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While her husband and father-in-law were at work, Claire wandered round the house and found a brass lamp lying in a corner.  It looked a little dull so she rubbed it, and to her astonishment a genie appeared.  He told her she had three wishes.  She was just thinking what she might want when she went into labour.


The genie was getting a bit tired of waiting.


Sebastien arrived home and saw baby and impatient genie.  “She just had a baby, dude!”


Claire handed the little boy to Sebastien and asked the genie for peace of mind before dismissing him.  Sebastien waited patiently.  “Come on, is it a girl or boy?”

“A boy” Claire smiled.  “I wondered whether to call him Rene or Xavier.”  “I like Xavier” said Sebastien.

So Xavier it was.


A pretty contented baby.


Cheverny was very happy to have a grandson.


That wasn’t to be Cheverny’s only grandchild.

Chantal continued to see Amir Diwan when Arturo wasn’t around.


But by then she’d already gotten pregnant.


She was alone when she went into labour.


She had a little girl she called Chantilly.  Unfortunately for Arturo, it wasn’t his.


She called Andy Arends and gave him the news.  Andy came round to see his new daughter.  (Andy is a cousin to the other Arends previously mentioned.)


He doesn’t seem sure what to do with it.  Change the nappy perhaps?

Andy was still there when Arturo got home.  He wasn’t best pleased and slapped his wife.


Chantal slapped him back, calling him a loser.


Andy left discreetly, leaving them to it.  Chantal stormed upstairs, leaving Arturo alone outside.


His life was a mess.  He’d lost his dream job and his new wife had been sleeping around.  The baby he’d looked forward to wasn’t even his.

The next evening it was Chantal who told Arturo she wanted a divorce.


She was sick of living in a small, barely-furnished house with an unemployed husband.  Arturo, dismayed, left in shock.  However, Chantal moved out anyway.  She hated the house.

Arturo wanted to remain there but had to buy the house back.  He had so little money left after he moved that he couldn’t afford to eat, and died of starvation.

Andy lived in Bluewater village with his old uni friend, Max Champagne.  Max had just invited his girlfriend to move in.  He knew that Andy had always loved Chantal and had been heartbroken when she married Arturo.  He had advised Andy to find someone else but Andy lived in hope and had continued to see Chantal (as we now know).   Nevertheless, Max waited until Andy was out before proposing to his townie girlfriend, Genesis.


Andy came home with the news that Chantal and Arturo had split up.  Chantal had told him that she wanted to live with him.  Andy was worried about the house being big enough.  “No worries, Genesis and I are going to move in with my parents and get married.”  They congratulated each other.


Max and Genesis left and Chantal arrived with their daughter soon after.  However, she didn’t want to stay in that house.  “Come with me”.  She took Andy by the hand and out the back door and pointed.  “See that house down there?”  “The one with the helicopter?”  “Yes.  Let’s move there.  It’s fully furnished.”  Andy laughed nervously.  “We can’t afford that.”  Chantal smiled.  “My dad will give me the balance we need.”  So, to Andy’s astonishment they ended up in a cool house overlooking the sea.  How his life had turned around!


He was so thrilled he proposed to Chantal after they returned from a celebratory meal at the Restaurant d’Amour.


Neither of them particularly wanted a formal wedding.  Chantal had done that and the marriage hadn’t lasted.  Andy didn’t think his parents would mind as long as he was happy.

So they married at the back of the house overlooking the sea.  It was perfect.




News of Arturo’s death didn’t bother Chantal at all.




At the main DeMarr household, Brigitte went into labour.


She gave birth to a girl they named Valeria.  Catriona was very happy to hold her first grandchild.


Daeron was pretty proud too of his little daughter.


Daeron’s brother, meanwhile, had finished at university and moved to Bluewater village.  He had met a couple of witches and asked one of them about their powers.  He then learned…



and practised.  So far it’s for the good, but we’ll see…

Vincent’s aunt, Lucia, has not been mentioned lately.  She is (finally) an elder.  She has a daughter, Vasilia, by her old flatmate and a son, Bronson, by Adam Mountebank.  She had moved in with the widowed Julien Cooke.  They had grown to love each other and the inevitable happened.




A marriage at home

Julien was happy.


There’s Bronson hanging around.


Lucia’s daughter, Vasilia, was graduating at university.  She was engaged to Gauthier Champagne, and met his parents at the graduation party.  They were not impressed with his choice, the illegitimate offspring of a branch of the old vampire family.



Vincent’s illegitimate daughter (Mary Sue) by Cate Idler has grown to a toddler.  She definitely looks like a DeMarr.


And finally, to Vincent’s sister’s family (Lazaria).  Here’s an old photo of the family,


minus the eldest daughter, Carla.

Carla was at university…


but has now moved back to Veronaville and quietly married Ben Monty.



Lazaria’s other daughter, the stunning Juanita, is now at university, and just got engaged to James Champignon (from the other Champignon branch).



