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Nothing is happening at the DeMarr house – they’ve become quite boring lately.

Sebastien invited Rene and his family over. Claire was delighted to see her grandchildren.



Claire found Felicienne delightfully talkative.

The cousins, Laurent and Renaud, chatted and played.



Sebastien’s sister, Chantal, was also visiting.


Rene still seems to look up to Xavier.


Marielle doesn’t seem to like her brother- and sister-in-law.


She seems to think that Xavier is a negative influence. She likes her husband to be serious and successful, not mucking about having mindless fun.



Her brother-in-law is unemployed and irresponsible she thinks.


What a killjoy.

Felicienne (much to Marielle’s disgust if she knew) was having the time of her life.


And Chantal was getting to know her great nephew Renaud better.


It was a pretty successful family reunion.

Meanwhile Cezanne had arrived at uni.


The only suitable thing she could find to wear was a black dress – not quite what she wanted.

She met what she thought was a cool townie who seemed to have similar interests.




Jean and Caitlyn finished uni and headed back to Veronaville.  They had become engaged.

Their flatmates, Demonica Tan and her boyfriend, Vasyl Ebadi, also headed home.  Jean and Caitlyn moved into the little house that used to belong to Darlene and Denny Collie.  Demonica and Vasyl moved into her mother’s place.  Marla and Romania had moved across the river.

Jean invited family round for the wedding.

At the wedding were parents of Caitlyn and Jean: Harriett, Monique, Luc and Greg and Jean’s brother, Jacques.

It didn’t matter who married who – they both had the same surname.

Meanwhile Artois and Angel Collie (now a widow) decided to get married after Angel discovered she was pregnant (again).

Angel dyed her hair blonde for a change.  Again it was mostly family who went to the wedding.  Below Artois looks at Peyote noting how similar to his brother Reefer he looked.

Guests included Artois’ father, Henri, cousins Emma, Peyote and Reefer, aunt Monique and sisters, Stella and Hollandia (somewhere).

Both weddings were successful parties and family reunions.

Reefer had got to know someone by the name of Callista Fuchs and invited her to move in (which she did).  This meant that there were now two couples living in the small house (with a baby on the way) so, instead of moving, Artois and Angel decided to build up a storey and moved upstairs.

Marriage didn’t change Artois’ ways.  Emma had admired Artois at the wedding and wanted to add him to her list of conquests.  She invited Artois over.

They ended up in the tub.  (The day after, Emma invited over her cousin, Peyote.  They too ended up in the tub.)