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Ilse still had problems with her in-laws spending lots of time with her son.


When she finally got some time alone with him, she wasn’t sure what to do.


But some innate instinct kicked in.


However, he had grown quickly and his birthday came around too soon.


Xavier proclaimed his continual love for Ilse in the hope he could persuade her to now have another child.


Ilse was not interested.

Sebastien and Claire are still very much in love, still going strong.


Sebastien’s very distant cousin, the icon, Robert Champignon, had died at the age of 72. Sebastien visited the family with his condolences.



Everyone enjoyed having a baby in the house.



Cezanne had her birthday, growing to a teenager.


I think her dress style is influenced by her sister-in-law.


She helped out with her little nephew.


Renaud grew quickly and it was soon his birthday.

Before his birthday, Cezanne decided to have a makeover.  She didn’t want to continue being invisible and also didn’t want to be just another blonde member of the famous Champignon family, so she dyed her hair and went for a more goth look to go with the clothing.





A dark member of the blond branch of the Champignons!


If Cezanne thought she would be more noticeable to her family, it didn’t really work.


And really, did her old parents have to keep carrying on like that and in their underwear?


Ilse often felt a bit left out. Ok, she wasn’t into babies, but Renaud was her son and he was often being looked after by his grandparents. She felt like she wasn’t getting a look in.


It rankled.  She thought about it a lot.


She finally got up the courage to confront her mother-in-law about it.



but just as Ilse was about to say something, Renaud woke up and Claire was there first.


At this rate the boy wouldn’t know who his mother was.  Maybe she’d just mention it to Xavier. He could talk to his mother…

Charlotte, now a teenager, was bored at home with a kid brother crying and drooling and getting in the way all the time, so she nicked off in the family car…


She drove to the newly-opened indoor bowls and skating rink in Bluewater.  She wasn’t great at bowls.



She was just about to give in and go home when she spied a guy with long hair that she recognised.  It was her favourite muso, Sebastien!


He didn’t seem too responsive at first but then got talking to her when he realised she was a Lillard (one of the oldest families in Veronaville).


Charlotte was delighted.

Thankfully, for her, Richard grew from an annoying toddler to a probably equally-annoying school child.



Peter, meanwhile, seems a bit self-conscious about his new moustache.

Peter mo

His wife says it has to go…


I haven’t updated this blog since September.  Unfortunately, when I stopped blogging, I had not got around to uploading the latest.  Since then I haven’t played, and have been busy with “real life”, so my memory is not what it should be.  I rely on this blog to jog my memory of the latest in Veronaville but, if I haven’t blogged the latest, I’m in a bit of quandary when viewing the neighbourhood pictures.

I was up to the Lillard family.  There are a half dozen pictures waiting and I’m not sure of the circumstances surrounding them.  Damn.  According to the family tree there are three daughters: Charlotte, Emma, and Petra.  Petra appears to be the latest addition.  So Sarah had got pregnant for a third time, hoping for a boy.  For what it’s worth, here are pictures of the family:


Unusually, Sarah was able to go to work when pregnant.



I’m assuming these are Charlotte and Emma.

Charlotte learned to walk.


I then assume she had a birthday. 🙂



Unfortunately, my next couple of posts will be as confused until I play the game again and reacquaint myself with them all.  Will the Lillards try for a boy?  Or did the Sim god (me) make a new rule about the number of children Sims could have?  I suspect I did.


Following on from Vincent’s death, it was the turn of his sister, the widowed Lazaria Perez, who had been living at the retirement home in Bluewater Village (last seen at Hereward Langerak’s wedding).


Death appears through the doorway.

She was 73.  Matt Picaso was upset.  He had admired the old lady who had still been practising law right up to her death (she was The Law).  Hereward didn’t care at all.

Over at Radu’s, Vlad grew to school age.


Radu’s thinking of teaching him some witchcraft.

Brigitte, meanwhile, is heavily pregnant but not given birth yet.  Will it be a brown-eyed boy or a girl?

Alexandra still enjoyed teasing her siblings.


Peter learned to walk (and was potty-trained), while Emily taught her granddaughter, Penny, to talk.



Then came a birthday for the twins…






Unfortunately, that day was also Emily’s death day.  She was 74.


The family were upset.

Alexandra cries

Alexandra cries


Penny cries


Jerry cries

Bjorn.. well...

Bjorn.. well…

Jerry got electrocuted by one of the robots on the same day.


It wasn’t the best of birthdays.

