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Daughter-in-law, Aisha, was rather plain, thought Sarah, but not unattractive.


She offered to give Aisha a makeover.


Sarah thought the little bob suited her much better and Aisha seemed pleased.

Also contemplating a more serious makeover was Richard.  He had been a handsome teen, but things didn’t stay that way.


He didn’t like his nose or cheekbones and his ears seemed too round for his liking.  He headed for the machine in the shed.


It didn’t go well.


There was no way he was letting his family see him like that so he tried again, and was more successful.


He loved the new face.



René had returned to Veronaville from university, along with Marielle, and had enough money to buy a fairly sizeable three-bedroomed house down the road from his parents.  The wedding took place at the new house.

It ended up being an evening wedding.


There was some confusion as there wasn’t enough seating.


Xavier was finally formally introduced to René‘s new wife.


He approved.  His little bro had done well.


Everyone had a good time, congregating in the bathroom as usual.


Meanwhile, over at the house of icon, Robert, his son, Patric, did not like the way his mother treated his new wife, Velaria, and told her so.


Kalya was feeling depressed in any case.  She did not think she had aged beautifully and had overheard someone at a party refer to her as gruesome.  She decided to go in for some plastic surgery.


It did not go well.


She had it done again and some improvements were made but she still wasn’t happy.  She looked a lot uglier than originally (no pic of the “improved” version, sorry).

Finally, she found a surgeon whose skills were superior but she still looked a little “plasticky”.  Robert had had enough of the constant operations on her face.


Even though she now looked better, his reputation as an icon was affected.  He told her to leave.


Chantal consoled Robert,


but it got her thinking about her own looks. She couldn’t pretend she was young any longer.  She had a makeover which softened her face and was more age-appropriate.


She practised her lying skills and found she wasn’t as an accomplished liar as she’d thought.


Andy put up with her flirting.  He still loved her and loved her new look.


Nothing much happening at the Lillard household.  Peter learned to play chess with his dad.


Everything was ticking along nicely, with Brenda getting a promotion.

It was then the twins’ birthday.  First Penny.


Then Peter.


That’s the best-looking Lillard heir for many generations (apart from Jerry, his dad), probably since Alex, Peter’s four times great-grandfather.  Emily’s plan to improve the genes worked.

Alexandra will soon be going to university.


Meanwhile, the wife of Bjorn’s son, Lars, has had a baby boy, but it’s not Lars’.  She was seen on a date with Daeron DeMarr but he’s not the father either.  The father, surprisingly, is Bobby Arends (one of six children of the late Sally Arends (nee Champignon and Bjorn’s former ‘girlfriend’).

And here I should note the death of Lars’ former stepfather, Hereward Langerak.  He died at the retirement home, age 72.  He had a few brief years with his young wife, Eve.


Eve is now an elder herself.  Her daughter, Helen, has gone to university, leaving only Eve and Matt at the retirement home.

Eve was never happy with her looks.  She always thought she was ugly compared to her prettier sister, Siouxsie.   She decided, on turning 54, that she would use the cosmetic surgery machine, which a former resident had left there.

Eve before surgery

Eve before surgery


Eve after surgery


She was very happy with the result.  She went for a fuller face, which made her look younger.  She wondered if Matt would notice.