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Ok, well, I haven’t updated for a long time. I had pics waiting to post but then I played the medieval hood for a while and then joined the building contest at modthesims after which I basically stopped playing and just built stuff.

So, I’ll see if I can remember anything.  Although Aisha had been given a makeover, she still didn’t dress beautifully.


In any case she fell pregnant.


Richard was delighted and hoped for a boy, an heir.


He loved seeing Aisha’s growing tummy.


His mother, Sarah, wanted to feel the baby kick, but Aisha was having none of that.


Sadly, for Sarah, she never got to see the baby. She died at the age of 74.


Richard was devastated,



while Aisha didn’t much care. Her sister, Mandy, was also pregnant and came to visit.



They both look like they’re carrying twins but they were both a little chubby to begin with (all that fish at home).

Richard didn’t get his son. A girl was born, Petronella.


But Richard was happy enough. They could try again.


Petronella grew quickly. Before long it was her birthday.


(Aisha, you may notice, is in preggy clothing once again. It didn’t take Richard long.)


As for Richard’s sister, Charlotte, she had a visit from the police for trying to forge money.


She was pretty lucky to get away with just a warning.

Charlotte’s ex, meanwhile, was having the time of his life.



I haven’t mentioned Charlotte for a while, except to say her husband, Jeremy, was flirting with Chantilly Coleman.

Jeremy finally found a job in retail after Charlotte gave birth to a daughter she called Wendy.  Jeremy cringed at the name.  It seemed to add to his disappointment in the choices he’d made.  Marrying a Lillard hadn’t turned out the way he’d hoped.  They were living in a small house and Charlotte had started having babies.  Jeremy wasn’t ready for a mundane life of fatherhood and routine.

Wendy grew to a toddler and Jeremy found he was actually quite fond of her.


He still wasn’t great father material though.  Jeremy was now a party DJ and imagined himself single and carefree.  While he was dancing downstairs to the tracks he thought of playing…


Wendy was crying for attention upstairs.


Then Charlotte became pregnant again.


Jeremy was furious. Charlotte hadn’t asked him if he wanted another child. She just assumed he’d be as happy as she was.  They argued.


Jeremy thought long and hard about what to do next.


He was about to say goodbye to Wendy, but Charlotte had put her to bed.


Charlotte had no inkling of what was to happen…


He’s always on that computer” thought Charlotte

Jeremy got up and announced his decision.  He was leaving.  Charlotte was stopped in her tracks, frozen with shock.  “But you can’t! I’m pregnant!” she cried.


Your decision, not mine” was Jeremy’s only comment as he left.


The marriage was finished.  No surprises there.

I’ve touched on the Arends family before – they are becoming a large one of different branches, thanks to several kids in each.

Raylene was the daughter of Ray Arends and Penny Lillard, Penny having died shortly after giving birth.  Ray always resisted the urge to call his daughter Penny, so much did she look like his deceased first wife.

Well, Raylene went to university, then headed back to Veronaville where she advertised for a flatmate.  The flatmate turned out to be one fairly handsome townie by the name of Alvin Bear.  Raylene and he got on very well, so, as you can guess, they fell in love and Alvin proposed.  They held the wedding party in the back yard of the apartment.


A pretty informal affair as you can tell by Raylene’s dress.

Guests included some of the family.


Raylene’s half-siblings, Raymond and Lisa, and father, Ray


Ray’s nephew, Ronnie, had recently married

Raylene introduced Alvin to her parents after the ceremony!



They seemed to approve.


Ray’s wife, Lucy, talks to Ronnie’s new wife, Lora

A good time was had by all.


Alvin did wonder where his new wife had disappeared to.


She was urgently called to the toilet.


She ended up having twin girls, Lizzie and Paula (Bear).


I haven’t updated this blog since September.  Unfortunately, when I stopped blogging, I had not got around to uploading the latest.  Since then I haven’t played, and have been busy with “real life”, so my memory is not what it should be.  I rely on this blog to jog my memory of the latest in Veronaville but, if I haven’t blogged the latest, I’m in a bit of quandary when viewing the neighbourhood pictures.