It didn’t take long for Bjorn to ease his grief.

Bjorn greets Sally Arends.

Bjorn greets Sally Arends.


Unfortunately, Alexandra witnessed them kissing and was quite upset (even though Emily was dead).


Penny came out, wondering why her sister was crying and cried too.


Then Peter came out to see what all the crying was about and witnessed it for himself.


They were… doing things… in the tub!



Bjorn felt like he’d found true love at last.  (Sadly, it wasn’t to last – Sally died not long after.)

Meanwhile, over in Bluewater village, Hereward got promoted to Mayor at the age of about 60.


He proposed to the much younger Eve Larsson who happened to live in the retirement home with her daughter.


It was the first proposal Eve had ever received and she accepted.

They married in the backyard of the home one mild evening.


“What? Can’t an old man find love?”

They ate wedding cake inside.


Clockwise from left: Eve’s teenage daughter, Helen, Hereward, Eve, Lazaria DeMarr Perez (lawyer), Matt Picaso (scientist).

It was Hereward’s second marriage after living with Emily for a long time (Emily never married).  He figured his wife wouldn’t die before him this time.

All was going pretty well at the DeMarr household.


The kids: baby, toddler, child

Before long Vlad had his birthday which was celebrated by the family.



Vlad has his mother’s blue eyes.  More on that later.


The kids played well together.


Demona could be a handful.


Daeron seemed to think a day at his cult would do her good.





Luckily they magically teleported back home after the helicopter had taken off.  Demona would not have survived so long away from home as she was pretty hungry and tired.  As it was she often slept in the old dog basket.


Vincent often looked after her though.


Vlad was the first ever child born in the DeMarr family with blue eyes.  Daeron couldn’t handle it.  To him it was like a deformity (to which Brigitte took offence).  He couldn’t bear to see his own son, as if he were alien.  Blue eyes for a DeMarr was just unnatural.  He planned to get Brigitte pregnant again to try for a brown-eyed boy.

Meanwhile, Radu had had a lonely time in his tiny house.  He’d got a cat to keep him company (a calico called Toulouse) and visited the magic house in which an evil witch was concocting potions.


Radu had started studying the dark arts but hadn’t got there yet.  (He’s in his work clothes in the picture above.)

So, rather than feel squeamish at seeing his blue-eyed son everyday, Daeron took him to Radu’s place for company, and returned home with the hope of begetting a brown-eyed son instead.


Vlad seemed a little bewildered at his new surroundings,


and Radu seemed equally confused as to what to do with him.


He was tired so he went up to sleep on it, leaving Vlad to get up to mischief.

Vlad eats the cat food

Vlad eats the cat food

Vlad squashes Toulouse

Vlad squashes Toulouse

With the extra money Daeron had brought, Radu decided to buy a bigger house (one with two bedrooms and room for his cauldron).  He found that slowly, reluctantly, he was beginning to get attached to his nephew.

Meanwhile, back at Daeron’s, Demona had a birthday, growing to school age.  At the same time, Vincent cult leader), died, age 75.  I didn’t even witness it, I was so intent on Demona’s birthday.

Lafitte got pregnant again – also trying for a boy.  Giselle’s birthday came around.


Pregnant Lafitte at Giselle's birthday

Pregnant Lafitte at Giselle’s birthday


Giselle and mother:


Romain had a makeover, shaving off his beard, as he looked too similar to his distant cousin Francis.


Cheverny bought a couple of businesses – the real estate office and a car sales yard.  He managed to sell one business after a lot of hard work.  The car sales business was much easier.

Car sales business

Car sales business

Waiting for purchase

Waiting for purchase



Success!  He actually sold about three cars that day.

Monica liked to look after the new baby.

She didn’t seem too happy with Vincent for some reason.

Perhaps it was them who had a fight – I’ve forgotten now.

Radu’s birthday came around quickly.

People got sick of waiting for him to grow up, and ate cake.

Eventually he did.

Apologies for not having updated in a while.  I haven’t played Sims 2 for some time but did  have some photos I haven’t used yet.  The only problem is I’ve forgotten the circumstances surrounding them.

Up first, the Lillards.  The twins grew to school age.

Harry wasn’t too pleased.


They don’t look too bad.  Perhaps the curse of the Lillard ugliness has ended.

I think this is Jerry, Emily’s son by Bjorn.

Then again, it could be Harry before his birthday.  Either way, Hereward is quite happy to look after him.