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I hadn’t played for a long time and only recently started playing Veronaville again, but had some pictures waiting.  As these were taken some time ago, I can’t remember many of the circumstances.  So this is basically a collection of pictures taken up until I started re-playing.  I left off with Chantal being ignored.  Things continued on that way pretty much.  Even her twin brother didn’t care about her

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Sebastien got all the attention.

snapshot_7628c425_61611c64 snapshot_7628c425_e1611752

while Chantal got teased…


However, the twins soon grew up.





There was a bit of infidelity in the household.  Romain was into his daughter-in-law, dirty old man…



Felice found out, naturally.


He tried to apologise…


but she pretty much ignored him after that.


Lafitte also had an encounter with idol James Champignon…




Nothing further seems to have eventuated from this little flirtation.  Lafitte did wonder if her husband knew about her affairs.


Temptation in the house was taken away from Lafitte when Romain died, age 77.


There was some mourning.



Sebastien thought of his memories of his grandfather.



Shortly after Romain’s death, Lafitte had a makeover.  Who knows what brought it on.  Perhaps she thought it was time to be serious.


The quality of these pictures isn’t the best.  They’ve been hanging around for months waiting for something to be done with them.  Updates should be more frequent for a time.

[Just as an aside, I hate the new WordPress editor.]


Nothing much happening at the Lillard household.  Peter learned to play chess with his dad.


Everything was ticking along nicely, with Brenda getting a promotion.

It was then the twins’ birthday.  First Penny.


Then Peter.


That’s the best-looking Lillard heir for many generations (apart from Jerry, his dad), probably since Alex, Peter’s four times great-grandfather.  Emily’s plan to improve the genes worked.

Alexandra will soon be going to university.


Meanwhile, the wife of Bjorn’s son, Lars, has had a baby boy, but it’s not Lars’.  She was seen on a date with Daeron DeMarr but he’s not the father either.  The father, surprisingly, is Bobby Arends (one of six children of the late Sally Arends (nee Champignon and Bjorn’s former ‘girlfriend’).

And here I should note the death of Lars’ former stepfather, Hereward Langerak.  He died at the retirement home, age 72.  He had a few brief years with his young wife, Eve.


Eve is now an elder herself.  Her daughter, Helen, has gone to university, leaving only Eve and Matt at the retirement home.

Eve was never happy with her looks.  She always thought she was ugly compared to her prettier sister, Siouxsie.   She decided, on turning 54, that she would use the cosmetic surgery machine, which a former resident had left there.

Eve before surgery

Eve before surgery


Eve after surgery


She was very happy with the result.  She went for a fuller face, which made her look younger.  She wondered if Matt would notice.


Three young children was quite a handful.


Luckily, however, they all grew up on the same day.  Firstly Alexandra:


She and her grandfather, Bjorn, get on well.


Then it was the turn of the twins:



and Penny


Alexandra liked to tease them.



Emily had a makeover again, better reflecting her age.



Half-brothers, Bjorn and Romain, playing chess.

I tend to forget about mentioning promotions.  I play, take the pics and as I don’t update this blog until later, I forget details.  Apologies.  If I haven’t mentioned before now Emily was a world class ballet dancer, now retired, and Bjorn a business tycoon.  Brenda is a waitress and Jerry is a prestidigitator (that’s a horrible word).

Brigitte had another baby – another girl, called Demona.  Brigitte got pregnant almost immediately afterwards – for another attempt at a boy.


Demona playing.

Pretty rapidly her birthday came around.



Valeria grew to school age too, although I don’t have a pic.

Brigitte finally went into labour and gave birth to the long awaited boy.  Everyone was happy.


His name is Vlad.

Diego and Tina Perez also had a boy called Manuel.


Carla and Ben, ironically, have moved into the Rubik’s cube house vacated by Diego and Tina.  Carla is expecting a baby as well.

The younger twin girls got on well.

Hugging twins

Cheverny, the baby, had a birthday and grew to a toddler.



The twins were still toddlers.


Cheverny was given more attention because he was the heir, and he learned to walk.  Below, the gardener is dancing around instead of working – huh.  He doesn’t get paid to dance!

dancing gardener

Romain finally got promoted to Icon (I think. These photos were taken months ago.)  Elise greeted him.


Cheverny came out as well.

(Of course he couldn’t get down the stairs.)

Finally, the younger twins grew to school age.  First Cecile (I think!)


then Sabine (possibly)


Framboise seemed quite happy looking after her baby daughter, Ribena.  It’s just as well babies can’t catch colds after Framboise’ police colleague coughed all over her.

Meanwhile, over at Seamus Danaher’s, Mala was in the red zone after school and tried to replenish energy with alcohol.

That didn’t work, of course, but she refused to eat even though there was food already cooked.  She was tired so went to bed but of course didn’t sleep because she was hungry.  The inevitable happened.

She was fated never to live long.

Naturally Ebony was upset.

Seamus was at work but mourned as soon as he got home.

With one of his six daughters dead, perhaps he figured he could risk having another.  He called up Framboise and invited her round – his intention to try again for a boy.  (He was determined.)

Framboise came round and they attempted to woohoo but Ebony was in the house.

Naturally she wasn’t too pleased and gave Seamus a slapping.  She stormed off and Framboise made herself scarce and Seamus then grew to an elder.

Fiona, the second daughter, grew to a teenager at the same time.

Seamus headed downstairs to apologise to Ebony.  He didn’t get a chance.  Ebony gave him his marching orders.

Framboise seemed oblivous.

Seamus left and Ebony had to ask Framboise to leave.

The household of six had now shrunk to four in one day.

The following day Ebony, Begorrah and baby Hellia all had a birthday.


 Ebony and Hellia

At least the kids would be easier to look after now two of them were able to take care of themselves, with a teen to help out.  Ebony had been unemployed but just before she aged she got a job (doing what, I can’t remember).

Seamus (SWAT team leader), with nowhere else to go, headed downtown to move in with Framboise.

He could look after the baby without even holding it, it seems.

Seamus managed to get Framboise pregnant again and this time expected more daughters – hell, why not go for 10?

Ribena grew to a toddler.

Before Framboise gave birth, Seamus proposed to Framboise.

Framboise became the second Mrs Danaher almost immediately.  Now any subsequent children would have his name.

And just as well, because Framboise had twins.

And wouldn’t you know it, they were both boys!  Seamus called one Liam and Framboise called one Patric.

A son at last!

Growing into and growing out of.

Cousins, Spliff and Andrejz, grew out of toddlerhood into school age.



Spliff looks just like his mother (who is pregnant).



 Jacques Langerak’s daughter, Annette, grew into a toddler.  She’s quite a cutie.

Aiden waited ages for the first twin to grow up even after the birthday cake.
Baby Bex

Baby Bex

She was pretty dirty so not a happy toddler.
Twin, Tui, was much calmer.
It was also Babík’s turn.
Gypsy talks to her baby sister

Gypsy talks to her baby sister

Babik looks like her father.
Finally over at Ebony’s place, Ciara became a toddler.
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