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Not a great deal happening in the main household of the Champignon family, but more than the DeMarr family who miss an update for lack of anything significant to report.

Xavier sold another blockbuster.


Sebastien and Claire were still spontaneously engaging in random acts of love.


The second eldest daughter, Cherie, married Muhammed, the son of an Arab businessman, in a small ceremony at the back of their apartment in Bluewater. Claire and Sebastien attended only.  Muhammed didn’t much care for his father and his mother had died.


Cherie was now Mrs Diwan.

Claire also attended the wedding of Mayor McCullough’s daughter, Penelope, to Sam Champagne.


Sadly, the eldest daughter, René’s twin sister, Colette, (who had been sent off to the poorhouse years ago) died in the small downtown house she shared with her elderly husband.  She had married him for money when he suggested he had some, but found that he was just as poor as she.


For Sebastien it was not unexpected. René had been saved so another child had to be sacrificed in the latest round of culls.  He hoped there would be no more.

As for Elene, she was now at university and had grown into a very attractive woman. She attracted a lot of attention from the male students, including Kiran DeMarr.




She didn’t seem particularly interested in any of them. She was lusted after even by the groom of a wedding she attended (as well as by Richard Lillard at his recent wedding).



She will break a lot of hearts.


Brigitte heard about her son becoming a zombie and visited just as he was on the phone to go to university.



It saddened and disgusted her.  She saw no future for him.

The twins went to university and stayed in the same dorm.  Vlad felt responsible for Zev, since he basically created him.

As it happened, their brother, who had been adopted by the Hunter family, was also in that dorm with his ‘sister’ Miranda.

Vlad Hunter wasn’t happy to find that his brother, also Vlad, was in the same dorm – the Vlad that would be heir simply because he had brown eyes.


He tried picking a fight with the totally oblivious darker brother.


Vlad D was too nice to let it get to him.  He didn’t fight back.  He simply laughed and chatted to him.  Nevertheless, Vlad H was going to continue trying to make an enemy of Vlad D but his sister, Miranda told him that she was attracted to him.



Vlad D had also fallen for her.


It wasn’t long, in fact, before he proposed.


Miranda had accepted,


so Vlad H didn’t want to hurt his sister by fighting with Vlad D.

Instead he turned his attention to the zombie brother,


and instead of attacking him himself (and incur Miranda’s wrath) he influenced two students in the dorm to fight Zev.







There were several fights, and much teasing.


Poor Zev.  And then Vlad told him that he was going to marry Miranda.


What would happen to him?  Vlad assured him that he could stay at home with them (but he hadn’t run that past Miranda first).

Vlad H tried bringing up the subject of death at breakfast one morning (knowing full well that Zev had died and been brought back by Vlad D), just to see how Vlad D would react.  He was pushing it.


Miranda gave him a warning look.

Then a pretty young blonde arrived at the dorm.  The dorm cook first saw her talking to, and seeming to flirt with Vlad D.


Next time she saw the blonde, she was kissing Vlad H!


She was quite attractive.


(Her twin sister is in another dorm with Arturo Perez’ sister, Amora.)

Vlad H wasn’t sure what was suddenly happening to him.


They’d make quite a couple.

Meanwhile, their uncle Radu (who was still friends with Vlad H) was practising his evil spells.


While he was out one day, his partner (the mother of his son) was curious about the bubbling cauldron.


The smell made her gag and she ran off quickly.


She decided not to ask Radu about it and said nothing …

Far away, in a downtown apartment, Demona’s husband, Vin, was attracting attention from Lucille (Gauthier and Vasilia’s daughter).



A lot has happened in the Champignon family since  the last update.

Cheverny had a birthday and is now an elder.  He and Vasilia agreed to split up.  Vasilia and Gauthier were actually still married.  Gauthier didn’t dislike Vasilia enough to divorce her.  She, in turn, still loved Gauthier, so she moved back in with him.  To compensate, Cheverny started visiting the local house of ill repute, and more specifically, Ellie-May Idler, daughter of Cate Champagne (distant cousin of Gauthier).



Cheverny’s twins, Chantal and Sebastien, attended university.  Sebastien met a student he liked very much called Claire duChamp (and had his first kiss).




