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Nothing is happening at the DeMarr house – they’ve become quite boring lately.

Sebastien invited Rene and his family over. Claire was delighted to see her grandchildren.



Claire found Merivienne delightfully talkative.

The cousins, Laurent and Renaud, chatted and played.



Sebastien’s sister, Chantal, was also visiting.


Rene still seems to look up to Xavier.


Marielle doesn’t seem to like her brother- and sister-in-law.


She seems to think that Xavier is a negative influence. She likes her husband to be serious and successful, not mucking about having mindless fun.



Her brother-in-law is unemployed and irresponsible she thinks.


What a killjoy.

Merivienne (much to Marielle’s disgust if she knew) was having the time of her life.


And Chantal was getting to know her great nephew Renaud better.


It was a pretty successful family reunion.

Meanwhile Cezanne had arrived at uni.


The only suitable thing she could find to wear was a black dress – not quite what she wanted.

She met what she thought was a cool townie who seemed to have similar interests.




Not a great deal happening in the main household of the Champignon family, but more than the DeMarr family who miss an update for lack of anything significant to report.

Xavier sold another blockbuster.


Sebastien and Claire were still spontaneously engaging in random acts of love.


The second eldest daughter, Cherie, married Muhammed, the son of an Arab businessman, in a small ceremony at the back of their apartment in Bluewater. Claire and Sebastien attended only.  Muhammed didn’t much care for his father and his mother had died.


Cherie was now Mrs Diwan.

Claire also attended the wedding of Mayor McCullough’s daughter, Penelope, to Sam Champagne.


Sadly, the eldest daughter, René’s twin sister, Colette, (who had been sent off to the poorhouse years ago) died in the small downtown house she shared with her elderly husband.  She had married him for money when he suggested he had some, but found that he was just as poor as she.


For Sebastien it was not unexpected. René had been saved so another child had to be sacrificed in the latest round of culls.  He hoped there would be no more.

As for Elene, she was now at university and had grown into a very attractive woman. She attracted a lot of attention from the male students, including Kiran DeMarr.




She didn’t seem particularly interested in any of them. She was lusted after even by the groom of a wedding she attended (as well as by Richard Lillard at his recent wedding).



She will break a lot of hearts.

Nothing much appears to be happening with the Lillards, at least nothing I’ve thought worthy of taking pictures of.

The heir, Richard, is at university and has one more year to go.  The rather chubby Aisha Hunter was fond of him and tried, too soon, to jump into Richard’s arms before he was ready for her advances.


She told him off for letting her fall.


A fellow student has taken Aisha aside and suggested a bit of a makeover – perhaps a bit of makeup and different hairdo and clothes, to get Richard more interested.  Richard is studying to be a lawyer.

Emma, meanwhile, is living at the crappy block of apartments in the poorest part of downtown.


Poverty is her lot, sadly for her.  Her poorhouse “class” mate, Rashid, moved to the apartments and proposed to her but under new laws, anyone of that class has to change their surname so there is no obvious link to their birth family (particularly if that family is wealthy).  Emma is quite friendly with small-time townie crook, Alvin Go.

Petra has just finished university and moved to Bluewater village with fiancé Ren Noir.

University passed quickly for René.  It was time for him to graduate and he had a party, inviting family: parents, Xavier, and Cherie.



René introduced his fiancée to his parents.  First Sebastien…


then Claire.


He was very proud of Marielle.

Cherie was pretty used to seeing public displays of affection (from her parents).


Sebastien was happy to see that his kids still got on.


René‘s friend, Vince, talked to Xavier about moving out – whether his own or Xavier’s back home, I don’t remember.


The party was a success and René left for Veronaville.


His friends, Vince and Patric, had graduated, and left also, although they hadn’t had a party.


Patric, waved goodbye by his fiancee, Hannah


Vince, perhaps angry that his fiancee, Pippa, hadn’t come to see him off

Marielle joined René a year later after she graduated and they met at the bank, cashing in combined assets in order to buy a house.

Patric’s father, Robert Champignon, was beginning to play around.


Robert and Chantal, Sebastien’s twin sister

Claire was having none of it when he came on to her.


Sebastien and Claire had some time in the spa pool and got stuck.  The god had to move them out.


Finally, it was time for Cherie to head off to university.  Her kid sister (in the background) is the only one left of six kids.


