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Nothing is happening at the DeMarr house – they’ve become quite boring lately.

Sebastien invited Rene and his family over. Claire was delighted to see her grandchildren.



Claire found Merivienne delightfully talkative.

The cousins, Laurent and Renaud, chatted and played.



Sebastien’s sister, Chantal, was also visiting.


Rene still seems to look up to Xavier.


Marielle doesn’t seem to like her brother- and sister-in-law.


She seems to think that Xavier is a negative influence. She likes her husband to be serious and successful, not mucking about having mindless fun.



Her brother-in-law is unemployed and irresponsible she thinks.


What a killjoy.

Merivienne (much to Marielle’s disgust if she knew) was having the time of her life.


And Chantal was getting to know her great nephew Renaud better.


It was a pretty successful family reunion.

Meanwhile Cezanne had arrived at uni.


The only suitable thing she could find to wear was a black dress – not quite what she wanted.

She met what she thought was a cool townie who seemed to have similar interests.




I hadn’t mentioned that Ilse got pregnant. It seemed a good time to try for a baby as Ilse hadn’t yet found a job.

Ilse gave birth and everyone was delighted that it was a boy. That suited Ilse too, as she’s not really into babies and would be glad if she didn’t have to have another one.


The boy, named Renaud, was passed around.  First grandma,


then grandad,


and finally Xavier got to hold his son.



The boy has his mother’s dark features.

The couple were pleased.


Sebastien decided to have a party – to celebrate the arrival of his new grandson and the successful resurrection of René.

Everyone was extremely glad to see René alive and well.

Mostly the family were invited over including Cherie and Elene (still at boarding school).


Elene being cheeky to her aunt Chantal


Her mother gives her a bit of a talking to


Cherie enjoys a laugh. She will soon be married.

Chantal notices that the stairs have been moved to the corner.


Sebastien and Claire still very much in love.


Cezanne gets ignored as usual.


Her brother’s old enough to be her dad, she thought.

Xavier and Ilse watched a movie after the guests left.


Sebastien threw a party to celebrate the anniversary of he and Claire getting married.  Friends and family were, naturally, invited, including icon Robert Champignon, and Sebastien’s twin sister, Chantal.


In the background, Chantal’s husband, Andy Arends, who hasn’t yet aged.


Xavier, Ren, and aunt Chantal


Chantal spots an old friend…


who comes over to talk to Sebastien.  Robert.  It seems he was more than just a friend to Chantal, which was a surprise to me.  She must’ve seen him kiss his wife and slapped him for it!


He slapped her right back – had to in front of his wife.


Kalya was content that she got what she deserved,


although Robert was really quite upset about it.


Claire was the only one who dressed formally and felt a bit silly.  She went outside to avoid any further commotion.


Xavier sees that Charlotte had been invited.  She was still a huge fan then.


René tries to talk to her but she doesn’t seem interested.


It was a successful party, despite Chantal causing a scene.

Little Cezanne had been happy upstairs amusing herself, and then grew to school age.



Xavier’s flatmate, Patric, was the first to hold a graduation party.


Xavier thought his mother was rather gruesome-looking.  Just as well Patric had taken after his father, he thought.


There was a passionate farewell for Patric and Velaria, and tears afterwards.



Then it was Xavier’s turn to hold a party.  Most of the family turned up.


In the background is René before ageing to student, boarding school inmate, Elene, and Velaria still crying.  The student in green is Velaria’s brother, Vince.


They stopped at the doorway, heard the music, and decided to dance outside.


By this time Ilse had returned from a lecture and joined in.


Xavier introduced her to his mother…


and then his father.  (I wish she’d get dressed!)



It went well, Xavier thought.  His father seemed to approve.  Xavier was proud.


After everyone had left and Xavier had rested, he decided to head back to Veronaville in his pyjamas.


Ilse still had a year to go.

Xavier didn’t return home.  He and Ilse had discussed it.  She was an only child and was reluctant to live in a big house with his parents, a teenager and toddler.  So, until Cherie, at least, had left home, they agreed to live in an apartment across the road.

Xavier had a party, inviting some of his friends and other siblings.


He’s talking to Velaria’s brother, Vince, while gazing at his ex-girlfriend, Rikki, now heavily pregnant.  She had been a nanny to a widower’s triplets and fallen in love, married, and was now creating sprogs of her own.  Xavier was glad of his choice.

Xavier ordered Chinese takeaways and they went down to the apartment common room to eat.


René looks quite different to the rest of the family.

Xavier and his aunt, Cara, look on at Rikki.



Was it Xavier’s imagination or had she become a bit chubby?

René, meanwhile, lived in a normal dorm, rather than the house for rich kids.  He wanted to meet others and socialise.


He bears no resemblance to his parents.  He looks more like a Larsson ancestor but I don’t think Gunnar Larsson’s genes are mixed in.  Gunnar was married to a Champignon wife’s sister.