Eventually he proposed to her


and she accepted.


Chantal was also proposed to, by Arturo Perez Monty.


(On the right is Rick Arends and his fiancee, Lucy.)

They both graduated and returned to Veronaville.


Sebastien returned home with his fiancee, Claire.   Ellie-May happened to be visiting when Claire first arrived in the house.



She wasn’t sure what to make of it.  (At first she thought it was Sebastien’s sister.)  Ellie-May had visited before



although Cheverny didn’t limit himself to one woman.  He was also rather attracted to Ravenna Svetsky.


Ravenna rejected after flirtation attempt with Sebastien


More success with the father, Cheverny

Chantal was the first to get married, in the backyard of their small house a few streets away from Cheverny and Sebastien.



Guests included the groom’s family above: Ben Monty, Amora Monty and Carla DeMarr Perez-Monty.

That’s not a good sign is it, when the groom is distracted by another woman when feeding wedding cake to his new bride…


Cheverny was there with Ellie-May.


The groom’s mother rather fancied Cheverny and muscled in on their conversation.



One of the guests was rude enough to piss into the hedge at the front of the house!


Sebastien and Claire married soon after.



The two men above (and below) are Robert Champignon and Manuel Perez.


The kissing got Chantal and her husband going as well.


Toasts were raised inside the house.


Sebastien looked askance at his father, who’d been in the spa and was obviously not fully dressed.  However, he must’ve thought it was a good idea to join him before the next toast.


It turned out being a fantastic wedding party,


although you wouldn’t think so from the body language that evening.


Sebastien’s great interest was music, just like his great-grandfather.


With his father’s network of friends, Sebastien very rapidly became a rock god!


Claire, meanwhile, has other things on her mind.




A branch of the Champignon family is the Champagne family.  As nothing much has been happening in the three main families, I include their story here. Vasilia, married to Gauthier Champagne (and daughter of a DeMarr woman), had had an affair with the infamous Adam Mountebank.  Gauthier (whose sister, incidentally, is married to Cheverny Champignon) found out.

He was not happy.  He had his suspicions about his wife’s new pregnancy, but it wasn’t until the baby was born, that they were confirmed.

It was humilating for him that his parents also discovered the new grandson was not theirs. He had a discussion with Vasilia.  He gave her three options: put the baby up for adoption (which endangered the other children); leave with the baby and never have contact with their other children; or that Gauthier would overlook this flirtation if he took the baby to its father.  Vasilia begged for him to let the baby stay.

She lost the argument.

Gauthier took the baby away.

He delivered it on a snowy night, abandoning it to its fate.

Amazingly, a nanny was passing and took the child inside.

Gauthier’s father, Chenet, died soon after, so it was not a happy time.

The twins mourned his loss.

Gauthier had allowed Vasilia to stay if she forgot about her son and did not cheat on him again.  Stay tuned.

Probably the last for a while.

It was the turn of Cheverny Champignon and Lafitte Champagne.

Unlike previous weddings held by the pool or at a park, Lafitte had things set up on the other side of the house which was not well used.

The night before the wedding

The night before the wedding

The ceremony was held on a fine early autumn morning.

The bride

The bride

The groom

The groom

The kiss

The kiss

The groom's mother, Felice, in a new designer gown

The groom’s mother, Felice, in a new designer gown

Lafitte’s brother, Gauthier, looked bored during the ceremony.


Some guests didn’t even watch the ceremony.


Above, Cheverny’s pregnant sister, Brigitte, with Daeron DeMarr, and in the background, Lafitte’s parents.

Lafitte, not looking happy at the absence of her parents.

Cheverny was oblivious – he was happy.


There were toasts to the bride and groom.

Brigitte, Juanita DeMarr-Perez Champignon, and Lafitte's father, Chenet Champagne

Brigitte, Juanita DeMarr-Perez Champignon, and Lafitte’s father, Chenet Champagne

Lafitte receives congratulations from her mother, Samantha

Lafitte receives congratulations from her mother, Samantha

Cake was cut.


