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Artois was quite upset by Calista’s death.  He’d always had a thing for her but had never acted on it.

Artois’ grandson, Jean-Pierre, grew to school age.  How time flies!

He tapped into his creative genes almost immediately.

He wanted to join in with his uncle, father and grandfather but they ignored him.

I think the newspaper girl had a thing for Olivier playing the piano.  Olivier headed off to uni shortly after.

Meanwhile, Artois’ niece, Tui, gave birth to a girl and called her Portia.


Framboise seemed quite happy looking after her baby daughter, Ribena.  It’s just as well babies can’t catch colds after Framboise’ police colleague coughed all over her.

Meanwhile, over at Seamus Danaher’s, Mala was in the red zone after school and tried to replenish energy with alcohol.

That didn’t work, of course, but she refused to eat even though there was food already cooked.  She was tired so went to bed but of course didn’t sleep because she was hungry.  The inevitable happened.

She was fated never to live long.

Naturally Ebony was upset.

Seamus was at work but mourned as soon as he got home.

With one of his six daughters dead, perhaps he figured he could risk having another.  He called up Framboise and invited her round – his intention to try again for a boy.  (He was determined.)

Framboise came round and they attempted to woohoo but Ebony was in the house.

Naturally she wasn’t too pleased and gave Seamus a slapping.  She stormed off and Framboise made herself scarce and Seamus then grew to an elder.

Fiona, the second daughter, grew to a teenager at the same time.

Seamus headed downstairs to apologise to Ebony.  He didn’t get a chance.  Ebony gave him his marching orders.

Framboise seemed oblivous.

Seamus left and Ebony had to ask Framboise to leave.

The household of six had now shrunk to four in one day.

The following day Ebony, Begorrah and baby Hellia all had a birthday.


 Ebony and Hellia

At least the kids would be easier to look after now two of them were able to take care of themselves, with a teen to help out.  Ebony had been unemployed but just before she aged she got a job (doing what, I can’t remember).

Seamus (SWAT team leader), with nowhere else to go, headed downtown to move in with Framboise.

He could look after the baby without even holding it, it seems.

Seamus managed to get Framboise pregnant again and this time expected more daughters – hell, why not go for 10?

Ribena grew to a toddler.

Before Framboise gave birth, Seamus proposed to Framboise.

Framboise became the second Mrs Danaher almost immediately.  Now any subsequent children would have his name.

And just as well, because Framboise had twins.

And wouldn’t you know it, they were both boys!  Seamus called one Liam and Framboise called one Patric.

A son at last!

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