I hadn’t shown any photos of the older twins after their birthday.  This is Brigitte (Sorrow’s favourite).

I don’t have one of Elise on her own.

The younger twins, Cecile and Sabine, had a birthday already.

This is Sabine.

So now there were four toddlers in the house, a first for the Sim god:

It could have been a handful, but it wasn’t so bad.

The twins all played together.

The only problem was bedtimes with them wanting either to go to bed or be let out of the cot (oops, glitch here).

Then Felice went into labour…

Luckily for both of them it was a boy they named Cheverny.

So things were now a little hectic with five young children, even with the robot to help out.

Bedtimes were a nightmare.

Dog beds were easier…

Somehow the door got locked.

Romain to the rescue.

And then it was no longer an issue as the older twins grew up.