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Elene was still popular. In fact she was big on campus.


One student was particularly interested, Shane Noir. But he would have to act quickly.


So he took the plunge.


She didn’t resist. In fact she enjoyed it. During the rest of their time at university, he got closer and closer to her and eventually popped the question.  She accepted.

They returned to Veronaville and moved into an apartment where they had the wedding.


It was a small affair with no fuss at all (not even any chairs for the guests in the tiny backyard. (Check out that road!)


But inside was bigger and everyone had a great time.


Back home, Sebastien held a dancing competition.


He announced Claire as the winner. I think he was biased.


Xavier had now written four best-selling novels. Claire and Sebastien read them. The latest, The Road to Hell, was a bit grim for Claire’s liking.


Sebastien is now 70 but shows no sign of giving up music.



As the member of a rich family, Xavier was entitled to live in the fancy house at the edge of the campus.  His distant cousin, Patric, was also.  The other flatmate was Velaria Black who was there because her mother was a DeMarr.  Patric and Velaria hit it off immediately.


He felt rather left out and wondered if he’d meet anyone at the student centre.  It seemed unlikely.  However, it wasn’t long before a new student moved in.

Her name was Ilse Mantell and Xavier was intrigued.  She was totally different to anyone he had imagined.


Ilse, for her part, didn’t think much of the rich kids.  Velaria looked spoilt in her fur coat.


She thought Patric was a bit of a wanker.


Xavier didn’t rate.


She thought they were all pathetic.  Someone had screwed up the accommodation application.  She didn’t belong.  So she kept to herself to begin with.


Xavier tried to introduce himself and strike up a conversation.


But she just didn’t seem interested in talking to him even after several attempts on his part.


Finally, though, she thought he was better than the other two.


At least he didn’t stare at her like Patric did.


She knew they talked about her.


“What do you think of the new kid?  She’s a bit of a weirdo.”  Xavier didn’t agree.

The next time he talked to Ilse, she let him and even responded.  Success!


It was a conversation about food that broke the ice.  Velaria wanted to be a chef, but all she ever made was toasted sandwiches and, later, pancakes.  Xavier had noticed Ilse making spaghetti and commented.  They laughed about Velaria’s attempts.


Finally, Xavier, plucked up the courage to kiss Ilse – on the hand,


and the arm.


She didn’t reject him and even hugged him.  Xavier felt some strange feelings.  This woman did something to him.


Ilse made an attempt to join the others at dinner times when Xavier was at lectures.  At first it was awkward.

But then everyone relaxed and got talking.


By now, Velaria and Patric realised that Xavier had a thing for Ilse.

Ilse even joined Xavier when he was sleeping, although nothing further happened.


One day, Xavier’s ‘aunt’ (Xavier’s grandfather’s illegitimate child and also a student) dropped by.  She wondered about the dark Ilse who never spoke much, and seemed to ignore Cara.


Ilse making her spaghetti instead of eating the abundant supply of toasted sandwiches.

Cara stayed for “dinner”.


Ilse had already eaten her spaghetti.  Xavier joined the rest.


He thought his aunt seemed immature,


then reminded himself that she was the daughter of a prostitute.  What was she doing at university?

Finally alone, Xavier and Ilse spent some time in the spa pool.



Ilse was becoming fond of him.  She even forgave his faux pas greeting…


(Is this woman ever dressed, you’re thinking?)

They were falling in love.


And then the big moment for Xavier.  He couldn’t imagine any life without her.


To his delight, she accepted.


No-one had ever shown her this much love.

At the main DeMarr household, Brigitte went into labour.


She gave birth to a girl they named Valeria.  Catriona was very happy to hold her first grandchild.


Daeron was pretty proud too of his little daughter.


Daeron’s brother, meanwhile, had finished at university and moved to Bluewater village.  He had met a couple of witches and asked one of them about their powers.  He then learned…



and practised.  So far it’s for the good, but we’ll see…

Vincent’s aunt, Lucia, has not been mentioned lately.  She is (finally) an elder.  She has a daughter, Vasilia, by her old flatmate and a son, Bronson, by Adam Mountebank.  She had moved in with the widowed Julien Cooke.  They had grown to love each other and the inevitable happened.




A marriage at home

Julien was happy.


There’s Bronson hanging around.


Lucia’s daughter, Vasilia, was graduating at university.  She was engaged to Gauthier Champagne, and met his parents at the graduation party.  They were not impressed with his choice, the illegitimate offspring of a branch of the old vampire family.



Vincent’s illegitimate daughter (Mary Sue) by Cate Idler has grown to a toddler.  She definitely looks like a DeMarr.


And finally, to Vincent’s sister’s family (Lazaria).  Here’s an old photo of the family,


minus the eldest daughter, Carla.

