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Things started happening, finally.

Having vampire grandparents, a sleeping father, and a mother at work didn’t help the twins.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-05-28-09

However, despite being tired, Veles walked to the potty.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-07-14-30

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-07-53-13

Viran finally woke up and could attend to the toddlers.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-09-30-00

He put Veles to bed…

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-12-04-11

and let Verene out.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-12-37-65

Meanwhile, attraction between Vlad and Vrancea grew.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-34-06-48

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-55-13-44

Viran was oblivious.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-48-47-38

Vlad saw an opportunity to make Vrancea a vampire.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-56-07-52

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-56-31-58

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-56-57-62


Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-57-17-60

Viran and Miranda had no idea,

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-57-42-66

but Verene heard something, like a flapping…

and suddenly Vrancea was there.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-58-13-50

Now it was Viran’s turn…

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-59-58-91

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-07-29-21

But, Vrancea knew, not everyone could be a vampire, as the children needed attention. She called up the matchmaker who sold potions.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-02-39-40

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-02-54-18

The matchmaker sold her one vial. Vrancea had thought there was a store of vampricillin somewhere in the house but she hadn’t found it. Never mind. Here goes, she thought.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-03-35-15

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-03-50-88

I think she looks better.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-04-09-10

Now she could look after the kids…

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-09-46-69

and was quite attracted to Viran’s new look.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-12-25-07


When I last updated, I hadn’t realised that the game hadn’t saved before it crashed! So I had to go through the birth again. I took the opportunity to rename the twins to Veles and Verene.

Talking of makeovers, Viran’s hair looks different now.


He’s a good dad.


The twins quickly grew to toddlers.



They played together,


and get on well (although I’m not sure that Veles is enjoying the hug quite so much).


Their parents taught them to walk.  They’re only halfway through their toddlerhood and they can walk and talk and, I think, are also potty-trained.



Over in Bluewater, Viran’s aunt, Demona, died at the age of 77. She had been a captain hero.


[My game has been crashing fairly frequently. I think it’s cc. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s doing it but it’s very time-consuming, taking my time away from actually playing.]

[PS: I really hate the new blog layout when writing (with the menu on the right-hand side) and when I write a post it doesn’t scroll down so my text disappears at the bottom! I have to physically stop and scroll up to see it. Really fucking annoying. Thanks WordPress.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fucking fix it! I also hate the new reader display.]


I don’t think I’ve mentioned Cheverny’s illegitimate daughter.  As you know, Cheverny was seeing female “escort”, Ellie May.  Ellie May’s “colleague”, Helen, had given birth to Jerry Lillard’s illegitimate daughter.  Well, Ellie-May also got pregnant (a bad batch of condoms, they argued).


The girl was called Cara.


She grew pretty rapidly to a toddler and is now school age.  She will probably be sent to the same boarding school that Alexa was (forgot to take photos).

Meanwhile, Xavier grew to a toddler.


He learned to walk and talk.



Visitor, Kevin Arends, stares at the boy and Xavier stares back.  Random.

Claire got pregnant again.


She happened to be in the garden with Xavier and playing with Sebastien, when she went into labour.



She had twins: Colette and Rene.  Xavier was forgotten in the excitement.


Cheverny below realising he had two more grandchildren.


The twins didn’t get the best of attention.


They’d get told off by Sebastien and Cheverny for crying and smelling bad (umm, change the nappy?)



Even when holding a baby, Cheverny didn’t change the nappy or do anything about it.  He complained and then just walked away, leaving the baby floating in mid-air!




Even a visitor (Vasilia Champagne) ignored the baby and just grabbed some snacks from the fridge.


Xavier’s cot no longer fitted in the nursery so he was delegated to a bedroom (and often forgotten about as well).


Cheverny, for one, was busy reminiscing with Vasilia in the moonlight.


Unbelievably, Claire got pregnant once again (she secretly wants 10 children – you wonder why when she ignores the ones she’s got).





Oh dear.  With Claire’s super fertility, it’s likely there’ll be another set of twins.  Where will they go?

Chantal, meanwhile, also got pregnant again.


Andy was delighted to welcome a son, Daniel.


Chantilly grew to a toddler.  She’s quite obviously her father’s daughter.


Chantal was rather cruel, only laughing when the poor girl was so tired she fell asleep in the kitchen.



The younger twin girls got on well.

Hugging twins

Cheverny, the baby, had a birthday and grew to a toddler.



The twins were still toddlers.


Cheverny was given more attention because he was the heir, and he learned to walk.  Below, the gardener is dancing around instead of working – huh.  He doesn’t get paid to dance!

dancing gardener

Romain finally got promoted to Icon (I think. These photos were taken months ago.)  Elise greeted him.


Cheverny came out as well.

(Of course he couldn’t get down the stairs.)

Finally, the younger twins grew to school age.  First Cecile (I think!)


then Sabine (possibly)


I hadn’t shown any photos of the older twins after their birthday.  This is Brigitte (Sorrow’s favourite).