Much has happened and I had forgotten to take photos, so a catch-up is in order.  Peter, now an elder, was promoted to Chief of Staff, taking over from Jodie Champignon (nee Larson – she had married William Champignon, long since deceased) who had died at the retirement  home.  Richard, as you see, is now a teenager.


Eldest, Charlotte, went to university but recently graduated.

Charlotte’s parents came to the graduation party, wondering why the famous Sebastien was there.  They danced away while Sebastien was boring his niece, Chantilly.  “Life isn’t all sun and roses” he was saying, criticising her apathy and laziness on his sister’s behalf.


He gave up and left shortly afterwards, I think.  Maybe he was there because Charlotte was a huge fan.


Chantilly is probably the prettiest Sim I have at present.


A fellow student, that Charlotte was in love with, left it until the graduation party to propose.  (His name is Jeremy, which seemed appropriate to Charlotte as the names Jeremy and Jerry have been used in the family.)




Yes, she accepted.  She left uni happy.  Jeremy has one more year before he graduates.

Charlotte moved into a house that had recently been emptied of expensive items to make it affordable to graduates.  She moved in to discover books all over the place, dirty toilet, and pictures of former occupants.



Unbeknownst to her, she had stumbled across the home of her matriarch, the Sim that married Victor Lillard, the founder.  The house had been unoccupied for about 10 generations (and in real terms since 2007).  Two sisters had lived in the house: Genieve and Mariane Maniere.  At the top is a picture of Genieve who married a Sim called Tuborg.  Below that is Mariane before she met and married Victor Lillard. You can read a blog post about Genieve living in the house as an elder here.  Even the Champignon founder, Raoul, is featured.

Charlotte was astounded and honoured.  There were even, when she went out the back of the house, two gravestones of Genieve and her husband.


She had them moved to Seaview cemetery in Bluewater.


The last vestiges of her several times great aunt disappeared.

Charlotte, happy to be living in the home of an ancestor, tidied up, ready for Jeremy’s arrival.




As the member of a rich family, Xavier was entitled to live in the fancy house at the edge of the campus.  His distant cousin, Patric, was also.  The other flatmate was Velaria Black who was there because her mother was a DeMarr.  Patric and Velaria hit it off immediately.


He felt rather left out and wondered if he’d meet anyone at the student centre.  It seemed unlikely.  However, it wasn’t long before a new student moved in.

Her name was Ilse Mantell and Xavier was intrigued.  She was totally different to anyone he had imagined.


Ilse, for her part, didn’t think much of the rich kids.  Velaria looked spoilt in her fur coat.


She thought Patric was a bit of a wanker.


Xavier didn’t rate.


She thought they were all pathetic.  Someone had screwed up the accommodation application.  She didn’t belong.  So she kept to herself to begin with.


Xavier tried to introduce himself and strike up a conversation.


But she just didn’t seem interested in talking to him even after several attempts on his part.


Finally, though, she thought he was better than the other two.


At least he didn’t stare at her like Patric did.


She knew they talked about her.


“What do you think of the new kid?  She’s a bit of a weirdo.”  Xavier didn’t agree.

The next time he talked to Ilse, she let him and even responded.  Success!


It was a conversation about food that broke the ice.  Velaria wanted to be a chef, but all she ever made was toasted sandwiches and, later, pancakes.  Xavier had noticed Ilse making spaghetti and commented.  They laughed about Velaria’s attempts.


Finally, Xavier, plucked up the courage to kiss Ilse – on the hand,


and the arm.


She didn’t reject him and even hugged him.  Xavier felt some strange feelings.  This woman did something to him.


Ilse made an attempt to join the others at dinner times when Xavier was at lectures.  At first it was awkward.

But then everyone relaxed and got talking.


By now, Velaria and Patric realised that Xavier had a thing for Ilse.

Ilse even joined Xavier when he was sleeping, although nothing further happened.


One day, Xavier’s ‘aunt’ (Xavier’s grandfather’s illegitimate child and also a student) dropped by.  She wondered about the dark Ilse who never spoke much, and seemed to ignore Cara.


Ilse making her spaghetti instead of eating the abundant supply of toasted sandwiches.

Cara stayed for “dinner”.


Ilse had already eaten her spaghetti.  Xavier joined the rest.