The Monty family have not had a good time.

Beatrice Monty died at age 72.  She was living with her daughter, Carine, Carine’s husband Jason Larson (not to be confused with the Larssen family) and their combined family of Jason’s twins (minus the deceased Anthony) and Carine’s twins (whose father was Nils Larssen – all very complicated).  Carine was not coping at all with looking after the toddlers after her mother died.


She is now also pregnant and is continually tired and hungry.

Beatrice’s older daughter, Isabelle Cooke, died at age 47 from exhaustion after being on the exercycle too long.  If Sims are dumb enough to ignore hunger and fatigue, then I’m tempted to let them kill themselves.  Julien Cooke, her husband, lost his job on the same day and is upset and unemployed.  Beatrice’s middle daughter, Clarise, just broke up with Bjorn, as mentioned in the last post.  It’s all very traumatic for them.

As I said earlier, I felt I needed to cull some Sims in order to lure me back to playing Veronaville.  When I returned after some time playing smaller neighbourhoods, I was overwhelmed at the number of households, most  of them with at least two or three children.

I started by visiting the university, where I found three students.  One was an heir for the Arends household.  Two were others surplus to requirements.  So, Harry Lillard (ugly half brother to the heir) and Fiona Champagne (youngest daughter of Arthur’s three daughters) were disposed of.

Teenagers from larger families were shipped off to university, to the “house of death”, where I send unwanted Sims to drown in the pool.  Drownings included: Andy Arends (younger brother of the heir and one of a family of five); Anthony Monty (uglier twin brother), Françoise Champignon (oldest of three); and Cecile Champignon (one of Romain’s younger twin girls).  I had thought about drowning Cecile’s twin sister, Sabine, but Max, the flat’s long-term resident, had been there so long he graduated (in Physics without any help from me).  I therefore made Sabine the falt’s resident, to oversee future culls and send the graves to their respective graveyards in Bluewater village.  A horrible job, but someone’s got to do it.

To cut down on the number of households, I shipped the Larssen elders off to a retirement home overlooking the sea in Bluewater village.  The late Fiona Champagne’s parents joined them.  Helene, wife of one of the Larssen brothers, is Arthur Champagne’s last surviving sibling.  Also with them was Eva Larssen, who is currently unemployed and without a love interest.  I don’t know what to do with her.  Perhaps she can just cook and clean for the oldies.

I will have to play some of the other families before deciding on any further culls.


It snowed a lot that winter.  Marc Champignon loved playing in the snow and making snowmen.  Unfortunately, he didn’t take a break and get some food and warmth…

He died at age 51.

Xander Larsson (who was visiting Marc’s daughter, Clarise) just looked on helplessly, then broke the news to Clarise.

Clarise’s mother felt devastated when she heard.

Even though they were divorced they still had feelings for one another and Beatrice had half hoped that Marc would take her back.  Alas, that was never to be.

Since Clarise was now on her own (older sister, Isabelle, was at uni), Beatrice and Carine packed up and moved back.

Clarise headed to uni shortly after anyway, but this way the house and contents wouldn’t be lost.  Carine appreciated having a much bigger house to live in.


Remy visited his daughter, Carine, at Beatrice’s house.

They both look different now.  Carine has started school and Remy has long hair.  He’s made it clear that he won’t leave his wife for Beatrice.

Carine merged with the house wall at one stage.

Beatrice’s father, Antonio, returned one night from his restaurant feeling very ill (and it wasn’t just from the tipped over rubbish bin courtesy of Marc).

Death came for him.   He was 71.

Beatrice mourned for him.

Now it was just her and Carine living with the stepmother.

Sorrow is now pregnant by husband number 3, the ex-husband of her own ex-husband’s sister.  (I’m starting to get confused.)  Her sister, Erike, asks the obvious question.

Meanwhile Erike is already checking out her sister’s new husband.  Oh no, not more infidelity!

Romain seems to like him too.

Sorrow’s daughter, Serenity, is at Academie le Tour.  She was getting attracted to Arthur Champagne but he’s a cousin and there’s just too much interbreeding going on in Veronaville.  I had to ship in someone new.  Serenity seems to have inherited her great-grandfather’s eyes.

They’re pretty hard to see, especially under a fringe.

Her new beau, Flynn, proposed pretty quickly after getting to know her.

She accepted.

Arthur’s now in another dorm and has met someone new as well.  (His sister, Simone, is also engaged to some ponce called Roger Kinsley.)

Lastly, a glitch from Bluewater.  Jean-Pierre’s orphaned twins, along with another Landchild inmate, ended up floating in mid-air after Curtis Monty, a teenager, came off the bus from school.

They ended up on the ground and I was told they all lost a mark from missing school!!!  But they were at school all day up until the teenager returned home!  That’s hardly fair!

