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Daughter-in-law, Aisha, was rather plain, thought Sarah, but not unattractive.


She offered to give Aisha a makeover.


Sarah thought the little bob suited her much better and Aisha seemed pleased.

Also contemplating a more serious makeover was Richard.  He had been a handsome teen, but things didn’t stay that way.


He didn’t like his nose or cheekbones and his ears seemed too round for his liking.  He headed for the machine in the shed.


It didn’t go well.


There was no way he was letting his family see him like that so he tried again, and was more successful.


He loved the new face.



Everyone enjoyed having a baby in the house.



Cezanne had her birthday, growing to a teenager.


I think her dress style is influenced by her sister-in-law.


She helped out with her little nephew.


Renaud grew quickly and it was soon his birthday.

Before his birthday, Cezanne decided to have a makeover.  She didn’t want to continue being invisible and also didn’t want to be just another blonde member of the famous Champignon family, so she dyed her hair and went for a more goth look to go with the clothing.





A dark member of the blond branch of the Champignons!


If Cezanne thought she would be more noticeable to her family, it didn’t really work.


And really, did her old parents have to keep carrying on like that and in their underwear?


Ilse often felt a bit left out. Ok, she wasn’t into babies, but Renaud was her son and he was often being looked after by his grandparents. She felt like she wasn’t getting a look in.


It rankled.  She thought about it a lot.


She finally got up the courage to confront her mother-in-law about it.



but just as Ilse was about to say something, Renaud woke up and Claire was there first.


At this rate the boy wouldn’t know who his mother was.  Maybe she’d just mention it to Xavier. He could talk to his mother…

Not much happening while Peter and Sarah wait for the return of Richard.

Peter started drinking.  Was he unhappy or just bored?


I think he was bored.  He decided to clean out the shed at the back and found a makeover station. He thought he’d surprise Sarah and try his hand.


Sarah readily agreed.  I mean he was a doctor so he couldn’t do much wrong with a simple makeover could he?


“Well, how do I look?”  “Errr…”

After much hesitation, he showed her.



“You fool! Look what you’ve done!”


Peter apologised profusely. Sarah could smell alcohol on his breath.  No wonder.

At the first available opportunity Sarah had her face redone.  There was no way she was setting foot out the door looking like she did.  She even hid when the cleaner walked past.


She was much relieved when she looked normal again. What if Richard had returned with a fiancée to see her looking like a clown?

René had returned to Veronaville from university, along with Marielle, and had enough money to buy a fairly sizeable three-bedroomed house down the road from his parents.  The wedding took place at the new house.

It ended up being an evening wedding.


There was some confusion as there wasn’t enough seating.


Xavier was finally formally introduced to René‘s new wife.


He approved.  His little bro had done well.


Everyone had a good time, congregating in the bathroom as usual.


Meanwhile, over at the house of icon, Robert, his son, Patric, did not like the way his mother treated his new wife, Velaria, and told her so.


Kalya was feeling depressed in any case.  She did not think she had aged beautifully and had overheard someone at a party refer to her as gruesome.  She decided to go in for some plastic surgery.


It did not go well.


She had it done again and some improvements were made but she still wasn’t happy.  She looked a lot uglier than originally (no pic of the “improved” version, sorry).

Finally, she found a surgeon whose skills were superior but she still looked a little “plasticky”.  Robert had had enough of the constant operations on her face.


Even though she now looked better, his reputation as an icon was affected.  He told her to leave.


Chantal consoled Robert,


but it got her thinking about her own looks. She couldn’t pretend she was young any longer.  She had a makeover which softened her face and was more age-appropriate.


She practised her lying skills and found she wasn’t as an accomplished liar as she’d thought.


Andy put up with her flirting.  He still loved her and loved her new look.


It’s been so long since I updated the Champignon family and much has happened, even after the events in this and the next post.  I need to catch up!

Cheverny’s mother, Felice, died at the ripe age of 82.  The household were upset, naturally.

She was retired from “The Law”.

Not long after that, the kids grew up and Lafitte reached the top of her career as mad scientist.  As an experiment she changed her looks on the cosmetic surgery machine and ate lots of food so she ended up being fat and (in Cheverny’s opinion) ugly.

Pre-fat days

Giselle had grown to a teenager but she thought she was hot and also gave herself a makeover (clothes, haircut and makeup only).

Chantal thought she was stupid.

Chantal and Sebastien were now teenagers (you can see Chantal in the background above).

Giselle went off to university (where sadly she drowned in the pool).  Chantal wasn’t at all upset by her sister’s death.  Now she was free to be herself without being teased.

Chantal’s first kiss

Sebastien, meanwhile, hung out with his dad.

Developments in the next blog post.