He thought his aunt seemed immature,


then reminded himself that she was the daughter of a prostitute.  What was she doing at university?

Finally alone, Xavier and Ilse spent some time in the spa pool.



Ilse was becoming fond of him.  She even forgave his faux pas greeting…


(Is this woman ever dressed, you’re thinking?)

They were falling in love.


And then the big moment for Xavier.  He couldn’t imagine any life without her.


To his delight, she accepted.


No-one had ever shown her this much love.

Zev was still being picked on.  He was teased and attacked at every opportunity.  His twin, Vlad, had moved into a flat with his fiancee, Miranda, and wasn’t there to support or defend him.



It was humiliating.


Zev thought of a way to get back at Vlad.  He would flirt with his fiancee, Connie.



Even though Connie didn’t do anything, Vlad saw it and got upset with her.

Connie wasn’t too pleased.  Now Vlad wasn’t talking to her.  At the physics lab one day she saw an old machine sitting in the corner.  She found out discreetly that it was some sort of skill absorber.  She sneaked it out and when the opportunity arose, pointed it at Zev.


She found it fascinating.  Afterwards, Zev wandered off waving his arms in confusion.


Satisfied, Connie left him to it.  Zev saw the machine and thought it would be a good way to get back at some of his tormentors.  He tried it out on one of them, but the nozzle swiveled on him.


That was not a pleasant experience.


Vlad found it later and had a bit of fun with it.


Zev verbally abused Connie at breakfast the next day.  Vlad didn’t care.


Zev had had enough, and dropped out of uni.

Back at Bluewater village, at Radu’s place, his partner, Menisha, hadn’t learned from her curiosity with the cauldron.  She wondered what was in the book that Radu spent a lot of time over.  She went to touch it and it attacked her, grabbing her hand!



Her hand hurt quite badly.


She didn’t love Radu any less, but avoided his room from then on.

Radu practised some of his spells on her, but nothing bad.



Radu’s son, Ivan, was growing and loved his father dearly, regardless.


However, Radu was studying more of the dark arts.


He was becoming evil.


Brigitte heard about her son becoming a zombie and visited just as he was on the phone to go to university.



It saddened and disgusted her.  She saw no future for him.

The twins went to university and stayed in the same dorm.  Vlad felt responsible for Zev, since he basically created him.

As it happened, their brother, who had been adopted by the Hunter family, was also in that dorm with his ‘sister’ Miranda.

Vlad Hunter wasn’t happy to find that his brother, also Vlad, was in the same dorm – the Vlad that would be heir simply because he had brown eyes.


He tried picking a fight with the totally oblivious darker brother.


Vlad D was too nice to let it get to him.  He didn’t fight back.  He simply laughed and chatted to him.  Nevertheless, Vlad H was going to continue trying to make an enemy of Vlad D but his sister, Miranda told him that she was attracted to him.



Vlad D had also fallen for her.


It wasn’t long, in fact, before he proposed.


Miranda had accepted,


so Vlad H didn’t want to hurt his sister by fighting with Vlad D.

Instead he turned his attention to the zombie brother,


and instead of attacking him himself (and incur Miranda’s wrath) he influenced two students in the dorm to fight Zev.







There were several fights, and much teasing.


Poor Zev.  And then Vlad told him that he was going to marry Miranda.


What would happen to him?  Vlad assured him that he could stay at home with them (but he hadn’t run that past Miranda first).

Vlad H tried bringing up the subject of death at breakfast one morning (knowing full well that Zev had died and been brought back by Vlad D), just to see how Vlad D would react.  He was pushing it.


Miranda gave him a warning look.

Then a pretty young blonde arrived at the dorm.  The dorm cook first saw her talking to, and seeming to flirt with Vlad D.


Next time she saw the blonde, she was kissing Vlad H!


She was quite attractive.


(Her twin sister is in another dorm with Arturo Perez’ sister, Amora.)

Vlad H wasn’t sure what was suddenly happening to him.


They’d make quite a couple.

Meanwhile, their uncle Radu (who was still friends with Vlad H) was practising his evil spells.


While he was out one day, his partner (the mother of his son) was curious about the bubbling cauldron.


The smell made her gag and she ran off quickly.


She decided not to ask Radu about it and said nothing …

Far away, in a downtown apartment, Demona’s husband, Vin, was attracting attention from Lucille (Gauthier and Vasilia’s daughter).