Carla was at university…


but has now moved back to Veronaville and quietly married Ben Monty.



Lazaria’s other daughter, the stunning Juanita, is now at university, and just got engaged to James Champignon (from the other Champignon branch).



As you know from the previous post, Romain and Felice Champignon grew to elders and Brigitte graduated, and married Daeron DeMarr.

Romain and Felice before ageing

Romain and Felice before ageing

This couple is always in platinum, so they can be a little boring.  They’re both at the top of their career – Romain is an icon, and Felice is “the law”.

So, we’ll talk about their daughter Elise, who was also at Academie le Tour.  While Brigitte was attracted to Sam, Elise didn’t really have anyone she was attracted to.  Unlike Brigitte, she inherited the blonde genes and was attracted to blond.  Fortunately for her, Brigitte moved her attention to Daeron, so Sam was free.

Sam wonders what went wrong

Sam wonders what went wrong

Elise moved in on him.



They hit it  off straight away.  Sam was used to blondes as well.

Sam was older by two years and graduated before Elise.  As his mother was still having babies, there was no room at home, so he bought a small house opposite the Lillard mansion.

Sally, already aged, waiting for her youngest to grow to a toddler.

Sally, already aged, waiting for her youngest to grow to a toddler.

Elise finally graduated and threw a party.  She invited Sam as well as her parents and brother.  She introduced Sam to Romain.


Sam took the opportunity to ask an important question.  Romain assented and Sam proposed.


(That’s Elise’s brother Cheverny hoeing into the snacks.)

Back at Veronaville, Elise moved in with Sam.  Even though it was winter, Elise couldn’t wait for the wedding.  She heard about the new fashions and chose herself a beautiful wedding dress (a white version of Brigitte’s black).



Everyone waited, but Sam didn’t do anything.  He started wandering off, but went back, but had his back to the guests, strangely.



The guests:


From left: Cheverny, Hereward Langerak, Felice, Tim Arends, and Romain.  Sam hadn’t invited his mother.  He felt she should be with the three young children.  She had neglected Sam and his younger brother, Andy (Andy drowned while at uni), so had no real affection for her.

It snowed, but the bride and groom stayed outside to eat.


They settled into a happily married life, without any immediate plans for children.


As for Cheverny, he already has two girlfriends: one of them Vasilia DeMarr, daughter of Lucia; the other Lafitte Champagne, a distant cousin (granddaughter of the late Remy, who was grandson to Artois).


Cheverny approaches Vasilia for a smooch.

These Sims couldn’t make up their minds.

Lazaria DeMarr, Francis Champignon and forgotten twin, Katy Champignon, were flatting  together in the large mansion on campus with a guy called Carlos Perez.  (Katy is the orphan daughter of Jean-Pierre Champignon and Cheryl Lew.  Her twin, Sally, is in one of the dorms.  They grew up in the Landchild Home.)

Well, apart from studying, these four got engaged to each other.  First it was Francis and Lazaria (whose siblings are married to each other – see earlier post about Vincent’s wedding.)  Then it was Carlos and Katy.

But then Francis caught Lazaria flirting with Carlos and broke off their engagement.

Perhaps as revenge or perhaps Francis really did prefer Katy, but he flirted with her in return, and got caught out.

You couldn’t really blame Katy for being angry with Carlos – he and Lazaria started it.

So the inevitable happened.  Carlos and Lazaria got engaged.

Francis proposed to Katy.

The betrayal still irked Francis though.

They’re only in their second semester and I’m already bored with it.  (EA made the university period far too long – and why eight semesters?  A basic degree  here is only 6.)  I may have them drop out or cheat.

Romain Champignon was bored.

Life at uni didn’t seem all it was cracked up to be but he’d promised his uncle Louis he’d stick at it.  Things looked up when he met Felice.

Vincent DeMarr, similarly, had got to know Catriona Champignon, a distant cousin of Romain’s.

Although they were in the same dorm, they didn’t really know each other, but they all decided to move to the house on campus which was for the  use of members of their two families (DeMarr and Champignon).

Vincent didn’t think much of Romain’s girlfriend, Felice and Felice thought Vincent was creepy.

Romain wasn’t sure about Vincent’s girlfriend, his distant cousin, Catriona, who he’d never met before.

Romain looks very like his dad.

Vincent got his very first kiss from Catriona.  He’d never had a girlfriend before.

Vincent and Romain got talking,

discovered they had a love of music in common,

and jammed together.

The roomies got on well after the initial doubts.

Romain made sure to do the work, though,

tactfully ignoring what was going on beside him.

Vincent had proposed to Catriona.

and she accepted.

After thinking about it, Romain decided to do the same a few days later.

Felice accepted.