I was up to the Lillard family.  There are a half dozen pictures waiting and I’m not sure of the circumstances surrounding them.  Damn.  According to the family tree there are three daughters: Charlotte, Emma, and Petra.  Petra appears to be the latest addition.  So Sarah had got pregnant for a third time, hoping for a boy.  For what it’s worth, here are pictures of the family:


Unusually, Sarah was able to go to work when pregnant.



I’m assuming these are Charlotte and Emma.

Charlotte learned to walk.


I then assume she had a birthday. 🙂



Unfortunately, my next couple of posts will be as confused until I play the game again and reacquaint myself with them all.  Will the Lillards try for a boy?  Or did the Sim god (me) make a new rule about the number of children Sims could have?  I suspect I did.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned Cheverny’s illegitimate daughter.  As you know, Cheverny was seeing female “escort”, Ellie May.  Ellie May’s “colleague”, Helen, had given birth to Jerry Lillard’s illegitimate daughter.  Well, Ellie-May also got pregnant (a bad batch of condoms, they argued).


The girl was called Cara.


She grew pretty rapidly to a toddler and is now school age.  She will probably be sent to the same boarding school that Alexa was (forgot to take photos).

Meanwhile, Xavier grew to a toddler.


He learned to walk and talk.



Visitor, Kevin Arends, stares at the boy and Xavier stares back.  Random.

Claire got pregnant again.


She happened to be in the garden with Xavier and playing with Sebastien, when she went into labour.



She had twins: Colette and Rene.  Xavier was forgotten in the excitement.


Cheverny below realising he had two more grandchildren.


The twins didn’t get the best of attention.


They’d get told off by Sebastien and Cheverny for crying and smelling bad (umm, change the nappy?)



Even when holding a baby, Cheverny didn’t change the nappy or do anything about it.  He complained and then just walked away, leaving the baby floating in mid-air!




Even a visitor (Vasilia Champagne) ignored the baby and just grabbed some snacks from the fridge.


Xavier’s cot no longer fitted in the nursery so he was delegated to a bedroom (and often forgotten about as well).


Cheverny, for one, was busy reminiscing with Vasilia in the moonlight.


Unbelievably, Claire got pregnant once again (she secretly wants 10 children – you wonder why when she ignores the ones she’s got).





Oh dear.  With Claire’s super fertility, it’s likely there’ll be another set of twins.  Where will they go?

Chantal, meanwhile, also got pregnant again.


Andy was delighted to welcome a son, Daniel.


Chantilly grew to a toddler.  She’s quite obviously her father’s daughter.


Chantal was rather cruel, only laughing when the poor girl was so tired she fell asleep in the kitchen.



Jerry did his time at university and also met a townie called Brenda Johnson.  They got engaged before Jerry left to return home.  He settled in and found a job in business.  A little while later, Brenda arrived.


Jerry was there to welcome her to her new home.


One of the first things she did was have a makeover which brought out the beauty that Jerry saw in her.


Jerry introduced her to the family.  First his mother, Emily…


and then his father, Bjorn, who was quite impressed.


The wedding was set.  It was autumn and the weather was changeable.  Mickie, the housebot, had been struck by lightning just recently.  His ghost still roamed the house.


Brenda didn’t think much of the formal gowns in the family wardrobe but there was no time to go shopping.

It rained on the morning of the wedding, but cleared for the ceremony.

The vows

The vows


The rings

The kiss

The kiss

Among the guests was Hereward.  He just stared at Bjorn…


and at Emily.  It was all quite uncomfortable (who invited him?)


Then the cake cutting …


and more kissing.


Behind the couple are Carla DeMarr Perez and her fiance Ben Monty.

Then there were toasts.



Still some discomfort between Bjorn and Hereward.

Then Bjorn thought he’d offer a toast…


but everyone had gone inside.

Brenda did wonder who this strange man in glasses was.  He seemed kind of creepy.