The groom’s parents

Romain let the maid have some cake

Romain let the maid have some cake

The guests then ate and mingled.

Daeron and Elise

Daeron and Elise

Gauthier was one of the first to take his leave.


Chenet hugs his daughter

Chenet hugs his daughter

The wedding had been a huge success.

Lafitte got pregnant during the honeymoon.  The pregancy was swift and before you know it, she gives birth in the garden.



Felice and Romain came along to see.  The baby was a girl, named Giselle.  No male heir so Felice and Romain seemed to lose interest.  Lafitte was not impressed.

“I just had a baby! Don’t you even want to see your grandchild?”

Cheverny doesn’t currently have a job.  He doesn’t need one, the family is so rich.  However, he wants to own top level businesses.  That’s not likely to happen so he’ll have to be satisfied with business tycoon (if he can be bothered).

At the main DeMarr household, Brigitte went into labour.


She gave birth to a girl they named Valeria.  Catriona was very happy to hold her first grandchild.


Daeron was pretty proud too of his little daughter.


Daeron’s brother, meanwhile, had finished at university and moved to Bluewater village.  He had met a couple of witches and asked one of them about their powers.  He then learned…



and practised.  So far it’s for the good, but we’ll see…

Vincent’s aunt, Lucia, has not been mentioned lately.  She is (finally) an elder.  She has a daughter, Vasilia, by her old flatmate and a son, Bronson, by Adam Mountebank.  She had moved in with the widowed Julien Cooke.  They had grown to love each other and the inevitable happened.




A marriage at home

Julien was happy.


There’s Bronson hanging around.


Lucia’s daughter, Vasilia, was graduating at university.  She was engaged to Gauthier Champagne, and met his parents at the graduation party.  They were not impressed with his choice, the illegitimate offspring of a branch of the old vampire family.



Vincent’s illegitimate daughter (Mary Sue) by Cate Idler has grown to a toddler.  She definitely looks like a DeMarr.


And finally, to Vincent’s sister’s family (Lazaria).  Here’s an old photo of the family,


minus the eldest daughter, Carla.

Carla was at university…


but has now moved back to Veronaville and quietly married Ben Monty.



Lazaria’s other daughter, the stunning Juanita, is now at university, and just got engaged to James Champignon (from the other Champignon branch).



Arthur and Petra Champagne lived in the retirement home in Bluewater Village along with the elder Larssen brothers, Anders and Stieg, and Amber Champignon (widow of Nicolas Champignon).  The elders lived  happily in the multi-bedroomed home.  Anders’ daughter, Eve, joined them as she had nowhere else to go and no boyfriends.

Death came for Arthur at age 70.  He had been an ecological guru.



He fought at first, but accepted his time had come.  Petra was devastated.


Since we’re on the subject of the retirement home, the Larssen brothers also died.  First Stieg…


also age 70 (retired medical chief of staff), then Anders…


age 71.  He’d finally made it to Rock God.

With three elders gone from the retirement home, fellow icon, Fynn Hunter moved in after his wife, Serenity, died in their beach-front home.

Eve, meanwhile, had had an affair with Cate Idler’s twin sister’s husband, Adam Mountebank.  She gave birth to a girl, Helen (named after her aunt, Helene who brought her up).



Icons, Fynn and Amber, were delighted to have a baby in the house.

Anyway, over to the main Champignon family…

Cheverny, now at uni, proposed to his cousin, Lafitte Champagne (grand niece of Arthur in case you’re wondering).


She accepted.

Romain’s twin daughters, Brigitte and Elise, met and chatted.


Elise had, by this time, also gotten pregnant


and given birth to twins.


She wants six kids, but she’s not the most attentive of mothers.

Romain, now a grandfather, looks after his grandson, while a stranger looks after the other.

Romain, now a grandfather, looks after his grandson, while a stranger looks after the other.


The stranger even bathes the baby.

Elise seems unconcerned.


As you know, Vincent was having an affair with Cate Idler (née Champagne).  She was still living in the dirty hovel of a trailer with husband, Jim, and daughter, Ellie-May.




Even the nanny couldn’t keep on top of the mess.


It wasn’t long before Cate realised she’d gotten pregnant from Vincent and the birth date arrived.