Jerry did his time at university and also met a townie called Brenda Johnson.  They got engaged before Jerry left to return home.  He settled in and found a job in business.  A little while later, Brenda arrived.


Jerry was there to welcome her to her new home.


One of the first things she did was have a makeover which brought out the beauty that Jerry saw in her.


Jerry introduced her to the family.  First his mother, Emily…


and then his father, Bjorn, who was quite impressed.


The wedding was set.  It was autumn and the weather was changeable.  Mickie, the housebot, had been struck by lightning just recently.  His ghost still roamed the house.


Brenda didn’t think much of the formal gowns in the family wardrobe but there was no time to go shopping.

It rained on the morning of the wedding, but cleared for the ceremony.

The vows

The vows


The rings

The kiss

The kiss

Among the guests was Hereward.  He just stared at Bjorn…


and at Emily.  It was all quite uncomfortable (who invited him?)


Then the cake cutting …


and more kissing.


Behind the couple are Carla DeMarr Perez and her fiance Ben Monty.

Then there were toasts.



Still some discomfort between Bjorn and Hereward.

Then Bjorn thought he’d offer a toast…


but everyone had gone inside.

Brenda did wonder who this strange man in glasses was.  He seemed kind of creepy.


“We HAVE to redecorate.. ” (who IS that guy?) “this… room.”

The wedding party had been a great success, despite the strange presence of Hereward.  The couple set off on their honeymoon.



Brenda wanted to get a job in catering but there were no job offers in that line.  She was feeling frustrated.  Jerry suggested that they try for children to get that “out of the way” since she was at home anyway.  Brenda reluctantly agreed.  She was bored as she watched Jerry going to work and on the phone with colleagues.


However, she soon found she was pregnant.


Emily was so impressed with Brenda’s makeover that she wanted one.  Bjorn offered to give her one after the purchase of a makeover chair in the workshop.  (All the equipment that had been there had been given over to the Landgraab Institute.)



I think Bjorn had tried to make her look younger.  Emily loved the result.

However, it was clear that Emily was a lot older than Bjorn and he found he was still attracted to his daughter-in-law, even pregnant.  Brenda disliked his attempts to come onto her.


Jerry was, thankfully, oblivous.


So, Bjorn went looking for some company.  He headed over to P.U.R.E. and got chatting with the barmaid.


But then he spotted the immortal siren, Roxie (nee Sharpe) and introduced himself.


They got chatting, he gossiping rather cruelly about his partner,


and about his willingness to cheat.


He flirted with her,


danced with her,


and kissed.


But then she was tired, apologised to Bjorn, and left.  Bjorn had thoroughly enjoyed his time and headed home feeling much happier.

Meanwhile, Bjorn’s other son, Lars, who still lived with his mother and Hereward, is now a teenager and soon to head off to university.



At the DeMarr residence, Damien went loopy over the death of his eldest daughter, Demonica.


Amphyra invited boyfriend, Gavin Newson, round and they woohooed, but the woohoo glitch had struck again…

Amphyra woohooed after Gavin had finished.

Gavin dropped out of uni and moved into a small house near the DeMarr residence.  He wanted to marry a rich Sim.  He invited Amphyra round and proposed marriage to her there and then.

She moved in with only 14,900 Simoleans.  He would have been disappointed.  Serena was not impressed.  She thought Amphyra could have done better than a penniless orphan who wasn’t even good-looking.

Amphyra’s brother, Luka, also dropped out and headed home.  He invited his girlfriend, Ginger Newson, over and asked her to move in.  I think she brought exactly 1 simoleon with her. 

She raided the wardrobe for a gown and did her hair differently.   Luka then introduced her to his parents.

Serena approved of her.

With his parents’ blessing, Luka then proposed.


Artois’ mansion, that is.

Cochonette tried her makeover skills on a visiting townie.

He didn’t seem to mind the new look.

Isobel’s sister, Celeste, visited.

Isobel shared the hassles of pregnancy, and then the labour pains started…

"What do I do?" asks Isobel. "I don't know" shrugs Celeste.

They all stand by helplessly.

A boy was born. 

Isobel named him Olivier.

He has her eyes.

The butler was fired.  All he ever did was cook and the food went rotten on the table.  Isobel and the girls tried to put most of it in the fridge as leftovers (and the fridge is chocka).  Artois employed a maid and gardener.  The girls were quite impressed with the new maid.

The girls helped out with the baby but then they both left to attend Academie le Tour.

Artois finally asked Isobel to marry him.

She accepted.  They plan a wedding at a park in Bluewater village.

Artois’ son by Emma, Yves, also left home to go to Academie le Tour.

Artois’ daughter, Arianne, over at Lithia and Peyote’s place, grew to a teenager.

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