After about six months at uni, René met a beautiful student called Marielle du Passay.  She was, he thought, the sort of Sim that he had expected his brother to meet and marry.  She came from a good family, had a French-sounding name, and.. and.. was just so beautiful.  (He was smitten.)  In short, she was worthy of an heir, not the second son.  René felt very lucky to have met her.



She evidently liked doing domestic things and, René later found out, she wanted very much to have several children.

Anyway, they got to know each other better.


René flirted tremendously, even serenading her.


One student, Hannah Morris, thought it all a bit sickening.


An interesting couple.



Xavier was now a teenager, as seen in the last post.  He was an accomplished musician already, like most of his family.  Would he follow his dad’s footsteps or take the acting route?  The other most common career for the Champignon family was business.


He couldn’t decide yet, even after browsing the university website.


In the meantime, he got on well with his brother, Rene…


and even had a girlfriend.


Sebastien advised Xavier to strive for someone a bit less… obvious.  They were teenagers – who cared?  He could have any girl he wanted, especially when he drove his car to school.


He joined his parents in the now traditional family jam session.



Rene teased his little sister, Elene,


but as he grew older he played with her.


Elene was a pretty happy kid.


Rene and Cherie often happened upon their parents hugging rather a lot.




Cherie asked her mother about it once.  Claire wasn’t sure what to say to Cherie’s observation that her hugs with Sebastien were different to the hugs she gave the kids.


Inevitably, all that loving…




would lead to another pregnancy.


What to do now? The child would have to go to the poorhouse unless they could plead to keep the child. There were already four kids in the house, although Elene would go to boarding school as soon as she was school age.


What would become of them all?


Rene grew to a teenager,


which meant his sister in the poorhouse was too.

They were a pretty happy family.  They could even relax and take some time out.



Elene’s birthday was next.



Claire took her to the boarding school in Bluewater village, which just left three kids.

But then Xavier left for university.


Down to two, but not for long.

Claire and Sebastien were invited to a party hosted by Robert Champignon’s wife (Robert is the icon and a distant cousin to Sebastien).


Above Sebastien talks to the hostess, Kalya.  Behind Sebastien is his uncle Kevin.


The food and punch was set up downstairs but everyone made straight for the games room.


The older son, Patric, talks to Claire, while Robert has a stiff drink in the background. He’d had a hard day, and didn’t know about the party.


The party got loud as everyone was having a good time.


Rather too loud.

Still it was a rare event.  Not many parties were held in Veronaville of late, but there was talk of the slackening of the rules regarding the maximum number of children allowed.  Just as well for Sebastien and Claire…


She gave birth to a girl she called Cezanne.



Life was good.



Life in the DeMarr household seemed to be going along quite happily.  The twins were at the top of their class.

Daeron invited family over for a party to cheer things up a bit since the departure  of Demona (and the death of Valeria).

Demona and uncle, Radu

However, Brigitte wasn’t joining any celebrations.  Only three of her five children were there.  She had accepted the death of her daughter, Valeria, but she still mourned the loss of her first son, Vlad, who had been adopted out, and was resentful still.

She wondered about her life.  Was this all there now was?  Cooking for males?  Her eco work only used up three days of the week.  She found herself unhappy for the rest of the week at home.  It wasn’t any surprise, then, that she fell for a handsome young man who visited.

He was young enough to be her son but it didn’t matter to her.  This new feeling for someone gave her renewed interest in life.  It was with delight that Brigitte found him there when she returned home from work one day, but Daeron was home and saw it all.

Brigitte slapped right back, reminding him of his illegitimate son.

But now it seemed impossible to continue living together.

Daeron tried to work off the increasing anger.

When that didn’t work, he tried to sleep on it, but ultimately his decision was already made.

Brigitte left, taking nothing with her.  She moved into the retirement home in Bluewater village where the retired orphanage caretaker, Mavis Snipes, lived with college dean, Geoffrey Saylesbury.  They were very kind to her and welcomed her warmly.  Brigitte changed her look, to distance herself from the DeMarr family, but she was still in shock at all that had happened.

The drama wasn’t ending there though.

Zev, in a moment of stupidity, tried to eat the lucious cake on offer from the cowplant one day when he was feeling hungry after school.  The inevitable happened.

Daeron discovered what had happened,

and went to tell Vlad, but found it difficult.

Vlad was having fun spying on the neighbours.

However, he had to tell him, and did so.

Naturally, Zev’s twin was upset.  They had been close.

Brigitte was also devastated when she found out.  Now she only had two children.

Then Vlad had an idea.  The death phone had stood in the hallway all his life and he’d never seen it used, but it was said you could call death and bring someone you loved back to life.  He tried it out.