I don’t have one of Elise on her own.

The younger twins, Cecile and Sabine, had a birthday already.

This is Sabine.

So now there were four toddlers in the house, a first for the Sim god:

It could have been a handful, but it wasn’t so bad.

The twins all played together.

The only problem was bedtimes with them wanting either to go to bed or be let out of the cot (oops, glitch here).

Then Felice went into labour…

Luckily for both of them it was a boy they named Cheverny.

So things were now a little hectic with five young children, even with the robot to help out.

Bedtimes were a nightmare.

Dog beds were easier…

Somehow the door got locked.

Romain to the rescue.

And then it was no longer an issue as the older twins grew up.




While the twin babies lay in the kitchen, crying with dirty nappies, the cleanup bot had gone nuts and deposited rubbish everywhere.  Anna helped the maid pick it all up after first desperately turning the vomiting machine off.

No-one else was around to help, so Anna decided to fix the machine herself.

She looked at the camera as if to say “I did it. So what?”

Then, with a nudge, she went off and changed the babies’ nappies.  She also powered up Mickey, the robot.

Michael was reading a book upstairs the whole time.

The twins’ birthday had arrived.  They didn’t even wait to get to any cake before changing.

First it was David.

Oh dear.

Then it was Emma.

Hmm, will have to see what they look like as school kids.

The twins played together…

and randomly hugged.  Cute.

Their grandmother, Caryl, only 64, seems to be nearing her end.

Olivier’s youngest twins had their birthday.  Veronique was the first to reach the sleepy baby Cuvee.

She remained asleep for the birthday candle blowout as well…

Luckily she woke up for the growing up.

Olivier set about potty training her.

Yeah, umm…..

Cuvee gets off the potty… apparently.

Helene’s birthday was later.  Remy picked her up and took her to the cake.

Remy waited and waited…

Finally she grew up.

I’m not sure I want to blog about this family anymore.  If you have an opinion, please leave a comment.

Jessica insisted on continuing access to her baby son, Nicolas.

It was Georgia, however, who was there for his birthday.

Jessica kept visiting though…

She didn’t show any interest in her older son, Marc.  He grew into a teen and didn’t seem too happy about it.

Stepsister, Anna, thought his ears looked funny (they were pointy!)

"Haha! You look like an alien!"

Jessica finally had the baby at home.

They called him David (that’s probably the most common name I’ve used in Sims apart from ‘John’).

Matthew wasn’t having the greatest of times with the new baby.

Some idiot didn’t take the rubbish all the way outside so the inevitable happened – cockroaches – in the house.  Ugh.

(Sorry these pics are always so much clearer when I take them.)

The exterminator was called in.

Then after the nanny washed the baby, the plumbing broke down…

It was one thing after another…

Over to Georges’ place (Spliff’s son).  They had a baby girl called Miranda.

She was pretty undemanding so Georges and Ribena were able to do all sorts of things.

Georges even tried his hand at fixing the dishwasher…

As you can see, Ribena was pregnant.  They were hoping for a boy.  Miranda’s birthday came around and Ribena was about to pick her up when she went into labour.

I think that’s the first time I’ve had 2 babies that weren’t twins.  The new baby was another girl they named Catriona (pronounced Katrina).

Georges picked up Miranda.

She looks like a boy.

Do they try again for a boy to continue that line of the Champignon family or will the line die out, leaving only one Champignon branch?

Finally!   I got a new graphics card and we got Mansions and Gardens working.  Yay!

I think, from memory, I had got up to the family of Artois’ youngest son, Olivier.  He has four kids and Veronique is pregnant again.  Nothing has changed in the two days I played them.

Over to Akanami and family.  You may or may not remember that he and his son, Jean-Pierre, were not on good terms, mainly because Akanami was having an affair with Jean-Pierre’s wife, Sorrow.

Well Sorrow is now pregnant….

I love the babies and toddlers in Sims 2.  It’s such a change from the ugly and boring babies and toddlers of Sims 3.  It’s such a delight that Sims can interact with their babies, as below, rather than just carry a package around.

Baby Serenity grew to a toddler.

Akanami and Sorrow below make fun of Celeste, who’s the only one teaching Serenity to walk and talk and sing nursery rhymes.

The pictures aren’t the sharpest, not sure why…  I didn’t upload to Photobucket, which I normally do (and will again from now on).

I’m now going to play Pleasantview for a bit (to reacquaint myself with the Sims there).  I will only play a couple of days each family so will be back here soon.

Seamus’ second daughter, Fiona, headed off to uni.  He was there to wave goodbye to her.

Ciara, his adult daughter, visited him in the apartment, and helped feed one of the twins – her baby brother.

While she was there Ribena grew to school age.

The twin boys also grew up.

Liam (above) and Patric (below).

Seamus was promoted to Police Chief and wanted a house on a hill.  So they moved out and moved to Bluewater – to a house on a hill.

The swimming pool isn’t very big, but there are swings for three!

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