A lot has happened in the Champignon family since  the last update.

Cheverny had a birthday and is now an elder.  He and Vasilia agreed to split up.  Vasilia and Gauthier were actually still married.  Gauthier didn’t dislike Vasilia enough to divorce her.  She, in turn, still loved Gauthier, so she moved back in with him.  To compensate, Cheverny started visiting the local house of ill repute, and more specifically, Ellie-May Idler, daughter of Cate Champagne (distant cousin of Gauthier).



Cheverny’s twins, Chantal and Sebastien, attended university.  Sebastien met a student he liked very much called Claire duChamp (and had his first kiss).




Eventually he proposed to her


and she accepted.


Chantal was also proposed to, by Arturo Perez Monty.


(On the right is Rick Arends and his fiancee, Lucy.)

They both graduated and returned to Veronaville.


Sebastien returned home with his fiancee, Claire.   Ellie-May happened to be visiting when Claire first arrived in the house.



She wasn’t sure what to make of it.  (At first she thought it was Sebastien’s sister.)  Ellie-May had visited before



although Cheverny didn’t limit himself to one woman.  He was also rather attracted to Ravenna Svetsky.


Ravenna rejected after flirtation attempt with Sebastien


More success with the father, Cheverny

Chantal was the first to get married, in the backyard of their small house a few streets away from Cheverny and Sebastien.



Guests included the groom’s family above: Ben Monty, Amora Monty and Carla DeMarr Perez-Monty.

That’s not a good sign is it, when the groom is distracted by another woman when feeding wedding cake to his new bride…


Cheverny was there with Ellie-May.


The groom’s mother rather fancied Cheverny and muscled in on their conversation.



One of the guests was rude enough to piss into the hedge at the front of the house!


Sebastien and Claire married soon after.



The two men above (and below) are Robert Champignon and Manuel Perez.


The kissing got Chantal and her husband going as well.


Toasts were raised inside the house.


Sebastien looked askance at his father, who’d been in the spa and was obviously not fully dressed.  However, he must’ve thought it was a good idea to join him before the next toast.


It turned out being a fantastic wedding party,


although you wouldn’t think so from the body language that evening.


Sebastien’s great interest was music, just like his great-grandfather.


With his father’s network of friends, Sebastien very rapidly became a rock god!


Claire, meanwhile, has other things on her mind.




Peter and Penny went off to university.  Penny had no trouble finding a potential partner, the second to youngest of the Arends brothers, Ray.  They didn’t quite hit it off at first,

but Penny, who was enamoured, persevered,

until finally Ray proposed.

Penny accepted.

Peter, who had been a reasonable looking teenager, grew uglier as a university student.

No women seemed interested in him and it was up to him to continue the family line.  A family friend offered the use of the cosmetic surgery machine for Peter to improve his looks.

He gave it a try.

He checked out the result…

and thought he looked pretty bloody awesome.

As a result who could take his pick of adoring females but liked the look of Sarah Phillips.

She, in turn, liked Peter and happily accepted his proposal of marriage.

(Why are they always in pyjamas when proposing?)

University study passed quickly and the twins returned to Veronaville.  Penny moved into a small house with Rick (where she married Rick in a private ceremony), and Peter returned home with his fiancée, Sarah.

Poor old Bjorn didn’t get to see his grandson get married.  He was preparing the garden for the ceremony when death came for him.  He was 80 years old.

Jerry was upset.  (He and Brenda had obviously been having a nap, or maybe Jerry had been relaxing in the spa pool.)

If Bjorn had lived a little longer he would have been the first Sim to see the birth of a great-grandchild (Alexandra gave birth to a son, Samuel, just before Peter’s wedding).

Sarah had arranged to wear a veil at the wedding but for some reason forgot to wear it at the ceremony.

The newlyweds discussed their future over cake.  “Shall I be a school teacher?” Peter asked. Sarah wasn’t so sure, although she didn’t know what she wanted to do either.  Neither of them had found a job yet.

Peter suggested to Sarah that she wear the veil for subsequent wedding photos.

Aww, sweet.

And some photos on their own, looking rather serious and formal.

It turned out being a great wedding party.

Peter checks out his sister, Alexandra, who he hadn’t seen for a few years.