When death actually answered, Vlad was shocked.  It worked!  But when death demanded money, Vlad was so flustered he only offered 200 Simoleons (which to Vlad was a lot).  Death was scornful and hung up.  Vlad tried again, this time offering 2,000 Simoleons.  Death accepted it this time, but said not to expect Zev to be quite the same…

He wasn’t.

Daeron was furious.  They had enough money to have been able to offer more but Vlad, in his eagerness to get Zev back, had ruined it.  Secretly, however, Daeron wondered why he hadn’t thought of that before.  After the initial shock, Zev was accepted, although seemingly invisible.

During this time, oblivous to most of what was happening, Demona was studying at university.  She met a dark handsome student that she immediately fell in love with, and accepted his proposal.

She heard about her parents’ breakup and didn’t have the heart to continue at uni, so dropped out.  Her beau followed her.  They decided to live downtown, away from Brigitte’s parents and found a large apartment in a brand new apartment block.

Then Demona heard about Zev’s death and was shattered.  Her fiance, Vin, chose the wrong moment to ask her to marry him in the apartment and she refused, too upset.  Vin was angry and it will take a long time before he asks again.  It almost seems like no member of the DeMarr family will be happy.  Is the family cursed?  Some of them wonder.

Romain decided to have a party, both to celebrate the anniversary of his marriage to Felice, and to reacquaint himself with friends and family.  They’d both been quite lonely after Cheverny left for university – the house felt empty.

Romain invited several people – his daughters, Brigitte and Elise (and their husbands), his son, Cheverny, his second cousin, Hyacinth Delarosa, his half-brother, Bjorn, and distant cousin, Francis Champignon, among others.


Unfortunately, Felice left for work in the middle of it, so it was left to Romain to entertain his guests.

A toast to the absent Felice

A toast to the absent Felice

From left: Elise, Bjorn, William Champignon, Hyacinth, Daeron DeMarr, Romain, Brigitte, Cheverny, Francis.

Hyacinth Delarosa

Hyacinth Delarosa

Romain and Cheverny

Romain and Cheverny

Romain talking to a pregnant Brigitte (with Daeron looking on)

Romain talking to a pregnant Brigitte (with Daeron looking on)

Unfortunately for Romain, Francis didn’t see eye to eye with him,


and even Elise treated him with scorn.


What was going on?  Had he lost his touch?

Sam Arends (husband of Elise) meanwhile, was very happy to have married into a rich family.


The party was a great success nevertheless, and Romain was sad to see them go.


The other party was at Academie le Tour for Cheverny’s graduation.  He graduated in Economics, I think – something to do with business, which is his passion.  The creative genes passed him by.


It was unfortunate that the guests had arrived by the time he decided to wash himself at the kitchen sink.


However, all dressed and ready, he served food as if nothing had happened.



Above and below, Cheverny talking to his fiancée, Lafitte Champagne.


Cheverny and William Champignon

Cheverny and William Champignon


Felice and Romain ignoring their future daughter-in-law

Romain and Felice caught up with their other daughter, Sabine, who was caretaker at the house of death.

The bored, and horse-like, Sabine

The bored, and horse-like, Sabine

Is it any wonder their god relegated her to a prolonged life at university.  At least she was alive.  Cecile had drowned at the same house.

Meanwhile, at Elise’s house, Sam found that Brigitte still held a candle for him.  When she visited (uninvited) she lunged at Sam.


Luckily Elise wasn’t around.

The twins are pretty much left to themselves.



Elise was delighted to find another was on the way.


Her want: to marry off six children, which is against god’s new law of two children maximum.  Will she get it?  She has, after all, already broken the law.


Yves Champignon headed over to Academie le Tour.  The pointy ears disappeared as he changed into a university student.  All good.  But he’s still not particularly desirable.

That’s Ginger on the left before she dropped out and moved in with the DeMarrs.

Yves almost immediately fell in love with Crystal Brown, daughter of Malcolm Landgraab’s second wife.

Artois’ eldest son, Akanami, graduated with a degree in Literature.  He wants to become a rock god.

He threw a graduation party and invited family and friends.

Artois looks on at 4 of his 6 kids

Artois looks on at 4 of his 6 kids

That’s Arianne on the left.

Akanami grew to an adult after the party.

Artois’ youngest son, baby Olivier, grew to a toddler.

Artois organised for friends (well, two people) to meet him at the Parc d’amour in Bluewater village for his wedding to Isobel.  Unfortunately only Reefer Champignon turned up.  The woman is some random passer-by.

It was winter, so the trees were leafless.

Reefer congratulated them both when they’d disentangled themselves.

A bit of wedding cake…

and a dance…

and they headed home.

While in the neighbourhood view I activated the guest cheat and Artois threw a party.  Finally, more than two people showed up.

From left: Isobel, Celeste, Artois, Akanami, Reefer, Guillaume, Monique

A pregnant Hollandia was there too

A pregnant Hollandia was there too

The party was a success.

Akanami and Celeste even got some time alone.

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