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Poor Seamus.  He had four girls, one of which was a vampire.

(I then cheated to age Mala to a teenager so she wouldn’t have to do homework or risk the others being taken away if her vitals went down too much).

Begorrah quickly grew to a toddler.

His pregnant wife, Ebony, gave birth – to another girl.  Her name is Hellia.  Five daughters.

Never mind, he had another chance for a son with lover, Framboise.

Framboise had moved out of her sister’s house where the boys, Bob and Jack, had grown to school age.

She moved into a rather expensive but roomy apartment downtown.

The anticipated day arrived… and she gave birth to

another girl.  The sixth daughter of Seamus was named Seis.  Framboise put the baby into a locked room until the social worker came.

Seamus got Framboise pregnant again and waited with bated breath.

But, oh no, another girl was born.  Girl number seven was named Siete.

The vampire nanny came to collect her but got stuck in the fence rail.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) she got free and the baby had magically appeared on the road.

Seamus tried one more time (and Framboise took some elixir to get back some of that lost time).

The third child of Framboise became the eighth daughter of Seamus.  Arrgghhh!

By this time I’d had enough, exited without saving and went back to when Framboise was first pregnant.

Unfortunately she had a daughter YET AGAIN.  She kept this one and named it Ribena.

Framboise’ sister, Cochonette, gave birth to her baby – also a girl, called Lucy.

Seamus is resigned to never having a son.  He will be an elder in a couple of days.

Perhaps I should try for a record of ten daughters.

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