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René had returned to Veronaville from university, along with Marielle, and had enough money to buy a fairly sizeable three-bedroomed house down the road from his parents.  The wedding took place at the new house.

It ended up being an evening wedding.


There was some confusion as there wasn’t enough seating.


Xavier was finally formally introduced to René‘s new wife.


He approved.  His little bro had done well.


Everyone had a good time, congregating in the bathroom as usual.


Meanwhile, over at the house of icon, Robert, his son, Patric, did not like the way his mother treated his new wife, Velaria, and told her so.


Kalya was feeling depressed in any case.  She did not think she had aged beautifully and had overheard someone at a party refer to her as gruesome.  She decided to go in for some plastic surgery.


It did not go well.


She had it done again and some improvements were made but she still wasn’t happy.  She looked a lot uglier than originally (no pic of the “improved” version, sorry).

Finally, she found a surgeon whose skills were superior but she still looked a little “plasticky”.  Robert had had enough of the constant operations on her face.


Even though she now looked better, his reputation as an icon was affected.  He told her to leave.


Chantal consoled Robert,


but it got her thinking about her own looks. She couldn’t pretend she was young any longer.  She had a makeover which softened her face and was more age-appropriate.


She practised her lying skills and found she wasn’t as an accomplished liar as she’d thought.


Andy put up with her flirting.  He still loved her and loved her new look.



Celestine’s husband, Gunnar, was visiting Sorrow (formerly his wife’s sister-in-law followed by “stepmother”!).  Sorrow was now a widow living with her sister, Erike, and children, Serenity and Romain.

To my surprise, Sorrow and Gunnar were in love with one another and before long, Gunnar had decided to move in!

Gunnar then had to invite his wife over to break up with her!

Celestine left…. eventually.

Gunnar proposed to Sorrow.

When Sorrow accepted, they married.

It seemed neither of them could be bothered with a proper wedding.

Sorrow was a Champignon no longer.  After her third marriage she was now a Larsson.

Romain was rather sad about his half-sister(!)’s marriage breakup.

Celestine wasn’t unhappy for long.  It appeared she and Andrejz Champignon (a distant cousin) were attracted to one another!  He was quite a bit older than her but that didn’t stop her proposing when he visited.  Perhaps she was lonely.

Andrejz accepted and moved in.  They had a private wedding in the backyard, not even waiting for Celestine’s twin sons to return home from school.

Celestine Larsson née Champignon was now again Celestine Champignon.

Sorrow was again pregnant by Akanami.  It was too much having Jean-Pierre hanging around so Sorrow broke up with him.

Jean-Pierre moved out and into an apartment building not far away.  He immediately met an attractive woman at the apartment roof party.

She was a widow whose daughter had recently married the half-alien son of Garrett Newson.

They got to know each other pretty quickly.

Cheryl (the widow) fell in love quickly and proposed.  But Jean-Pierre wasn’t ready.

He was still upset about his broken marriage.

However, after a very short while, he was ready and proposed to her himself.

She accepted, naturally.

They didn’t muck around.  They married quietly in the apartment without ceremony.

They moved out of the tiny apartment.  Cheryl is pregnant already.  Jean-Pierre doesn’t muck around – still hoping for that heir.

Meanwhile, back at the Champignon residence, Sorrow was a bit upset about the marriage breakup as well.

Toddler, Serenity, grew to school age.

It didn’t take long before Akanami proposed to Sorrow.

They were going to get married in the garden the following morning.  But Sorrow went into labour.

I didn’t want her to have the baby before the wedding (even though they both have the same surname).  I tried again but it wasn’t quick enough.  On the third go, they just wed outside just before dawn.

Not a moment too soon.  Sorrow went into labour.

Third time round she had a boy (the others were girls).

His name is Romain.

For some bizarre reason Jean-Pierre suddenly appeared.

He took the baby off to feed it.  He can’t get enough of babies it seems.

So Akanami now has another son who has the potential to be a worthy heir.  But Jean-Pierre now has a pregnant wife.  What if she gives birth to a boy?  Who will be the Champignon heir?

I didn’t have to get Angel to invite Kane round.  I was just about to get her to call him up when he walked in the door.  It appeared the relationship had healed because she wanted to flirt, hug and kiss, no problem.  Artois happened to be passing by to catch them in the act.

She got a bit of a slapping and a lecture.  (Henri, meanwhile, asked Kane to leave.)

Artois then gave her her marching orders.

He was unforgiving (even though he had cheated on his wife earlier on in their marriage – but purely to get a male heir!).

Angel had to accept the marriage was over.

She walked away…

Henri was upset that his son’s marriage was ended.

Cochonette, when she woke up, was equally upset and did the whole “argy bargy” crying thing.

Framboise, as far as I know, wasn’t upset in the slightest, but her relationship score with her mother was lower.

So ended the marriage of Artois and Angel.  Unfortunately there are no single attractive women to take her place.  All of Artois’ love interests are married women.

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