“We HAVE to redecorate.. ” (who IS that guy?) “this… room.”

The wedding party had been a great success, despite the strange presence of Hereward.  The couple set off on their honeymoon.



Brenda wanted to get a job in catering but there were no job offers in that line.  She was feeling frustrated.  Jerry suggested that they try for children to get that “out of the way” since she was at home anyway.  Brenda reluctantly agreed.  She was bored as she watched Jerry going to work and on the phone with colleagues.


However, she soon found she was pregnant.


Emily was so impressed with Brenda’s makeover that she wanted one.  Bjorn offered to give her one after the purchase of a makeover chair in the workshop.  (All the equipment that had been there had been given over to the Landgraab Institute.)



I think Bjorn had tried to make her look younger.  Emily loved the result.

However, it was clear that Emily was a lot older than Bjorn and he found he was still attracted to his daughter-in-law, even pregnant.  Brenda disliked his attempts to come onto her.


Jerry was, thankfully, oblivous.


So, Bjorn went looking for some company.  He headed over to P.U.R.E. and got chatting with the barmaid.


But then he spotted the immortal siren, Roxie (nee Sharpe) and introduced himself.


They got chatting, he gossiping rather cruelly about his partner,


and about his willingness to cheat.


He flirted with her,


danced with her,


and kissed.


But then she was tired, apologised to Bjorn, and left.  Bjorn had thoroughly enjoyed his time and headed home feeling much happier.

Meanwhile, Bjorn’s other son, Lars, who still lived with his mother and Hereward, is now a teenager and soon to head off to university.



As you know, Vincent was having an affair with Cate Idler (née Champagne).  She was still living in the dirty hovel of a trailer with husband, Jim, and daughter, Ellie-May.




Even the nanny couldn’t keep on top of the mess.


It wasn’t long before Cate realised she’d gotten pregnant from Vincent and the birth date arrived.


When the baby was born with dark eyebrows, Jim  had his suspicions.  Vincent, meanwhile, had found out about the birth and knew what dire surroundings she lived in.  He insisted that she move out and into an apartment that he could arrange.  Either that or let  him take the baby to raise in his own house.  However, he had second thoughts when, over the dinner table, babies were mentioned…



The upshot of it was that Daeron didn’t want babies in the house.  Vincent hadn’t quite worked  out how he was going to explain a baby to Catriona anyway.

Jim found out the new baby, a girl that Cate had named Mary-Sue, was not his.  He demanded Cate leave with the baby, but leave his own daughter behind.



She called Vincent from Veronaville market and he immediately arranged for her to go into an apartment.  She’s already much happier, although she misses Ellie-May.  She can concentrate on her career and give the love needed to Mary-Sue without stressing about the environment.

Ellie-May, meanwhile, grew to school age, but nothing has changed in the household.


Back at the DeMarr household, Brigitte got a science career which she enjoyed.


However, despite everyone’s intentions, she fell pregnant.


Daeron, unexpectedly, after his rant about not having babies, was delighted.


Vincent and Catriona have made up (as long as Catriona doesn’t find out about Vincent’s baby daughter).  Vincent considered finding a vampire to become one, so he could live long enough to see his baby daughter grow.  Instead, he decided to milk one of the two cow plants.



He added five years to his life.  He told Catriona and she decided to do the same, also gaining five years.



The cow plants were ready for their next victims…


Sorrow is now pregnant by husband number 3, the ex-husband of her own ex-husband’s sister.  (I’m starting to get confused.)  Her sister, Erike, asks the obvious question.

Meanwhile Erike is already checking out her sister’s new husband.  Oh no, not more infidelity!

Romain seems to like him too.

Sorrow’s daughter, Serenity, is at Academie le Tour.  She was getting attracted to Arthur Champagne but he’s a cousin and there’s just too much interbreeding going on in Veronaville.  I had to ship in someone new.  Serenity seems to have inherited her great-grandfather’s eyes.

They’re pretty hard to see, especially under a fringe.

Her new beau, Flynn, proposed pretty quickly after getting to know her.

She accepted.