Tekila arrived at university and moved into Remy’s dorm.  She looked for him and found him playing chess in his dressing gown.  He looked up and didn’t recognise her at first (she’d had yet another haircut).  Then he realised and grinned.  He was happy to see her.

Tekila wasted no time in kissing him.

Seems Beatrice was just a passing fling.

That meant that Marc was free to move in on Beatrice.  It seemed she liked Marc as much as he liked her.

In fact they loved each other so much he proposed to her there and then (in case Remy should change his mind).

Beatrice accepted.

Beatrice’s twin brother, Benedick, is living in a student flat with Tekila’s sister, Sherry.

In the same dorm as Michael Lillard there was the exiled Malcolm Landgraab.  He got friendly with Alicia Menon (cousin of Michael Lillard).  In fact, they were more than friendly.

Alicia accepted.  But she couldn’t return to her parents in Bluewater village, as Malcolm was banned from returning.  He also had to take her surname when they married.  Alicia wondered if one day they could sneak back to Bluewater – who would know?

Lastly, Anna moved into the same dorm and got friendly with Michael Lillard.  Surprisingly they hit it off immediately.

Michael found her very pretty and he proposed!

Naturally Anna was very happy to accept and it had all happened so quickly!

So everyone was matched up and happy except, of course, Cherie Champignon.  What would become of her?

Friends, Marc and Remy ended up in the same dormitory.  Unsurprisingly, Remy completely forgot about Tekila and found himself immediately attracted to Beatrice Monty.

Marc, meanwhile, was attracted to cousin Cherie Champignon (daughter of Andrejz).  (Notice Marc’s lost his pointy ears.)

The attraction Remy felt for Beatrice was mutual.

Marc rather liked Beatrice too.

Remy was a possessive boyfriend though.  He followed Beatrice around and watched her like a hawk.

Remy happened to be at the student centre when Beatrice was approached and flirted with by none other than Michael Lillard.

Remy got rather angry and took it out on Beatrice.

She’d done nothing but Remy acted as if she’d kissed Michael.

Beatrice wondered how on earth he could be jealous – Michael was one of the ugliest men she’d ever seen.

Marc, meanwhile had it off with cousin Cherie, but he lay there wondering if it was such a good idea.

Over to another dormitory where Michael Lillard was living.  He’d grown a moustache to try to hide his ugly mouth but it wasn’t doing much.  He’d heard from his grandfather that a secret society had a cosmetic surgery machine.  His grandfather had used it successfully.

So Michael set out to the student centre (where he met Beatrice) to try and track down students in blazers.  He was successful and quickly made friends with three of them.  Then that night they took him away.

He was released outside a castle-like building and greeted by numerous students.  He was given his own blazer.

He didn’t muck around and sought out the machine.

It was a success on the first try.

Only the mouth and slanty eyes were different.  He went to the bathroom to shave off his mo.

He looked and felt a new man.  Now he could get any woman he wanted.  He was so pleased.

There have been four more deaths in Veronaville since the big cull.  Another family of three (who had already lost a daughter) and the husband of another family of three.  (If you’re interested the family names are Jacquet and Indie but I haven’t really blogged about them.  You can see where they fit in in the family tree at  There was now room for some new blood.

I’ve previously mentioned Vincent Moody, but a new family has just moved “back” to Veronaville – Antonio Monty and his twins, Beatrice and Benedick.  They’ve been languishing in the bin since I first started playing.  The rest of the Montys and Caps had long ago been erased from Veronaville.  Antonio had less than 20,000 simoleons and only one house was available to buy.  It was situated in a corner between the old Cap manor (now home of the Lillards) and a Champignon residence (former home of the founding Champignon member, Raoul).

Autumn Newson, daughter of Garrett and Arianne (nee Champignon), had just returned from uni without a boyfriend or even having had a first kiss.  Initially she moved in with Vincent Moody in his cool new pad (recently downloaded).  But despite their physical appearances matching the other’s wants, neither liked each other.  It was probably their starsigns – Aquarius and Scorpio don’t get on too well.  So, Autumn moved in with the widowed Antonio.  Luckily they were attracted to each other.  Before long Antonio sprung a surprise proposal on Autumn over a meal one evening.

Fat Antonio had a day off from his work as executive chef (he does exercise but it hasn’t resulted in any weight loss yet).  The wedding was set to take place in the tiny backyard.  Autumn invited her parents and siblings as well as Vincent Moody and Morannon (Drako DeMarr’s new girlfriend).

From left: Beatrice Monty, Autumn, Garrett, Antonio, Vincent and Arianne (I don’t know what’s upset her).

Below: the siblings Hayden, Ciren and Autumn

Hayden appears to be holding two cakes but Ciren’s arm is inside Hayden – magical alien powers, perhaps.

The wedding was a success.  Guests had a good time.

Autumn luckily remembered to hire a nanny so she and Monty could go on honeymoon.  On their return, Autumn found herself pregnant.

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