large house with their husbands and a baby daughter each.  The eldest son, Kevin, married Alexandra Lillard.  His twin, Kim, had married Veronica Monty.  Before tragedy struck, Elise and Sam invited them all for a family get-together in the new house they’d just bought.


From left: Ray, Rick, Sam and Kim


Above: Rick, Ray, Serena, and Cecilia’s husband, Phil.


Above: Rick, Ceclia, Serena, and Phil.

Rick had just married a Sim he’d met at university, Lucy Holloway.


From left: Sam, Kevin, Rick, Ray, Serena and Phil.

Finally below, the two brothers who would die:


Rick and Kim.

Sam died at age 70.  Elise was now alone, but had her men friends, one of whom was her twin sister’s ex-husband, Daeron DeMarr.


So back to the tragedy.  After Penny’s death, Ray moved, with his baby daughter, into Rick and Lucy’s house.  Kim and Veronica had just had a little boy, called Ronnie (not very imaginative names, I warn you).  Tragically, Kim and Veronica died in a house fire.  Elise was there visiting so rescued the boy and brought him to Ray and Rick.  Ray offered to bring up the boy as he was the same age as Raylene.  Then Rick died of a mysterious illness leaving Lucy pregnant.  Lucy gave birth to a girl she called Rikki.  So Ray and Lucy ended up together with three young children.


It was full on and Ray, who had a basic entry-level job, didn’t have time to work towards a promotion.


Rikki quickly grew to a toddler a couple of years before the older two would start school.


A cutie.


The older two sometimes fought (especially over milk).


Raylene’s fair hair had turned to her mother’s red by the time she started school (and she’s not looking too happy either).


With money from life insurance and the older two now at school, Ray and Lucy were able to improve the very basic kitchen and look forward to a more settled life.  They had shared a lot between them and grown close.  Ray figured that Lucy and he should remain together.


Not the most romantic of proposals but there was little time to prepare.


Lucy had wanted to remarry, and was very glad it was Rick’s brother, Ray.


(Just as well, because she’s now pregnant with Ray’s child!)




Sarah Lillard soon became pregnant before she had even found a job


Peter was happy.  The child born would be the 10th generation of Lillards in that house – the first 10th generation child in the neighbourhood!

Sadly, his mother, Brenda, a celebrity chef was in ill health.


She died before seeing her grandchild.  She was only 66.  She had only just returned from her last cooking show ever.


Seeing Sarah walking around heavily pregnant, Peter broke down, mourning the fact his child would not have a grandmother.



The baby was born the very next day – just one day too late for Brenda.


It was a girl, they called Charlotte.


Jerry was delighted with his little granddaughter.


She was a happy child…


most of the time.


She grew quickly to an attractive toddler.


Meanwhile, Alexandra’s young son, Samuel (named after his recently deceased grandfather, the mayor), grew to school age.


The poor boy had just lost a grandmother and grandfather.  Then Alexandra had to tell him that his aunt had also died.


More on Peter’s twin sister, Penny, next.

Arthur and Petra Champagne lived in the retirement home in Bluewater Village along with the elder Larssen brothers, Anders and Stieg, and Amber Champignon (widow of Nicolas Champignon).  The elders lived  happily in the multi-bedroomed home.  Anders’ daughter, Eve, joined them as she had nowhere else to go and no boyfriends.

Death came for Arthur at age 70.  He had been an ecological guru.



He fought at first, but accepted his time had come.  Petra was devastated.


Since we’re on the subject of the retirement home, the Larssen brothers also died.  First Stieg…


also age 70 (retired medical chief of staff), then Anders…


age 71.  He’d finally made it to Rock God.

With three elders gone from the retirement home, fellow icon, Fynn Hunter moved in after his wife, Serenity, died in their beach-front home.

Eve, meanwhile, had had an affair with Cate Idler’s twin sister’s husband, Adam Mountebank.  She gave birth to a girl, Helen (named after her aunt, Helene who brought her up).



Icons, Fynn and Amber, were delighted to have a baby in the house.

Anyway, over to the main Champignon family…

Cheverny, now at uni, proposed to his cousin, Lafitte Champagne (grand niece of Arthur in case you’re wondering).


She accepted.

Romain’s twin daughters, Brigitte and Elise, met and chatted.


Elise had, by this time, also gotten pregnant


and given birth to twins.


She wants six kids, but she’s not the most attentive of mothers.

Romain, now a grandfather, looks after his grandson, while a stranger looks after the other.

Romain, now a grandfather, looks after his grandson, while a stranger looks after the other.


The stranger even bathes the baby.

Elise seems unconcerned.


As you know, Vincent was having an affair with Cate Idler (née Champagne).  She was still living in the dirty hovel of a trailer with husband, Jim, and daughter, Ellie-May.




Even the nanny couldn’t keep on top of the mess.


It wasn’t long before Cate realised she’d gotten pregnant from Vincent and the birth date arrived.


When the baby was born with dark eyebrows, Jim  had his suspicions.  Vincent, meanwhile, had found out about the birth and knew what dire surroundings she lived in.  He insisted that she move out and into an apartment that he could arrange.  Either that or let  him take the baby to raise in his own house.  However, he had second thoughts when, over the dinner table, babies were mentioned…



The upshot of it was that Daeron didn’t want babies in the house.  Vincent hadn’t quite worked  out how he was going to explain a baby to Catriona anyway.

Jim found out the new baby, a girl that Cate had named Mary-Sue, was not his.  He demanded Cate leave with the baby, but leave his own daughter behind.



She called Vincent from Veronaville market and he immediately arranged for her to go into an apartment.  She’s already much happier, although she misses Ellie-May.  She can concentrate on her career and give the love needed to Mary-Sue without stressing about the environment.

Ellie-May, meanwhile, grew to school age, but nothing has changed in the household.


Back at the DeMarr household, Brigitte got a science career which she enjoyed.


However, despite everyone’s intentions, she fell pregnant.


Daeron, unexpectedly, after his rant about not having babies, was delighted.


Vincent and Catriona have made up (as long as Catriona doesn’t find out about Vincent’s baby daughter).  Vincent considered finding a vampire to become one, so he could live long enough to see his baby daughter grow.  Instead, he decided to milk one of the two cow plants.



He added five years to his life.  He told Catriona and she decided to do the same, also gaining five years.



The cow plants were ready for their next victims…


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