When the baby was born with dark eyebrows, Jim  had his suspicions.  Vincent, meanwhile, had found out about the birth and knew what dire surroundings she lived in.  He insisted that she move out and into an apartment that he could arrange.  Either that or let  him take the baby to raise in his own house.  However, he had second thoughts when, over the dinner table, babies were mentioned…



The upshot of it was that Daeron didn’t want babies in the house.  Vincent hadn’t quite worked  out how he was going to explain a baby to Catriona anyway.

Jim found out the new baby, a girl that Cate had named Mary-Sue, was not his.  He demanded Cate leave with the baby, but leave his own daughter behind.



She called Vincent from Veronaville market and he immediately arranged for her to go into an apartment.  She’s already much happier, although she misses Ellie-May.  She can concentrate on her career and give the love needed to Mary-Sue without stressing about the environment.

Ellie-May, meanwhile, grew to school age, but nothing has changed in the household.


Back at the DeMarr household, Brigitte got a science career which she enjoyed.


However, despite everyone’s intentions, she fell pregnant.


Daeron, unexpectedly, after his rant about not having babies, was delighted.


Vincent and Catriona have made up (as long as Catriona doesn’t find out about Vincent’s baby daughter).  Vincent considered finding a vampire to become one, so he could live long enough to see his baby daughter grow.  Instead, he decided to milk one of the two cow plants.



He added five years to his life.  He told Catriona and she decided to do the same, also gaining five years.



The cow plants were ready for their next victims…


As I said earlier, I felt I needed to cull some Sims in order to lure me back to playing Veronaville.  When I returned after some time playing smaller neighbourhoods, I was overwhelmed at the number of households, most  of them with at least two or three children.

I started by visiting the university, where I found three students.  One was an heir for the Arends household.  Two were others surplus to requirements.  So, Harry Lillard (ugly half brother to the heir) and Fiona Champagne (youngest daughter of Arthur’s three daughters) were disposed of.

Teenagers from larger families were shipped off to university, to the “house of death”, where I send unwanted Sims to drown in the pool.  Drownings included: Andy Arends (younger brother of the heir and one of a family of five); Anthony Monty (uglier twin brother), Françoise Champignon (oldest of three); and Cecile Champignon (one of Romain’s younger twin girls).  I had thought about drowning Cecile’s twin sister, Sabine, but Max, the flat’s long-term resident, had been there so long he graduated (in Physics without any help from me).  I therefore made Sabine the falt’s resident, to oversee future culls and send the graves to their respective graveyards in Bluewater village.  A horrible job, but someone’s got to do it.

To cut down on the number of households, I shipped the Larssen elders off to a retirement home overlooking the sea in Bluewater village.  The late Fiona Champagne’s parents joined them.  Helene, wife of one of the Larssen brothers, is Arthur Champagne’s last surviving sibling.  Also with them was Eva Larssen, who is currently unemployed and without a love interest.  I don’t know what to do with her.  Perhaps she can just cook and clean for the oldies.

I will have to play some of the other families before deciding on any further culls.


Isabelle Champignon did not return home (to the scene of her father’s death) after graduating from university.  She moved in with new resident Julien Cooke.  She wasn’t attracted to him at first but he grew on her and they decided to get married.  The reception was a success.

Isabelle had pillow fights with her mother, Beatrice, while Carine (Beatrice’s illegitimate daughter) looked on.

Meanwhile, Julien was perving at his new sister-in-law, Clarise, while she was on the toilet.


Bjorn Larsson was there.  He and Clarise are engaged.  They managed to have a quiet moment while the others were dancing.

Carine’s half brother, Chenet Champagne, also got married.  He had a rather grander affair at their house.  He married Samantha Menon.

Lastly, a glitch in the Arends household.  [Simon Arends was married to Portia Champignon and then Alicia Menon (Samantha’s mother)].

Alicia looks on as her daughter-in-law, Sally, is engulfed by the nanny.  Urrgh.

The problem seemed to be with the spiral staircase.  No-one would go up it but would just hang around – then you had two people doing the same thing…  so the staircase got deleted.

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