They all tended to hang around the kitchen a lot, so I suppose it was a natural place to get engaged?

They’re all only in their second year at university after what’s seemed like 10 years.  Will they survive the slog?  Or will they cheat and use the apple statue to graduate before time?

Andrejz’s time was up.  While Celestine was at work, Andrejz died, age 71.

The twins had moved to university so the house was completely empty when Celestine came home after work, expecting a welcome.

None came.

She was devastated.

Lightning struck that night.  Celestine went out to investigate.

Sadly, Celestine got caught in the resultant fire.  The Sim god hadn’t planned this.  Celestine, celebrity chef, died at the young age of 58.

Eldest son, Sven and his wife, moved into the empty house.  He hadn’t planned on moving back home quite so soon.

Meanwhile, Sorrow had her baby.

It was a fourth son for Gunnar.  They named him Bjorn.

And at university, Nicolas Champignon proposed.

Unfortunately I can’t remember her name.

Sorrow is now pregnant by husband number 3, the ex-husband of her own ex-husband’s sister.  (I’m starting to get confused.)  Her sister, Erike, asks the obvious question.

Meanwhile Erike is already checking out her sister’s new husband.  Oh no, not more infidelity!

Romain seems to like him too.

Sorrow’s daughter, Serenity, is at Academie le Tour.  She was getting attracted to Arthur Champagne but he’s a cousin and there’s just too much interbreeding going on in Veronaville.  I had to ship in someone new.  Serenity seems to have inherited her great-grandfather’s eyes.

They’re pretty hard to see, especially under a fringe.

Her new beau, Flynn, proposed pretty quickly after getting to know her.

She accepted.

Arthur’s now in another dorm and has met someone new as well.  (His sister, Simone, is also engaged to some ponce called Roger Kinsley.)

Lastly, a glitch from Bluewater.  Jean-Pierre’s orphaned twins, along with another Landchild inmate, ended up floating in mid-air after Curtis Monty, a teenager, came off the bus from school.

They ended up on the ground and I was told they all lost a mark from missing school!!!  But they were at school all day up until the teenager returned home!  That’s hardly fair!

Tekila arrived at university and moved into Remy’s dorm.  She looked for him and found him playing chess in his dressing gown.  He looked up and didn’t recognise her at first (she’d had yet another haircut).  Then he realised and grinned.  He was happy to see her.

Tekila wasted no time in kissing him.

Seems Beatrice was just a passing fling.

That meant that Marc was free to move in on Beatrice.  It seemed she liked Marc as much as he liked her.

In fact they loved each other so much he proposed to her there and then (in case Remy should change his mind).

Beatrice accepted.

Beatrice’s twin brother, Benedick, is living in a student flat with Tekila’s sister, Sherry.

In the same dorm as Michael Lillard there was the exiled Malcolm Landgraab.  He got friendly with Alicia Menon (cousin of Michael Lillard).  In fact, they were more than friendly.

Alicia accepted.  But she couldn’t return to her parents in Bluewater village, as Malcolm was banned from returning.  He also had to take her surname when they married.  Alicia wondered if one day they could sneak back to Bluewater – who would know?

Lastly, Anna moved into the same dorm and got friendly with Michael Lillard.  Surprisingly they hit it off immediately.

Michael found her very pretty and he proposed!

Naturally Anna was very happy to accept and it had all happened so quickly!

So everyone was matched up and happy except, of course, Cherie Champignon.  What would become of her?

Annette Langerak starved along with a resident Sim in a campus apartment.  The cute girl who saved her parents from the latest cull had grown into another ugly Sim with big lips and big nose.  No point breeding from her.  The Sim god has better things to do with time than waste it on her.

Gypsy Tan (eldest daughter of the deceased Demonica and Vasyl Ebadi then adopted by her grandmother) was taking a shine to secret club member, Jihoon Cox.

She rather fancied him (although the picture doesn’t show any attraction), but he didn’t want to reveal his attraction to her.  It was rather slow going.  So she turned her attentions on Tucker Miguel (who Gerard Langerak had brought back to life in the secret mansion).

Jihoon had missed his chance (as well as getting stuck in the table).

I eventually had to free him.

Andrejz Champignon, meanwhile, had moved into the dorm and met his aunt Amphyra in undies.

He didn’t like to ask.  (It was probably from when she was visiting Garrett.)

He and Tui Reiner (daughter of Hollandia) hit it off and they both had their first kiss.

They’re related through their great great grandfather (Raoul Champignon), but that didn’t stop them.

Andrejz eventually popped the question.

Tui accepted.

Andrejz and Tui dropped out and moved into an apartment in Veronaville.

Tucker and Gypsy also dropped out and moved into apartments opposite Andrejz and Tui.  They are also engaged.

The weddings may be held in the Bluewater park.

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