Arthur’s now in another dorm and has met someone new as well.  (His sister, Simone, is also engaged to some ponce called Roger Kinsley.)

Lastly, a glitch from Bluewater.  Jean-Pierre’s orphaned twins, along with another Landchild inmate, ended up floating in mid-air after Curtis Monty, a teenager, came off the bus from school.

They ended up on the ground and I was told they all lost a mark from missing school!!!  But they were at school all day up until the teenager returned home!  That’s hardly fair!

You may (or may not) remember that Matthew and Jessica Picaso split up soon after arriving in Veronaville, marrying colleagues Spliff and Georgia Champignon (who had also split up).  Spliff and Georgia’s adult children, Georges and Genevieve, are now married.  General Spliff (seen below) had a son, Marc, with wife Jessica and she was pregnant with another child.

However, all was not well in either household.  Matthew and Georgia had two children, Anna and Tony, but Matthew realised that he had fallen out of love with Georgia (who was now old) and still had feelings for Jessica.  Georgia and Matthew fought more often and Georgia also realised that she was still in love with Spliff.

Spliff for his part was quite happy with Jessica and she had just given birth to another boy, Nicolas.  It was with surprise then when he came home to discover a red rose for Jessica on the doorstep with a note from Matthew.  He spoke to Jessica about it that evening (or rather argued with her).

He was not impressed.  What was worse was coming outside the following evening to find Jessica and Matthew flirting.

This was too much.

He told Jessica to leave, without her baby son.

Once Jessica had left (or had she?) Spliff dealt with Matthew who was hanging around.

Strangely, Jessica didn’t leave but hung about.  It was disgustingly obvious to Spliff that Jessica had been having an affair for some time…

It was amazing that Jessica had got pregnant to Matthew virtually the same day she had given birth to Nicolas.

Over at Matthew’s place, Georgia found Matthew and Jessica together.

Matthew confessed to Georgia and asked her to leave.

Matthew and Georgia’s daughter, Anna, was furious with her father.

Georgia did leave but she spent a few days at her brother Garrett’s place (the god had mistakenly put her in the wrong “Newson” house).  Shortly after she left her brother’s, his wife Arianne (last seen at her daughter’s wedding) died at age 63.

[Now there are only three of Artois’ offspring left.]

Georgia moved back into Spliff’s house and they remarried.  Georgia helped look after baby Nicolas.

Matthew and Jessica were happy to be back together again.

Matthew thought it best that Anna go with her mother so he took her over to Spliff’s and left her there.  Now it was just him and Jessica and his son Tony (and another on the way).  Matthew and Jessica also remarried.

Celestine finally finished her degree in Arts.  She didn’t bother with a graduation party (in fact the option didn’t come up on the phone) so she just headed back to Veronaville.  Gunnar (who was, by now, a Junior) dropped out to join her.  He’d only stuck around to keep her company.

The problem with ex-students is that there are no more cheap houses for them to buy on their return to Veronaville.  Instead, they mostly have to move into apartment buildings.  I rectified that yesterday by building a small two-bedroomed house just down the road from Mac Reiner.  Celestine and Gunnar moved into that.

They furnished the place and then tried to look for jobs.  Gunnar was unsuccessful (he wants to do journalism) but Celestine eventually found a job as an executive chef (her LTW to be a celebrity chef).  But before the job came up she and Gunnar got married.

They had a small wedding in the tiny backyard. 

Celestine invited her parents but visiting neighbours, Mac and Babik Reiner, happened to be there and witnessed the event. 

Celestine’s parents, meanwhile, missed the whole thing as they were busy dancing near the front door!

But they did join the wedding dinner.

The wedding party was a success.  Celestine’s mother, Celeste, wants six grandchildren, so Celestine is now pregnant.  I figure twins for each of Celeste’s three kids will do.  Celeste’s pretty unhappy so far.   A grandchild should cheer her up.  She fought so much with her sister, Isobel, that Isobel moved out and moved in with Olivier and his wife.  Now Isobel could see and look after her new grandson.

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